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11 Mar 2009

Meerkat Manor

I **think** my dog used to be a meerkat.

He loves to sit up and look out the window on patrol and bark at everything - even the blades of grass dancing in the wind. Don't ever dare to be an air molecule in our house or else he will have you! If it moves, its a thunderous bark. If it stands still without so much as a quiver, its a slight bark. He is driving me nuts when he sits on Meerkat Manor (top of the chair). But how can I complain? After all, its his look out post and he is taking my personal security quite seriously. Valiant and noble is my sausage dog; my best friend.

In fact, my darling dog was in such a "one minute lazy, the next barking incessantly" state today that I went about taking shots of him being uberliscioulsy cool.

Eddy poo pants, we lubs you xx


Patricia said...

Aww look at those eyes! He's so cute!

Max said...

He is a real cutie.
I love how his ears look like velvet ... just wanna' stroke them.
When I was 'lickle' we had a lady daschund called Thumper and she had the softest, most velvetiest ears in the world. She was my favouritest pillow when lying on the floor watching rubbish kids TV. Memories ... sigh ...


Brenda Hurd said...

awww - cute doggie! I so LOVE the pictures below - i'm laughing so hard - i can so see YOU in them. I know they are you but.........well you know. Too funny!

lauren said...

Absolutely adorable!

Susan Caroline Jones said...

he´s gorgeous !
Susan (saramar)x

Jo Austin said...

oooh what a cute little sausage dog.. lol.. I just uploaded some piccies of ours too.. must have been a dog day yesterday.. haha.

love Jo x

weewiccababe said...

awwwww he is just so gorgeous, you just can't help but fall in love with that wee face

hello gorgeous said...

He's SO delish!! xxxx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Gorgeous photos but that last one... those eyes...... like melted chocolate. Now if he were a tall dark handsome man with those eyes... swoon! x

Paula - Buenos Aires said...


I *think* my dog used to be a cat. :D

She loves milk, she hates getting wet, she licks herself for self grooming ...

Sarah xx said...

Eddie is such a superstar!
We had a dachsy when I was younger and all the things you say about Eddie remind me of him. Makes me laugh out loud and cry sometimes too! xx

Houston said...

LOL, my whole family had to come over and check out your pics of Eddy! He and my Eddy are long lost twins, mine does the same thing but from the back of the sofa, luck for me he can't balance on the back of the chair nearest the front window or else he would see even more squirrels, birds and the his nemisis the 85 year old mailman! Hansie is only worried about barking at us humans when we change clothes or startle him by using a paper trimmer;)

Kari~RDG said...

Eddy's such a cutie. My Doxie, Abby, does the same thing. Acts all big barking at anything that even thinks of moving, but if someone comes in the house, she barks like a fool from behind my legs. Aren't they the funniest??

Elisa said...

Wow, great pics!

crafty capers said...

Sooo cute. He is the real Schnitzel Von Krumm :-) Kate

Jozza said...

Them eyes are saying "come and give me a huh auntie Joz!"

He's precious!

manicstamper said...

Oh gawd......I could eat him....he is just so gorgeous.

Helena said...

He is sooo cute! I shall have to try to draw him.....

Brook said... could you ever be upset with that sweet little face?! We have a beagle! LOL!

Brook said...

The teacher in me loves all those pencils. I love the smell of brand new sharpened pencils. The sharpening adds a whole different smell.
The pups are so precious!

Chris said...

We also have a miniature daschund and he honestly rules the roost. He's a rotweiller with short legs


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