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19 Mar 2009

Come walk with us

After last nights tears we brushed ourselves down and took the boy for a walk. Last nights evening sun was perfecto if not a little hazy.

Before we set off (and as always) Eddy will run out the front door and bark. He always barks when he is let out, probably to let the world know he is on a mission and will attack at random. well, actch, that's not true. He just barks at air molecules and on the hope that someone will be there to appreciate it. As soon as he runs out and barks he goes and pays a visit to the tree outside the house. Ellie calls this the Snarly Barky Growly Wee-wee tree. God, that makes me hoot with laughter when she came up with that. And its true of her observation. He runs out, growls, barks, snarls and wee's!


I wanted to share some of my favourite parts of my hour long walk that the boy and I trot every day. Belle was desperate to come with us and enjoy a little "on the go" picka-nicka. That will be pop and choc in our case but still, eating al-fresco is the best. I thinks Dachs really only need a 15 minute jog but we feel that even though he has the teeniest legs in the world, a long walk will be good exercise and the opportunity to socialise with all his pals. He has a red setter dude, a German shepherd (called George) , a few choc labs, a Staffordshire bull terrier (called Kenneth!), a bassett hound (who adores) and various other random walkers who always stop and greet us.

The route I take always trails through woody areas and along wooden bridges and walkways. They lead down weendy-windy paths which is so interesting compared to some of the boring long and straight ones. Mark got home in time for us to all go together which made this one of the best walks we had had in ages, although dusk was setting in it was still warmish tinged with a slight chill. What I love about our walks is that Belle always points out something interesting; a world we don't appreciate at her eye level but leads to great conversation and inspiration. I doubt that Id like to take the world on from Eddy's perspective though, he is far too near the ground and that equals spiders and dirt. As he is from the Hound family, he constantly enjoys a good sniff and seldom plays. His tail is like a happiness barometer, the higher it is - the more of a manly hunt he is on. If it wags at high altitude, he is enjoying a good old sniff about and when its lowered, he is relaxed and happy!

Ellie stood at the many kissing gates. Ok, well not a true kissing gate but a good excuse for a smooch anywayOne of the many brooks
This is my fave part of the park, it opens to a bridged walkway through the woods. In the summer I plan to come down here to spot Kingfishers.
Many, many mossy gates blends into the scenery
This barbed fence trails for a few hundred metres, Im not sure why I like it... I just do.
This is the new part if the park I discovered before christmas. I cant wait for spring to fully flourish as this arching tree lane will be beautiful for photos with clients.
Me at the entrance to my fave spot of the park. Check Mark out with his angular styled shots!
My dudes on my fave walkway
Can you see why I love the weendy-windy?
we meet an old man on occasions who has pockets full of nuts and seeds for our little squirrel and feathered friends. He lays his treats on the posts and fence panels, so sweet.
We found these two duckies in the long grass, settling down for the night.
My angel, my love; in the long reeds.

Who can resist the fluff of a pussy willow? Or Maz might correct me and tell me its a furry seedling from a tree quite far from the willow family.
Weendy-windy paths go hither and dither
At one stage Eddy refused to cross these bridges as he got a paw trapped when he was a pup. Now he is a manly one year old, he trots over without a sniff or a care.
Poking though all that green and grey lays a solitary Daff. Me loves Daffs.
This swan hissed at us as we walked by, miserable little sod.
Now you see that boy looking at me? He is feeling guilty that he has to feign affection to Mark. His love really is for me and not Mark, OK?!!
I have another lil tag to share with inks that I screwed together and it turned out like this! I love this one, the picture is simply beautiful. the curls remind me of my belle-la-belle. Ive used my new heidi swapp clock stamps which I bought from my new favourite shop, Craft Obsessions (where I also bought the beautiful birdcage stamps). They have a great collection of wot-nots including this baby which is now holding all of my tools and prettifying my room. They also helped feed my timmy addiction in small purchase splurges as well as my slurpage needs for "to die for" glimmer mists. Try them, their customer service is fabulous.

Ok - Greys Anatomy and then bed!

Loves xx


Houston said...

I love where you walk, my boys would give a left stub to walk there... they get the neighborhood most days, unless Aaron is home and then we go to the canal. Beautiful tag, I really need to try making these, give all my timmy stuff a workout, and that tote just makes me smile, so bright and cheery perfect for spring. Hope you have a lovely Friday.

Katy said...

Just to make you a wee bit jealous... Craft Obsessions is my 'local' I pass it too and from work every day! David is a sweetheart!

Vicki said...

Love your photos today Kirsty - love doggy walking in the woods!

My dogs also feign affection for my hubby - he thinks he's their fav, but I know different. Muahahaha!

Craft Obsessions are amazing - you're right, their customer service = FAB!

Darcy said...

Fabby pics, love, love,love the one of Mark and Eds, he's like 'MUUUUM, do I really have to kiss this man?' hahaha

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

What a beautiful place you live in! I´d love to go for a walk with your family. :)

About doggy love: our Frida is a daddy´s girl. Lol!

Lisa the Lovely said...

those are such awesome pics. look your girl all groovy! and you and Mark look wonderful as always.

Deborah said...

I completely agree with you about Craft Obsessions. Very reliable through the post and love the hand written tag and bit of fluff they include. Great personal service.


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