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6 Mar 2009

Bum diddy bum bum

I wonder sometimes just how much of my dogs face I see on a day to day basis.
Not a lot it seems.
I sit on the settee doing graphic work on my laptop with my feet on pouffe and the dog lays at my feet on the said pouffe with his butt permanently facing my direction. He lays curled in a ball on his front (butt facing me) or lays like a chicken waiting to be dressed and all his crown jewels on vulgar display (butt still facing me).
When we go for walks and I mean we go for walks longer than a dachsunds can probably withstand due to their v. short legs, he walks ahead of me - BUTT IN MY FACE. Occasionally, as all dachs do, he turns to check that I have not done a runner on him.

And I still love that little doggy, butt or no butt wedged in my mush.

Came back from shops after school run and am perplexed by this little mathematical conundrum. A 15 piece box of Birds Eye chicken dipper costs £1.32. And yet a bag of 28 dippers costs £3.40.
Yeah, exactly.
Sainsbury's need to re-work that little rip-off straight away.


Houston said...

Ah yes, the proverbial Dachshie butt syndrome. I have the same problem with my Eddy, although he likes to spend the majority of his indoor hours underneath a blanket holding down the sofa. Hansie on the other hand is such a nervous nelly that I only see his face and was just thinking to myself I wonder what color his butt is? Eddy's is brindle, but is Hansie's red or brown or maybe it's green... I don't know!!!!

Darcy said...

Stick with the boxes, less plastic to recycle. I miss my doggie's butt lol

Anonymous said...

I can top that puzzle I think.
I normally get a drive thru coffee at lunchtime going between the different schools I work in. You can get a cheeseburger meal with coffee for 1.99 yeah? A coffee was 1.29 BUT a coffee and regular fries was 2.48 - answer me that one!
The Cardfairy

Cazzy said...

You mean you actually EAT chicken dippers!!!****??/!!

I get the same thing with our dogs, quite often wake in the morning to find said butt in face as I lay in bed.

Also one does the chicken position often!

Terrie B x said...

Christ think yourself lucky it`s only the dog!!!
I get that all the time with Scott!!!rofpml......
Have a luverly Sat chickie:)♥

Kelly Goree said...

You know Kirsty - that's the sign of complete trust of a dog...They are naturally skittish so usually face things they are unsure of. If he has his bum to you all the time, that means he knows his mama has his back ;) ( pun intended ;))


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