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6 Apr 2009


Im suffering from blogitis.
Its a viral condition many people have contracted these past few years whereby they suddenly become allergic to their keyboard, suffer loss of enthusiasm and turn to living a hermit existence under a duvet; munching heavily on peanut butter sammiches.
Ok not really.
Am enjoying an unplanned break at Mommas but seriously wish Id stayed home because even though I brought my work and products with me Im being taunted by the activities usually available to me with my free time. Instead I have plowed my way through a gut load of orders for Pattis' Pretties! I really had no idea how much these things were in demand. Ive even had to obtain more from my supplier to keep up with orders. And yes its a good thing but sheeesh - warning and all that!
I did manage to make some pretty tags over the weekend mind plus take some pictures on the odd walk with Eddy by the sea. Hopef tomorrow I might get the opportunity to upload some pictures and reply to almost 15 million emails.
Until then my sweet friends, enjoy this little morsel of brilliance. Ive NEVER seen this and I have seen almost everything they have done. And Belle and I are going to see them next week!


PS: Message for Lyn who is having trouble ordering the dew drops. I cant email you as you have not left me a way of contacting you. Can you mail me at - I think if you are running your web browser through AOL you could be having troub. Either that or refresh your screen when you are in my website and clear your cookies (mmmm, cookies!)


Jan said...

Ugh, me too. Haven't blogged in a week, and although I feel guilty, I honestly could care less about telling the world what my two cents is on anything right now.

Any idea what the cure for blogitis is?

cannycrafter said...

You enjoy your break! Looks like another sunny day! Will email you about tomoroow. Caroline x

Jen said...

My mummy lives at the seaside, too! Enjoy :) And I know I'm old, but I had that routine by T&D on video... yes, I'm sad LOL!

Bettythebaglady said...

Have a lovely hol. Hope you have an amazing time at T and D. Skating is magic. Wish I could do that but there's got to be something for non crafty peeps to do. I have an opposite to bloggitis-what do you call bloghop addiction!Easter bunny hugs to all

Bettythebaglady said...

Oh Kirsty I just watched the video. It's stunning.The commentary was wonderful. She just let them skate and say it all with their brilliance. Thankyou so much for postingXXX

Crafty Lynn said...

Finally managed to order the Dew Drops, can't wait for them to arrive now (not far to Leigh). Must thank you on your Blog too, I check it out most days and look forward to hearing about Ellie, hope she's well and enjoying her break from school.
Lynn x

Brook said...

Moi aussi! On the ice dancing...I remember watching them...The way he could swing her around like she was the bullfighters cape was just breath taking.

SmilynStef said...

Thanks for sharing the video ... that was breath taking ... there will never be another pair like that one.

fgeegf said...

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