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11 Apr 2009

Britains Got FABULOUS Talent!

So did you watch Britains Got Talent last night?
Oh we had such a good night watching that.
We laughed so hard and I mean "ruptured our spleens" hard. We loved the Greek Cypriots version of the Riverdance but I was most compelled with Susan Boyle and her amazing talent which if I am honest, thought was going to crash and burn. I am actually ashamed of myself for that but the girl did good. Hidden treasures like that deserve more than their 15 minutes of fame. What a star she is! (double click the video link as the embedding has been will take you direct to YouTube... you HAVe to watch it!)

So the two Greek Cypriot two geezers? Laugh? LAUGH? I thought I was going to be hospitalised. My mums house erupted in fits of laughter and tears. If you didnt see them, watch them here:

And to finish, these were just words to add other than Flawless:

I can't wait for the next show. Really, we are already booking a date with the sofa's next week for that one!


Yankee in England said...

I watched this while I was decorating cookies last night and was coming in and out of the living room and I happended to step in as she started singing I was crying by the time she finished. How amazing!

Houston said...

OMGosh that was the best stuff I have seen in a long time! You just totally made our morning, my husband and son gathered round to see the videos, we laughed and cried and were stunned! AWESOME! Hope you are all well. BTW, Simon Cowell seems much nicer on his home turf, but we all adore him here in America, really he is the best reason to watch Idol.

Terrie B x said...

I didnt get to watch it Kirsty.TFS...

Hope your enjoying your Easter weekend.
`Happy Easter`
Have a lovely time:)♥

Lynda said...

Stavros Flatley and son to win for defo I nearly wet myself. This is what TV should be all about - proper entertainment. Can't wait for next week!
Lynda xxx

crafty capers said...

Oh ha ha hee hee. I missed the greeks last night - thanks for sharing! Why is it that the competition to find an act to perform in the Royal Variety Show is soooo much more entertaining than the actual Royal Variety show itself? Get rid of the usual acts and put this lot on, that's what I say! This is real entertainment :-)Kate

Anonymous said...

Hello I watched BGT last night and was in tears - I feel ashamed as I thought Susan woul be so cringing!! What a voice - she was fantastic and so were the other two acts. Have watched Susan 5 times now and hope she wins. Many thaks for putting them on you blog. Cannot wait for the finals!! Jane

Treacle said...

I missed the start of it but managed to see the rest.

Omg Susan was fantastic. I did actually see a bit in the paper about her so I knew she was going to be good but not that good. Flawless were fantastic loved them but the biggest shocker for me was Fabia. I really thought she was going to do some sort of disco dance not a strip tease :oo

Jo Austin said...

oh Kirsty.. you have great taste.. all my favourites too, but my most fave two are on my blog...

Fabia and Susan - they did great!

twinkletoe said...

Many thanks for sharing - they were fantastic.

*reyanna klein* said...

Kirsty, thanks so much for posting these! That Susan Boyle... she makes me so glad I'm human... to experience that. Wow. I was happy and crying and blown away... all at the same time. :D

And those Greeks and the dancers... just too cool. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Kimberly said...

I LOVE Britans Got Talent! Great share! hehehe LOVED them! xoox

Katy said...

I loved it, couldn't believe Susan's voice it was amazing!! The greek riverdance was hilarious. I think Flawless will go far :D

Hope you had a good easter honey


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