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26 Mar 2009

Blogging does have its positives

You know, Ive been blogging for over 3 years now. It has brought many opportunities from many possibilities but it also has brought so much heartache as well.
I really do wonder why some people judge you for writing small personal things and whom would claim "I would never share my private life on a public blog". And you know, that's cool. We all make our own choices but in my defence, there is a LOT of stuff that happens in my life that I don't blog about.
Lots of work opportunities have come my way which I find has paid off the late nights where I felt I must blog a particular event or situation. I do find blogging therapeutic before bedtime as it allows me to drain what is on my mind so that I can have a bloody good nights sleep. Its a fab form of communication so that my family can read up on what we are doing plus (and I cant stress this enough) I can go back to any blog post from the past 3 years and recall events so trivial or so huge, that I can live the moment again. Its also helped me catalogue the crap times we have endured with hospitals; which may help other parents going through the torturous journey of getting a diagnosis.
For me, blogging is about sharing information and experiences. I never know just how many people it touches or reaches but if it raises awareness, strikes a cord or makes somebody laugh, then its been worth every word typed, you know?
So it brings me to this.
The other day I blogged about Belle getting a dolls house. A project we could work on furnishing and getting excited about designing our own wallpapers and colour schemes. Well quite out of the blue a lady called Sue emailed me and asked if Ells would like some furniture from her days of collecting dolls house stuff. I mean, how generous is that? Just out of the blue! Well no sooner had she offered did we receive the parcel of which belle opened tonight. Well, that little girls face was better than all the Christmases she has had rolled into one. Bit by bit she unwrapped the beautiful pink tissue papers to reveal lovely little pieces of furniture. Each opening was a squeal of delight and I caught some best bits on camera.

She adores this old fashioned range cooker
This lamp is her second fave (and it will work once we rig the house with real electrics!)Ells can't get over how dinky and cute these candlesticks areHere s the whole shebang a bang
Ellie would not play with dolls when she was a kid but fell in love with the Momma doll. Its heartbreaking to see a 13 year old girl be so attached to it when she should be hanging out or texting with friends. Only last night we saw girls in her peer group shopping in town on their own, no doubt catching the bus independently, making decisions like your average 13 year old without having to be reliant on their mommas to push them in an awkward buggy. But, you know, Im not ashamed or embarrassed for her; Im kind of happy she feels so attached. Its just her way and Ive got to let her play it all out. Maybe we can get through to her via this new hobby. Perhaps get her to open up a bit more; discover what is inside the mind of this little girl, lost.

Thank you Sue, you are very thoughtful and Ellie is such a happy girl today :)

Look what comes tomorrow!
He he heeeeeee
When I went to order these CD's, I enquired how long it would take. When the peeps said it would take two weeks I exclaimed "Well Leona Lewis CD got printed the night she won the x-factor, why so long?". One of the guys quipped "This isn't the Craft-factor, you know". I laughed so hard I ruptured my spleen. And still had to wait two weeks (4, if I dont include rejecting the first batch).
Anyways, no doubt I will be linking you all up to its whereabouts tomorrow :)


Patricia said...

You just made my day Kirsty...look at her face...she just looks so happy and so darn cute!

Malonie Blue said...

Kirsty, you are one well-adjusted chick. Just keep doing what you are doing....when I was 13 I was still playing with dolls.......she's safe, happy and much-loved, what more could you ask for?

Anonymous said...

Unforch there are so many idiots around Kirsty please don't let them get to you, it's only jealousy on their part! Me & Jozza had this same convo earlier this week & in the big scheme of things they are little blebs in the ether who dont matter hun! We all love your blog and they are sad little people who dont count. U keep going girl, she looks ecstatic with her new hobby, its fantastic u've found something she loves. x

Anonymous said...

oh,im so excited the cd is nearly here-almost as excited as curlygirl and her dolly bits! get the link up, northern chick!!!
Lulubelle x

hello gorgeous said...

Hi Kirsty, I LOVE reading your narrative on life, sometimes I feel sad with you, cross, happy, burstin with....I dunno whatever you burst with, but most of all I get the sense of a great mother doing everything she can for her family and expressing herself when she wants to chat with "friends". Keep going lovely and don't let anyone get you down xx

Hope you have another happy day as with the last two posts....curly wurly's are my fav too! mmmm.....

Take care lovely and let belle know I can't wait to see her house decorated :D xxx

weewiccababe said...

thats lovely to see the delight on her face, and yes - maybe Ellie isn't as mature as her peers, but that just means you get to be the most important person in her life for that much longer before the "little miss independent, my parents know shit" teenager like the rest of them.
I for one love reading your blog - I don't feel the need to comment every day, but I am here reading. And I agree its very therapeutic, I blog about my children (2 of them have additional needs) and although so far (touch wood) nobody has left any shitty comments, I have had some pretty shitty emails and guestbook comments on the support website we started. One muppet in particular even told me there was nothing wrong with my daughter now she had had her surgery and I should be ashamed of myself for misleading people who have children with more serious problems. She even claimed to be a health professional.
lol, oops now I'm on a rant.
bugger the cynics Kirsty, we love you

Julia Dunnit said...

I have a stay at home 15 year old ...I'm grateful that I haven't driven her away and happy that I know exactly where she is! My lovely has moved on gently and I have stopped worrying. If she's happy, we're happy. Your lovely gal will look back and love you for not pushing her into early adulthood.

