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1 Mar 2009

Just chillin (picture heavy again - sorwy)

This weekend didn't bring any great adventures but I loved it all the same.
Having stayed up until 5am Sat morning to celebrate the reveal and fastest sell out kit of the century at Studes, I slept until 1pm sat to shake off the party! By the time I was dressed and out for a saturday morning shop it was bloody tea time. I promised never to lie in again as I missed almost a whole day!
We did a little cooking, ok a LOT of cooking. Mark and I are experimenting on cooking on a tight budget because we have been way too extravagant by chucking in whatever we fancied into the trolley only to have to chuck it away a week later. It surprising how much can go along way without blowing the expense. We made a pork and brandy dinner with creme fraiche and sage (similar to last week) with roast veggies. Roast veggies are our favourite right now especially as sweet potatoes can be bought in abundance for next to nothing in Sainbury's basic brands. I also made a pud that I had seen being made on Come Dine With Me. I love that programme for food ideas but I don't like it when people are unnecessarily mean behind the other diners backs. I whipped up a Mango and Almond Fool complete with my hand fashioned chocs. You cant burn the fool, its non bake so you can see why I loves! Plus the mango is from a tin - I know, the shame! Delia would be so cross!

Mango and Almond Fool
500g tin of puree Mango
100g gound almonds
2 eggs
120ml double cream
1 table spon castor sugar
Half a block of dark choc
1 table spoon icing sugar to decorate
Serves 6, costs approx £3.00 (50p per head)
Whisk the double cream in a bowl until moderately stiff. In a separate bowl, whisk 2 egg whites and once stiff, add sugar and whisk again until stiff again. Pour puree into a separate bowl and fold in the whisked eggs, then fold in the cream until all combined evenly. Pour into serving bowls, but be assured this is fruity rich, you needn't want a lot!
To serve, sift icing sugar o'the top and add a couple of chocolate shapes.

To test meringue stiffness, you should be able to hold above ones head without dripping - like so:
To make homemade choc shapes, i simply melt dark choc on the microwave on the setting "one higher" than defrost. NEVER try to melt choc at 100% in a microwave or else you will set the bugger on fire (ROZ! Ahem.........). Make a temporary piping bag with grease proof paper, like so:

Roll out a large sheet and fold in half:
Take one edge and roll into a tight cone shape:trip the top off to make it a neat cone edge:place in a cup, ready to fill with melted choc:Once filled, carefully squish up the top open edge and snip away the bare edge of the cone tip to make a fine flow of chocolate:Make hearts and stars and swirls - even dachshunds!
Then pop in the fridge for ten minutes to set:
Pop onto Mango and Almond Fool like thus but don't eat the Dachshunds because that means you want to eat my Eddy...... evils.I went to bed before midnight for the first time in forever and got up late (again, so much for yesterdays promise). Mark could see I needed to catch up after some 4am drifts last week. I got up real late. Put it this way, I toyed with going to church today but was missed it (think medication is draining me) and even that starts at 11am! I think breakfast was an obvious miss and lunch was my first meal! LOL. Anyway, near my home is this beautiful Unitarian church, up on a hill which is over 300 years old. The fact that its Unitarian is intriguing because they accept all faiths and that to me is a bonus. Fancy that, ey? A commune where faith is low on the priority - life in general ought to be like that. Sadly they don't hold Evensong and next Sunday Im working away so my foot shuffling on that score is on hold. Ive had my reasons for not going to church in a long time but recently my sister and a couple of friends have explained how refreshing it is in certain churches. This interests me as the church I used to frequent was damning and cold. I just want to go and make my peace with Him although I think it's going to take some time as I have so many questions. Heeeeee!

