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27 Mar 2009

Its gone mad! ..... plus Calico Sneaks

Ok, I knew that I could be a bit overwhelmed with the launch of my CD's.....but its gone flaming mental. Im buried under a mountain of orders. Cd's blocking the hallway - the little chimps have gotta go - and they are!

And guess what landed on my doorstep this morning?
The 1st issue of the "Make Jewellery" Magazine by Crafts Beautiful/Aceville dudes (have I told you how much I love the team at this publication house - they are the BEST!). As a relatively new fan of making your own jewellery, let me tell you that making your own jewells to bedeck your decolletage, lugs and wrists is FUN.
Pop your name below to win a free copy of this amazing mag and get your butts over to Crafts Beautiful to share the hype. Its their party weekend next weekend to celebrate the launch of the mag and you could win thousands of pounds worth of crafting prizes. I have a free download loosely based on their Masquerade theme for the party - all in beautiful pinks, hot pinks and black.... a real mysterious and magical collection of papers. Go and join the fun forum to start the party now!

Ok, off to go and organise these flaming CD's else mark will knock me over the head with them later.
And that will hurt!

**edited with Studes sneaks** Its reveal night tonight and Im checking in real late. Better late than never though :)

Ok - going.
Going mad
Going to Sainsburys for shopping.
And yet.
Going bonkers cos there is not enough time in the day.
Going now, really.
Look ------>
Im gone.


weewiccababe said...

havent tried jewellery yet - nut your creations were gorgeous.
congrats on the first day success of Patty

hello gorgeous said...

Hey lovely, congrats on Patti, may she continue to rule!

Haven't done any jewellery making but it looks a cool hobby, plus I LOVED your creations the other nite...gorgeous! :D


Anne E said...

Congratulations, I'm really pleased your CD is selling so well. can't wait to get mine.

Good luck at the show tomorrow. hope you sell out.
Anne x

Lisa Hemmings said...

Kirsty, You are great!
I can't wait to get my CD.
Looks like this could be the start of something big, and no one deserves it more thank you.
I've tried a bit of jewellery making, but need ideas, so the mag would be handy!
Love Lisa xx

Terrie B x said...

Yaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhoooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh....Yippee Yippee Yaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!:)♥

Roz said...

CD's look great and that mag looks interesting.

Ali M said...

oo,that mag looks fab..I wonder if it will be on the shelves near me any time soon??
Good luck with the CDs

Davinie said...

EEEEK! Did you STITCH that apron lace punch together! Oh my word I have died and gone to stitchery heaven.

Congratulations on all your sucess, sweets! Good luck with that CD!

tina cockburn said...

Kirsty, my goodness! You've been rocking this kit way over on your side of the pond. Love what I'm seeing so far!

Jenni Hamilton said...

Congratulations on the launch of the CD, will be ordering a copy soon as there is money to pay for it!! Love making jewellery too so looking forward to seeing a copy of the mag. Hope all goes well at Harrogate this weekend.
Jenni x

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the launch of your CD at Harrogate this weekend Kirsty.


Anonymous said...

love,love,love the sneaks-clever lil northern chick!
Lulubelle x

april said...

i'm right there with you....about to go crazy :)

love your sneaks, they always make me want to buy something i already have just to use it like you did

Elisa said...

These are the most enticing sneaks ever!!! Feast for the eyes, the threaded fiskar borders, the beautiful leaves, etc, etc.

And congrats on the sucess of your digi CD!

angie's blogspot said...

Congrats on Patti hope ot's really successful and makes you really really rich, I'm still drooling over the jewellry mag, whens it in the shops? xx

Anonymous said...

Hope you and Belle enjoy your new dolls house hobby, a bit like scrapping though, always new bits to buy.
Sue L

LizzieG said...

So glad the CD's here at last. Excited to be able to order my copy. Best of luck this weekend, at Harrogate. Hope you sell loads, have a great time and get!

Love the sneaks... just fab. The best I've seen yet. I love the leaves, butterflies, the laced-up punched strips of paper, the flowers... oh, all of it really!

You work so hard, you deserve to have mega-success with your new "Patti" venture.


TracyW said...

Ohh, I'd forgotten about the new jewellery mag, not tried making anything myself but my eldest dd loves it - she's only 11 but has made some lovely things!

Brenda Hurd said...

your sneaks look amazing - can't wait to get the real thing tonight!

Houston said...

You are sneaky, I read this earlier and there were no peeks, I got distracted and had to check out the Patti site! Great little bits, love all the dimension you have going on and of course that dashing hound you have!

Jozza said...

Whoohoooooooo! Here's to gazillions of sales! Patti takes over the world....


weewiccababe said...

have to comment again now that you've added the sneak peaks - I love all the wee handmade embellies.
are you sure you've gone now? ;)

Sue Bone said...

My friend makes lovely jewellery. I *NEED* this mag me thinks.

Deborah said...

Had a go at jewllery making a few years ago and even bought some of the required equipment. Used to buy all these lovely beads and then just swoon over thier loveliness and then couldn't bear to use them . Will have to dig them out and try again.Looking forward to purchasing CD. Hope all goes well on Sat.

Anne E said...

Can't wait to see new mag, thanks for a chance to win a copy.

Anne E x

pigglet said...

congrats on your cd, jewellery mag looks great.

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Wishing you well with your new venture.

Miss Magic said...

Huge amounts of congrats with the new CD. It looks amazing.
Will be off looking for the jewellery mag as it looks cool too.

Best wishes

Sharon (Stone)

Kerry said...

I actually managed to sneek in and buy a studio calico kit last night and maybe a subscription might have landed in the basket lol. Really looking forward to it arriving after seeking your sneeks.

Sorry I didn't manage to get to Harrogate yesterday. I had planned to but the best laid plans and all that.

I have a friend who makes the most fabulous jewellery. She is a florist too and the artiness is definitely apparent. Maybe I should introduce her to scrapping.

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