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12 Mar 2009

Our boy is One!

Happy Birthday to our Boy wonder - Eddy Edsvilles Evil Gaseous Explosion Pants. Be warned - this post is dedicated to the dog. No craftiness tonight, soz, but lots tomorrow!Years ago I was one of the many dudes who thought pets were just "pets". They existed, you fed them and cleaned up after them whilst they provided entertainment when one could be bothered. I'd hear people talk about their pets with such vigour and Id think "Its a pet, Im detached. I don't actually care that much". ETA: I don't think I was being callous; I just wasn't emotional about it.
By god, comes the time when we get our own pup and we fell under his spell and now I am that person I didn't care for. And Im now all so aware that I bleat whole heartedly and persistently about our little guy like he was a real baby/child. He is one of us, we didn't buy him to sit in a corner and bark when someone came to the door. Nor did we buy him to be looked at and go "aaaaw, ey - look". We certainly didn't buy him to beef up our ego's or to prove who the man of the house is. We wanted a companion, a friend and a living cuddle bun that needed our affection to be thrust upon him.... and we got him. We wanted to reward his fabulous behaviour (exception smelly bum moments) with heavenly long walks day; distances probably too far for a miniature Dachs, but still.
So tonight we fussed over him a little bit more extravagantly more than usual and fed him best steak and scraps of swiss roll. He was utterly spoiled. The best bit about today was after school, I took these pics of Belle being Belle and Eddy being Eddy. Just looking at these pics, it suddenly dawned on me that without these two precious creatures in our lives, our days wouldn't be as colourful or as delightful as your average little family stowed away in a pokey 3 bedroom semi in Wigan.

My loves xxDon't ask how both belle and I managed to keep that critter still!
Ellie sits between the dog leaping from the pouffe to my lap - I ADORE THIS PHOTO!Mark cashes in on the action after work.
And so do I (need to thank Tina Cockburn for editing my rouge cheeks tonight :))

These two have an incredible bond and let me tell you this right now - for starters, this picture was NOT rehearsed.We love this little boy as much as we love our darling girl, both of whom offer different forms of love but its still love.... and we are soaking up every single morsel of it.

As Helen Keller so rightly quoted:
The most beautiful things in the world are not seen nor touched. They are felt with the heart.

Finally, would like to add a spesh thanks to Maxine for her gifts she sent to belle and I today. She sent Belle a kitty bag. Belle **hearts** kitty bags and kitty anything. Doggy anything; animal everything. Thank you sweets xx


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eddy!


Vicki said...

Happy birthday Eddy from Pompey and Lily xxxx

Kerry said...

Happy birthday to your pooch.

He certainly is adorable.

I had to laugh at your comment about beefing up your egos and who is the man of the house. If that was the case a staffie with full harness would have been the order of the day. There are so many muscle men types around here with that type of dog who walk around like they own the pavements but really just look ridiculous at their 'power' statement.

Makes me giggle.

weewiccababe said...

Happy Birthday Eddy, don't need to ask if you're gonna get spoiled rotten today lol
Kirsty the pics are absolutely stunning

Sarah xx said...

Happy Birthday Eddy! Lovely pics Kirsty! xx

Houston said...

Couldn't wait to see the pics of the birthday pup! He is so darn cute love the little swoosh he has on his snout, he an Belle are precious... our littles are in love with our kiddo too. Such beautiful shots of Eddy, can you tell me what settings and lens you used, I would love to capture my sausages in such a beautiful way. I had to laugh about what you wrote, I have never not had a dog but there is a difference with Dachshies, they do cast spells!

lauren said...

These are absolutely adorable! Looks like he is a wonderful part of your loving family!

LizzieG said...

He's a fab little dog! and those are lovely photos. Thanks for sharing them.

*reyanna klein* said...

Happy Birthday, Eddy! It's almost Ruby and Amber's birthday too! (May 12th, and I can't wait!)

I'm so glad you have a pup to love. They are the best, aren't they?! And LOVE the photos of Belles and Eddy! WOW! You caught some really precious moments there.

All the photos of him turned out beautifully! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Eddy! The photographs are gorgeous:)


Ali said...

Happy Birthday Eddy, Welcome to the world of Dog Lovers (now you know I wasn't completely mental when I talked about Levi!!!)

Take care


Ali and Levi xxx

Heather said...

Wow - fab photos!

(I'm one of the "ambivalent to pets" pepole, but your Eddy is gorgeous. Love the family photos of you all with him.)


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