Jo Power said...

I love your blog and love the way you encourage Belle to do what she feels happy with it surly a sign of being a good mother rather than pushing you love and are there for her. Don't listen to the negatives they are just jelouse of your conection with your beautiful daughter.
Keep up the good work and keep making me laugh. xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Wow, what a lucky little Belle and a lovely Sue to make her smile so beautifully!

The CD is released...... O-M-G!!!!!! I need one of those girlie! xx

Anonymous said...

oh,i have soooo just bought your cd!!
cant wait to receive it-hope you have muchus greatus fun demoing in Harrogate-wish i lived closer!
Lulubelle x

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Bless her...she looks over the moon with her goodies! ♥ ♥
Some people can say horrid things, and quite often because they are missing something in their own lives. I know that from being in a bad place right now...but you know...with the likes of your blog and others like it, it gives us (well, it's given me anyway) the inspiration to know that no matter how much you wish your life to be perfect...sometimes it just isn't, and it's ok for it to be that way.
So never mind those who judge...they aren't living your life. Carry on doing what you're doing a grand job xxxx
Thank you x

Amelie said...

Let them be little, they're only that way for a while.
I firmly believe that, and its how i raise maica, with no pushes towards independance. life has too many pushes as it is, she doesnt need any from at home as well.
I played with dolls, regularly til age 12, and then i have a video of my and my friends at 14 playing with dolls as if they were real babies, like we were playing mums and dads i suppose!
and this group was of male and female variety.
let her have all the time she wants with her dolls, and dolls houses is not something she has to grow out of ever if she doesn't want to! in fact if you look at the reborn dolls on ebay you'll find that sometimes adults don't grow out of dolls either! they just get more expensive.

I firmly believe that children will grow and change at their own pace, and one day they'll be independant and secure because they've been given the chance to do it themselves.

gosh this turned into an essay!

Brook said...

She is just so precious! I am so glad she had such a wonderful suprise!

Glad your P-P CDs are here!

Sue Bradley said...

Kirsty I am so glad it arrived complete-and her face makes my day! How simple it is to make people happy sometimes and I reckon I have got far more pleasure out of this than Ellie.

willowthewysp said...

Awww! That is such a sweet story!
As for your blog content...its your blog hun, no one HAS to read it eh?!
Sometimes i read your blog posts, sometimes im not too interested(that wasnt meant to sound horrid) i skip a post...but like this post, im glad i read made me feel happy:)
Keep up your blogging

Anonymous said...


I do not have a blog but enjoy looking at others. You blog is great and the touch of your human elements brings the emotions of joy and sadness, that we all go through, it shows how strong and vibrant you are and how you let you sun shine through to influence others.


Anonymous said...

Never mind the misery-gutses and I-know-better-than-you-ers... you seem to be doing a pretty good job with Ellie and I enjoy reading your blog.
All children will grow at their own pace, providing they are given the love and support they need. It seems to me that Ellie gets that in abundance, from you, Mark, your families and all those involved in her life. She seems to be a happy girl and it's great to see her so joyful over her lovely present.
My son is 11 and he and his group of friends are still quite young, even if some others their age seem more "mature". They are growing at their own pace. I would not want to push him and take away his childhood. There's no rush - he (and Ellie) will get there in his own time.
I was horrified to hear from a friend recently, that her 12-yr-old looks at porn on the internet and she has had to sit and talk to him about what is legal/illegal, why etc. 12 is too young to lose your childhood. May my boy (and your girl) keep their innocence as long as they can. The world wants our children to be adults sooner and sooner and they can be under far too much pressure. Home is where they need to feel safe and loved. I am sure this is the case for Ellie and she will always be glad of that throughout her future life.
For the record, I played with dolls till I was about 13 or 14. And I still love dolls houses!
Keep up the excellent work, Kirsty!

manicstamper said...

Kirsty...I love your blog.
I love reading about Belle and Eddie. I love your photographs and seeing your creative stuff.

Don't people like Sue just make your heart fly. It's so good to know that there are still some beautiful people out there.

Helena said...

How wonderful! I used tolove my little dolls' house!!! There is a tiny shop here in COlchester that is dedicated to things to go in dolls houses- if Ellie wants something that you can't find, let me know the scale and I'll pop in and see if I can get it for you! They even have stuff like summer houses and pergolas for the house's garden, and little cats curled up, and dogs etc. LOL!

I think I'll look in there anyway, now I think of it, and see if they have a wee Eddy!!!

Helena said...

oh and forgot to say- blogs are just lost on some people. My sister-in-law doesn't get it at all. I told her, it's a way of reading about other people's lives, all round the world. To which she asked, why would I want to?
SO I told her, it was so interesting, and sometimes you can read about people in circumstances you have no knowledge of- I've come across blogs by people in warzones, I said to her.
Do you know, even after this example, she told me that she thought reading about other people's lives was utterly boring!
Well I think that says more about her, doesn't it?
Blogging has helped me enormously and kept me going through the darker side of bi-polar- I've got to know so many great people. You yourself I count among the most inspirational, not just your creativity- your optimism and humour, your support and love of Ellie, your hard-working life. I really admire you.

Thanks for letting people like me have a little share in things. I know not everything gets written, none of us do that, none of us can. But thanks for sharing what you do. This way those of us not lucky enough to live near you get to know you a wee bit, and that's a big plus :)

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