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20 Mar 2009

Fun Fab Fridays

Today I gorged on a luxury microdermabrasion at my local salon. Ive been saving for ages and today was the day nearest my saved stash total. First I gots a back massage then a full facial microdermabrasion (Crystal Clear, try it...its lush) and then a head massage - for a very special price. Gill, my therapist and confidante sure made my hair look real purdy on exit of the session - NOT. I swear a head massage is not the best hair style a girl can wish for but man, I felt fabulous when I got home. The dog took one look at me in my sedate state and didn't recognise me. Im generally neurotic at midday so the poor sod was a tad confused.

When I got back I booked him in for the vets as he has been real gruffly for the last 48 hours. That appointment was for later in the day so I spent most of afternoon unpacking my Studio Calico kit which is a bit lish, if I dare say. Its very "boy" themed which obv will be spent on the dawg but of course there are elements which I can use for the Bellemeister too. I also had to make preps for a beading course that Crafts Beautiful are sending me on tomorrow. Im so, so lucky for this opportunity because Claire Aristsides workshops are stunning and I will come home with a couple of pieces of jewellery after a lovely day learning ultra chic beading techniques. Lummy, do I really have room for another hobby on top of scrapping, cards, tags and photography? I think I doooooooooo.

Went to collect the Bellemeister from school and had to take a trip into town for a few errands. It also coupled with a trip to a fancy schmancy dolls house shop as Belle and I are about to embark on dressing one up. Belle was absolutely fascinated with them when we saw them in a shop window recently. She doesn't want one to "play" with. She just wants to build each room with proper light fittings and real carpets and beautiful pieces of teeny furniture. We bought this house already decorated on the outside in her fave colours. It had been reduced by 25% so it really was a bargain. I much preferred the plain houses in the shop which includes shopping parades, manor houses and even conservatories. Its a beautiful shop that lots of pocket money will no doubt be spent in. The plan is that I will create some of my own designed wallpaper for the interiors and the rest of the house decor will be a working progress. Ive never seen Ellie so excited before. She never was a child that played with dolls or girly things so this notion of her getting into interiors is quite exciting for her (and me, of course!).

Whilst out we went to get a few provisions for the weekend and I popped into our local Quality Save - how cool is this shop? I bought Oil of Olay tinted moisturiser for 75% less than Boots and Nivea facial wipes for next to nothing. I mean, what is wrong with me not shopping around these days? I also bought these three tea towels which I am going to sew into two totes. Guess how much? Well blow me down, only £1.49 for the three. Bodacious bargains, dudes. The chequered tea towl will be used for handles and accents on each "bag". Tea towel bags are the future, you know!

When we got back we had to take Eds to the vets. One injection and three tablets later coupled with a hideous £40 vets bill, he is on his way back to recovering from a crappy cold. Jeez, when I get a cold its costs me a box of tissues and a night bundled up in my pj's. Little sod. Anyhow, the Vet was really good to him as Eds was shaking like a leaf in the examination room (and its not surprising as the smell of fear from other pets fear pheromones clearly drove him ditzy) but our Vets fave breed of dog is a Dachs so we knew he was in good hands.

Finally, I have a RAK for one tag loving tag lover. If you want to win these little bits to assemble one of your own, leave your name in the comment section and Ill draw a winner tomoz night. Really, its only basic but its a fun little project for a rainy day.

Gotta get an early night, beads abound tomorrow and I need my hands to be at their busiest and best. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy mothers day on Sunday. Which reminds me, Mark so wants to give me £50 to spend in some crazy craft shop somewhere. Well that's what Im leaning for and I know he reads my blog. Ahem!


Ed said...

Hi Kirsty, I would love to be in with a chance to win your lovely Tag kit..those delish greens are just gorgeous..Edna xx

Michelle said...

Hello Kirsty! I am new to your blog and I Love it! would like to put my name in for chance to win, and have a go at making tag. Thanks Michelle

Michelle said...

Hello Kirsty! I am new to your blog and I Love it! would like to put my name in for chance to win, and have a go at making tag. Thanks Michelle

Emma - A crazy crafter said...

would love to win your tag stash and see what I could do with them. Loving your blog and love the comments about the Bellemeister, she is such a cutey and really inspiring.

Emma xx

Michelle said...

Hello Kirsty! I am new to your blog and I Love it! would like to put my name in for chance to win, and have a go at making tag. Thanks Michelle

howejam said...

Love your blog. Please put my name in the hat ti win a tag. I'd love to have a go at something new!

Katy said...

Hey hun, im so glad ed is ok bless him.
that dolls house is simply scrummy me wants one now to :D
I would love ago at making a yummy tag.