Lunch was drag to be honest as I was pretty drained today. Fortunately I had soaked some split green peas over night to make a pea and ham soup for lunch cum breakfast. Split peas are so inexpensive (80p for a 500g bag, you only need 35g per person) and will make pans of soup from one pack. I added chopped bacon bits (i love butchers bacon bits, so cheap and chunky), sage and a tad of chilli and served it with Tiger bread (who loves this stuff? Ellie adores it). Its the most easiest soup to make in the world and will become a weekly event in our house. Mark clearly thinks I am the height of domestication albeit a bit of a lazy one this weekend ;)

By 4pm I was flagging again so we went out with the dog. Flippin heck, there was a nasty nip in the air and it sure dusted out the cobwebs. Little eds was in fine form being the investigative little pooch this side of Ashton and Belle - sweet belle swinging on the swing in the most unconventional style.
Here she is - her fave time of day where she can go out sunglasses free, still squinting though!Me and her royal highness in her golden throne on wheelsMarky mark (who would like to point out to his blog fans - lol, yeah right) that his fashionably 199o's Jack Wolfskin was once the height of fashion and has now been demoted to dog walks - yeah, and I have to walk next to him wearing it and duck behind bushes when passers by come near.But no sooner had we got in for coffee and tea was I sloughing on the sofa before I realised enough is enough. I forced myself to drink pint of ribena to zing me up, ate garlic chicken for tea, managed half and then bath time where a snooze soon after had me worried that Im sleeping too much. Who has ever taken Stemetil (anti dizziness pills) and suffered with drowsiness to this extent? Please let me know.

So now I can share my layouts in full for the March Studes kit. Yes, it sold out but April and Scarlet are gauging demand to get all three kits replenished in the nest week or so.
I'll start with this card but more so the emphasis n the typewriter stamp that comes with the kit. I love that stamp with all of my heart. I cut into it to feed paper through to make it look authentic!
Maya Mists are all the rage at Studio Calico right now. here I used a Tim Holtz mask (from my own stash I may add) and spritzed over some mists to make this layout using very little paper from leftovers in the kit.
Maya mists continue spritzed over some Tim Holtz grunge board (again from my own stash). think of the fun you can have making your own masks and templates! this is called Looking for Summer. I can't wait for summer and long walks with him.Jenni Bowlin journal "moo" card looked so much more handsome as I added alpha stamps to make it a "Mooving" card!
I made this tree for my sister to put in her office. Simple really but I hope she will love it.
Bag o Tags! I think this is my favourite thing this month. I made the bag from the kit bags by cutting them down and gluing them to make a little storage for my maya misted tags. I'm enjoying tags again, I never thought Id see the day!
Two of the three tags (Ive lost the yellow tag picture!)

Studio calico OWN paper line is out of this world. This months was dress pattern based so I made a layout about a fancy night out we had. I know some people liked the fact I used the models arm as a photo corner thingy. To be honest, that was more luck than management!
I wasn't sure what to do with the felt in the kit. I toyed with it for ages and somehow this came together.
Another of my faves (and featured on sassafras's blog this weekend, eeeeks!) - the title reads "Seven days without laughter makes one weak. Doesn't Ellie look ticklish?
My sweet niece Charlotte tucking into croissants is a joyous picture that deserves the title Devour.
Great kit, loads of leftovers....loved it so so much.

PS: I don't know how many of you emailed me (well, ok - it was a LOT) to ask where I saw those tops that I posted on Friday. Well they are from this store here and guess what? He says YES!

PPS: Dawn sent me this in with the papers I showed you last week - I had to share it, I think its beauts :)


Patricia said...

I love your pages and your cards Kirsty! Fantastic job!
And the Studio kit is gorgeous...too bad I'm on a tight budget this month. I'm hoping they fix the global economy by the end of March so I can afford the next kit! If not, 1972 CHA releases are still in good shape! heehee!

yyam said...

Love the Studio Calico layouts! Especially "seven days without laughter" - I really enjoy your humour...I'm really crazy about the Tim Holtz masks and grungeboard too. :)

Oh, I'm happy for you that he said "Yes" clothes always make me happy! :)

scrapraffe said...

i don't normally comment on your blog but i am a regular reader :D i love it! your work is beautiful.

