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4 Mar 2009

Funny girl

This little pud walked out of school with a red nose on her face and that cheeky little thing had me laughing in the car so hard, I thought I was going to spontaneously combust. Belle is not "in your face" nor is she confident in showing her wicked sense of humour to all and sundry. She normally has to check you out before she can feel comfy displaying her minxy, cheeky side.The UK celebrates Red Nose day every year for Comic Relief (I love this more than Children in Need; humour whilst raising cash is my favourite type of charity) and every year they have a new style nose which they sell in shops and clubs and street corners - just about anywhere. Ellie foreit a large lunch at school to pay for her red nose opting for a large Yorkshire pudding with gravy to skip on the large costs of her usual chicken and pasta; just so she could buy a nose. I was most surprised at her candor and unsolicited purchase. The slogan of "do something funny for money" is banded about something crazy right now and she is opting to give some of her pocket money for the cause. I love that kid, she means so much to me. I asked her tonight (like I do every night) if she had a good day at school to which she replied "I survived". Bloody hell, what are they doing to her ....he he heeeeeee.

As prommed, I thought I'd share sneaks of the canvas Im teaching this weekend in Harrogate.Do come along, it is always such fun and I mean that. This stands on a giant, decorated peg and has so many lovely textures to it but then I would say that. Even Mark, cough cough **likes it**.

This week both Jenn Olsen and I are in charge of the Studio Calico blog and Jenn thought it would be a good idea to break the hardcore paper lovers into digi, gently of course. She offered a free tutorial for a gorgeous hybrid layout yesterday and today I offered free downloadable/printables for a basic hybrid page that you print onto Kraft cardstock. Coo-el! All the above cut out to make a super duper hybrid layout! Do go and have a gander when you get a mo or two.

Patti Picklicious blog has been updated with more samples for you to have a good old nosey at too xx

Finally, here is a small selection of the cards we have received from brilliantly selfless crafters for soldiers in Afghanistan. We are still collecting but you know, a ton of the cards are far too pretty to give away - really. I mean, we will give them away but look at this stunner that caught belles attention earlierPlease continue to send in your cards for soldiers to send back to their loved ones. Remember, they have no card shops over there and I tell you what is most sought after - get well cards. Email me here if you want to contribute

Right, going to go and lay off this feeling of unrest and lethargy. Me needs vitamins, Im sure of it.


Brenda Hurd said...

hey cute friend - just popped in and was laughing so hard when I saw her red nose - too cute - thanks for brightening my day (its actually night now - but i needed that!)

Jo Austin said...

oh Belle is just sweet with a bright red honker! lol...

Well done on the cards too - that's a fantastic response. Don't forget the soldiers are also looking for books to start a library and also the individual packs of sweeties - more info on my blog if you'd like to collect.?

Jo xx

Jo Power said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo Power said...

What a hoot I love Belle with her red nose. Do you think they look better on children because they are so out of porportion on their cute little faces?

Rach said...

Awwww gorgeous piccies of Ellie with her red nose - they're fab! Screaming out to be scrapped!!!!!


Anne E said...

Hi Kirsty,
Thanks for the free printable from the Studio Calico blog. Where do you buy your kraft paper/card in UK.
I am working on some get well cards for Afganistan, I hope end of March will be ok.

Anne E x

Houston said...

I love the red nose thing! What a cute kiddo and so sweet to choose the nose over the meal... you are doing a good job Mum, obviously! Now I know that you tried to put that on Eddy and I want to see a picture! The canvas sneeks have me drooling, hope to see it all when the class is over!

Terrie B x said...

`So full of scrummy goodness`
You is `the Best Mrs Kirsty Wiseman!!!Mwah...♥
Belle is soo `beautiful`...:)

Cazzy said...

Love that look Belle!

Would love to come and see you in Harrogate but it is a bit too far, and we are making wedding invites this weekend.


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