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3 Mar 2009

Sleep perfect sleep

I threw the towel in at 1030 last night...............I know!!!!!

I haven't felt this good since I felt this good last. LOL
Am ready to face the day with a root treatment at 10am (I haven't had my hair coloured for 3 months to save money).
I have pictures to share of my canvas project later on (Don't think Dy will mind).
I have card projects to make.
Then I have printable papers for the Crafts Beautiful online party (3-7th April). Their themes is Masquerade and the printables I have are so perfect for that.

Talking of cards, Sue at Craftwork cards has cancelled this weekends classes at Craftwork Cards due to no staff cover at the shop (ie they are all at the SECC - so go and check them out there...fab stall, always something magnificent to buy form there). No matter, Ill be teaching at the Harrogate Show on the 28/29th at the workshops, as well as demoing my new Cd at the Art From The Heart stand that weekend. Im really looking forward to that.

So if you are at a loose end from Sue's cancellation and fancy making a canvas (with one of your treasured family photos), do pop along to Dy's. The number is at the top of this blog to make a booking.

Gotta go and get me roots done - the joys of being a fake blonde..........


Houston said...

Yay for sleep! Can't wait to see that canvas!

Anonymous said...

Let us see the fakey bits,then!!!
...pls put some navigational stuff on your blog so I can buy,buy,buy your new cd...drooling at the mouth here! Ive even booked myself 3 weeks off work so I can play to my hearts content with it!
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

oops-just read the update on the patti blog...doh!
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty,
wish Id known you were going to get your roots done you could have taken mine along at the same time - think it was September when I last had mine done (same reason - cash!). Hope you got the package of cards I sent you today - will get more to you before April.
The Cardfairy

tishawj said...

Hi Kirsty,
I'm not a regular Blog commenter but I am a bit of a follower of yours for creative inspiration.
Just wanted to let you know that a digiscrapping site (Pixel Canvas) was having a lift challenge of a paper layout and one of yours was selected to be lifted (I submitted a few links lol). Just thought you might like to see some of the wonderful work you inspired.
cheers T


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