a few years ago i had a really bad bout of labrynthitis, and like you was given stemetil to stop me feeling dizzy/sick. if you read the pack i'm pretttyyy sure they are just effectivly tranquilisers or something horrible like that but in a low dose? so feeling sleepy is natural. i didn't really suffer with feeling sleepy, but when i went back to the doctors to have my dose topped up, they said i would start feeling it if i was on more than 5 tablets a day (i'm not sure if they make varying strength tablets so that may be very different for you).
i was on the stemetil for a really long time because the lab. lead to a host of other sinus/nose/ear whatever problems that had been lurking since i was a young kid :( and also because i was weary about coming off it before i was better because i am a bit phobic about feeling/being sick.
after a while of being unwell with other problems which cropped up around that time with my sinuses and stuff i went to an ear specialist person who said that being on stemetil for a long time (i was on it for about a year?) could have actually been causing some of the dizzyness but tbh, i never really saw a difference when i came off it.
the only thing that made a real impact to me was cutting out dairy products for some weird reason although it doesn't show as a problem on allergy tests etc!
i say go and pester your doctor if you think it might be the stemetil making you tired. personally i found that i was just constantly tired when i first got ill because my everything was working so hard to try and straighten my brain out a bit!
defo keep going to pester them because a few people suffer with dizzyness for a very long time as a result of labrynthitis.
lots of sympathy because i felt awful with it :( hope you are feeling better soon! x

amyjk said...

kirsty- all your march creations are lovely. some great photos in this post-- think i may be seeing them on some april SC pages!

Jo Power said...

All your layouts are brilliant. Love the kit it reminds me of spring.

Brook said...

When do you find the time. I'm glad you posted the stills. I'm really wondering if you might be a tad hyperactive. Your energy level and creativity astound me.

Jenni Hamilton said...

Never apologise for the number of pictures on your blog, they are always great to look at and really make yours stand out from all the rest!
I love the Seven days layout especially,
Jenni x

Anonymous said...

Kirsty, Im sat her gobsmacked at all those photos. You sure know how to pack a day!
I love the Fancy layout, you look so pretty in that.
Ems x

Jaime120899 said...

You remind me of the old church where I was in the church choir, when I was 8. Ellie had a school thing there at Christmas, and I wrapped up warm, remembereing how totally freezing it was - only to discover that they'd installed central heating! I nearly passed out with the heat!
My old choirmaster Mr Roberts was there, and he pretened he remembered me from 35 years ago! Then Ellie walked past, and he remembered exactly who I was. It's good sometimes to have a real-life visual memory for people who can't place who you are.

Houston said...

Oh my I am loving that first photo of Eddy and all the yumminess that you are sharing! Your girl is doll but I can understand your dislike of the man's coat... it's... ahhh... special! I wonder what Eddy thinks of it, does he duck and hide too? Funny I posted pup walk pics today too but didn't write nearly the cute and witty commentary that you did so I feel I should go back and amend that. Get a little rest today with that handsome red head of yours.

Debo said...

Love all your posts - especially with lots of your lovely pics.
Creative inspiration and cooking on a budget - how many blogs can give us all this!!Just what we need in the current economic climate - Kirsty for PM? Yes please!

Anonymous said...

Loving it all - what a girl!
As for the Stemetil, yes it will
make you sleepy, I used to take it for vertigo but the tiredness could also be your body telling you ITS KNACKERED at the min lol!
(wonder why..............hmmm0
Take care
The Cardfairy

Roz said...

stuff you made is stunning, love the tree especially, I'm sure Becky will love it. Tell marky mark I'm his blog fan, ha ha, but that jacket actually needs the bin and not dog walks.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you seem to stretch time-do you have a time-turner?(d'ya like the Harry Potter reference there?)
me wants your new CD...where the divil do I get it from?
Lulubelle x

Brenda Hurd said...

wow - I so loved your layouts for this months kit - you went over the top - so amazing! And look how cute you and your little family are. You crack me up about your hubby's jacket though......too funny! Hope those pills stop making you so tired. Good luck with that!

cannycrafter said...

Your gallery just rocks Kirsty! Am out making notes waiting for mine to arrive!!! So neeeeeeeeeed that dinky typewriter stamp!!! just hope they sell it in the shop next month!!! (I think I already said that!!! lol!)

Cazzy said...

You are funny! Love the chocolate Eds and sorry you are reduced to split peas and value veg!

I nearly bought a Studio Kit one time but the postage was as much as the kit so I gave it a miss. Shame, I always regret that I didn't buy whatever after I decide not to so the best policy is to buy it immediately I think.

Cazzy x

*reyanna klein* said...

WOW! Look at all this eye candy in ONE post! Do you KNOW how talented you are?! I'm floored by your creations this month. The little paper-piecing dresses you made?! Umm... adorable! You rock, Kirsty. :) I heart you. A lot. :)


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