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31 Mar 2009

Craft eye candy heaven

**photo heavy post**

Hey dudes.
Im back to blogsome normalnessment.
Whenever I work a weekend I seem to lose momentum with blogging, home life, Belle cuddles, gymsters, dogsvilles - everything.
Except I don't lose food consumption which always takes a priority, as ever. **BURP**

The show was heaving this weekend, more so on the Saturday. Dyans stall is always a hive of activity and I was delighted when she offered me a spot for my CD's. The overall sales this weekend went spectacularly well in conjunction with my web sales with 3 shop owners requesting to stock them too. As my press release hasn't even hit full scale yet, Im hoping it progresses nicely so that I can sell this batch and then move on the collection 2. I had a lovely lady call me up already about collection 2 but have to say its work in progress right now. For me, its a lot of hard work and late nights. It doesn't come especially easy to me as I am a perfectionist whose nails are bitten down to the quick. And believe me, there was some perfecting to be done, including rejecting the first batch (that I had to pay for as well!!).

Dyan is going through the toughest time after recently losing her momma but she braved the crowds and observers and clients and performed with what she does best - Art. Im so in awe of her and how she is coping and how much really she is hurting deep down. That, to me, is dedication.I also taught a number of classes for Craftwork cards. Saturday morning was fun as a box of tools went astray and I had to teach 13 craft dudes with a light array of toolmanship. Challenges like that really throw you but in the good old British fashion, you survive if you roll your sleeves up. The end result being two projects to take home and new techniques to learn from. I love teaching with Sues products because everyone else loves them too. And so does this lady, Julie Hickey... the woman who started a trend all of her own.... beautiful cards xxI had a number of people give me gifts for me and for Ellie. This type of gesture always throws me as "thank you" never seems to be enough from my part. I was grateful for the mini dolls house bear that a lady gave for Ellie complete with a mini beaded bag. I got a cupcake made from socks with a little Easter egg on top, some Scottish tablet (OMG - amazing crumbly fudge), some kilt wearing gingerbread men and some Edinburgh rock. Also another lady sent belle the most prettiest stamped card... we are very very lucky girls having so many thoughtful people deliver such wonderful acts of kindness. Blub blub. Thank you ladies, you are truly kind :)

Caroline's cupcake sockies
Trisha brought me shed loads of Scottish treats...check out the kilted gingerbread man!I soon wiped the smile off his smug little face, though!Mwahahahahhahahahahaha

I also want to thank the girls who help make Patti Picklicious so inspirational. Jo, Jozza, Terrie and Lynda make the most amazing cards that were the talk of the stand. I mean, I chipped in with some of my own cards but I can't compare to this lot of beauties (all papers and images available to buy from the CD - which you can buy HERE):

Then as luck would have it Jozza came to pay me a visit with her buds Freddie Foo Foo of Fat Freddy fame, Kath and Tip Top (Yeeeks I forgets your real name but I like Tip Top!) Oh these girls were a hoot and if I wasn't so darn busy I would have walked the show with them - FO SHO!
I wonder what Jo is mouthing here? She was being pinched on the bum (but not by me, ugh... yuks... Nikki - hope you washe dyour hands!)This is clearly my best smile
My mum paid a visit to my stand and was waving a seriously vigorous pair of pom poms (!!!) for me and telling all the observers about how much she loved the CD - which she does; my momma is a cardmaker and teaches 5 classes a week. It was lovely to see her after a short spell of being apart.
And finally my Studes kit went on reveal on Friday night/Saturday morning. Im going to tell you that I hated the kit at first even though I ordered 3 add ons. Maybe it was just me having a good old sulk as it arrived 2 weeks after its posting and with me only having 4 full days to work on it... Im not sure. But when I began to form layouts with it, I grew to love it a LOT and Im chuffed to bits with what I turned out. It just goes to prove that you can work with a very little amount of stash, no matter what your budget or taste and still come out with little beauties for your albums.

Oh - and finally finally (my real finall, honest) there are these babies I made on the jewellery workshop t'other week. Im so proud of these little trinkest of mine... hope you likes :)

Sheesh... Im knackered after that.
See you soon :)


Houston said...

Oooh, serious eye candy girl... okay all the but the one where you are doing your impression of Eddy growling ;) Holy creative genius with all those layouts, cards and baubles, I shall have to revisit this again in the morning. Get some sleep love.

Jozza said...

Thanks for that Kirsty. What a delightful pic of me telling Nix to "gerrOFF". Shall I go jump off a bridge now? lol Like the one of us 2 tho although why does my head look 5 times the size of yours?

Had a fab day on Sunday and it was nice to pop along for a giggle and learn the meaning of words I thought were innocent!

Loving all your makes. Simply delish! x

Anonymous said...

Just like to point out that I was NOT pinching J's bum! I was laughing at the fact she had some 3D foam on the collar of her coat at the back - that stuff gets EVERYWHERE! Actually, I lie, although she did, I had just given her rabbit ears on the pic! Anyway, mega inspiration on this post Kirsty, u been a bizzy b! x FFF

beksynormz said...

Wow you weren't joking when you said photo heavy! What a feast for the eyes. Love your work, Beki xx

Paul B said...

Wow such a lot of gorgeous inspirational projects here! Couple of scrummy looking embellishment ideas I may just have to try out myself too. Hope you find a spare minute to put your feet up after a whole weekend at HG being rushed off them. Pxx

Sam said...

wooaaahhhh lots of pics, loving all the beautiful cards, layouts and jewellry. Wish I could have been at Harrogate

Terrie B x said...

`WoW` looks like you all had a fab time...Wished I coulda been there ...mmmmm
scrummilicious creativness...
Have a lovely Day:)♥

Deanne said...

like WOW i adore all of your layouts as usual honey, they are simply stunning... a few ideas i may have to try myself :)

so pleased the show went well for you xxxx hugs x

LizzieG said...

Wow, what a week you've had! Weekend especially.. Love all the pics and hope you sold LOADS of Patti cds at the wknd. Mine arrived this am, while I was out. I headed straight to the pc when I opened it. It's great! Thank you soooo much.
The stuff you turned out with your Kit was fab. How do you do it all? You must be like Hermione Granger and have a "time turner"!
LizzieG x

Kate said...

Love love love everything!!!

Anonymous said...

it's here,it's here, it's here...O.M.G...Im so excited my cd is here!!!!!
Photos are FAB-think I'll steal every single one of them and pass them off as my own idea (like my friends would think Im THAT arty...)
cant wait for collection 2 (actually cant wait til I gets the wrapper off this bad boy 1st..hey ho!)
Thank you!!!!
Lulubelle x

Lynda said...

Wow - where do you get the time to do all this. You are one hard working, fantastic lady. You deserve all the success in the world.
Lynda xxxxx

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe! Not telling my real name hehehehe! So good to meet you in the flesh after being a lurker for so long!

And yes, your work and inspiration is beautiful!

Bettythebaglady said...

Thanks Kirsty for fixing my camera.Was high on cards etc at the time and knackered. So sad to hear of trouble at school. How did school get on with their OFSTED reports. Sounds like it's very tough for you all as a family. Heart is full for you. With love BettyXXX

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