Much Love Katy xx

Dylan said...

Hey girly, girl. I,ve tagged ya. Go to blog for details. But dont scare too many with it lmao xxxx

becky said...

what a fun group of crafties to create with!! love reading your blog :)

Rach said...

What a Giagnormouse tag!
I Love to come and read the happennings ere on this ol blog, I have noticed you are a bit of a night owl (as I am)!!!

Patricia said...

I hope Eddy feels better soon! Have a wonderful weekend Kirsty!

Scrapping4fun said...

Hi Kirsty, I read your blog regularly, love hearing about Eddie!!

Claire said...

great tag kit, have fun witht he doll's house it looks gorgeous

Lynn said...

That is one gorgeous doll's house! I always wanted one like that when I was little, but I ended up with a bike instead. Hope you and Belle have fun interior designing :).

I'd also love to have a go at making a tag with those scrummy goodies;).

Elaine said...

Hi Kirsty, looked at the picture of your lovely lime green blog candy - then out of the window at the sunshine and daffodils....and unbelievably for me...was inspired! so now off to craft room to use this inspiration before it expires!! xxx

Andie said...

Hellooo Kirsty

Giz us your tag set please. I'm not use to doing the vintage thing and it will give me a "little" taster. Love Andie x

Anonymous said...

Love to wins the tag set please. Like little bits `n` bobs to play with.

greyparrot said...

Teatowel bags really are the future- check this out a lil tote I made from asda's finest cheapo tea towels! LOL!

Kerry said...

How come vets bills always come to just less than the £50 insurance excess? You're the second person this week I've heard say they spent £40. Hope he feels better soon.

Enjoy your beading course and I'm sure you will have fun with the dolls house.

Ayesha said...

ive never made a tag before but after seeing yours id love to try i kinda need to come out of the safe zone of scrapbooking and try new things

Lisa Hemmings said...

Hi Kirsty,
The tag stash looks gorgeous!

please can you put me in the draw?

Lisa H xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Craft Obsessions... spent a whole night browsing their sale!
Love the dolls house (is it worth having a baby just so I can "legitimately" get a dolls house, I wonder...? hmmm)
Hope I dont win your tag stuff-Ive got too much crap already! (oh, I'm so kidding!!Me wanty,me wanty!!)
Love to the curlygirl-hope she turns out to be an interior designer!
Lulubelle x

Shannon said...

Hi I would love to win your beautiful tag stash! I can't believe you are giving it away !

Cath said...

I love what what you do with these tags and would love to have a go myself so please put my name down for a chance to win.

Love to all

Sue Abbott said...


(fingers crossed)XXXX

Sue x

Joanne said...

Hi Kirsty Would love to win your tag kit, hope Belle has a fab time decorating the Dolls House, I still have mine from my 21st birthday, never got round to putting lights into it, theres stil time though!


Deanne said...

Hey honey, poor Eddie, that £40 should make him much better *cough cough* lol bless
My mum has one of those huge dolls houses! its mahoosive, xxx

Alison5 said...

Hi Kirsty

Would love to win the tag stash. Loving the dolls hous I better not show Alice she would love a house like that.


Anonymous said...

If you send to Greece then I would love to put my name forward for the little goodies.


Jenni Hamilton said...

Love those green colours - would make a fabulous tag. Have a great day beading tomorrow but be careful it's as addictive as papercrafts!
Jenni x

Annette said...

What a fabby dolls house - no wonder Belle loves it. Bet you can't wait to get started on decorating the inside. Loving the tea towels too - bargain! We need to see what you make with them. I'd love the tag kit too - but there again who wouldn't. Lovely countryside photos..

Jet said...

Hello Kirsty, hope Eddy is feeling fine now, poor pooch!
Love, love the doll's house (I just love pink), that really sounds like a fun project for Belle and you to work on!
Please count me in for the gorgeous tag kit, I would love to play around with it.

Henriëtte KB

Lisa the Lovely said...

oh I love that! very pretty greens

DillyDilly said...

Have just found your blog and have spent a very enjoyable hour or so reading. Thank you 0 Would love to be in with a chance. Thanks Dilly x

Kate said...

I'd like to try the taggie kit please, the photo looks like my granny!

Brook said...

Would love the tag ensemble...but send it to someone that won't cost you an arm and a leg. The Dollhouses are mega cool. I love decorating and creating rooms and furniture. You can invest a ton of money. How fabulous for Belle to have her very own hobby!

Clarky J said...

Too late for the tag kit but fascinated by the idea of tea towel bags! Doo share....... xx

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eda said...


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