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23 Mar 2009

The BEST mothers day

We didn't do much, really.
Not bothered though as I spent it with my two crazy kids as hubby thought going to watch Liverpool stuff Aston Villa 5-nil was a better option and I partly agree.
I got up late as I wasn't feeling too cracky and learned upon waking that Jade Goody had died and it made me feel sad. Mothers day of all days. Love or hate the girl, you can't deny that she was an exceptional mother to those lovely little boys. I personally held no judgement over her but I can see why some people disliked her. My only concern of late was when I watched her wedding on Living the other night and saw the way she spoke to her own mother. I didn't like it but then again, I have no foundation to base an opinion on it. Still.....
So Belle and I spent the afternoon together. She bought me an adorable elephant to sit on my knicky knacky table. I collect elephants (of a fashion) and it was thoughtful of her to get me this lil cutie. She also got me chocs, Black Magic mini slabs....oooh, naughty!
I wanted some more pictures of my two kids and their amazing bond. I wanted some posed (of course) but I much prefer the ones where they are not performing (as such). Ellie HATES having to sit for me - as you can its best to let them play as normal. Belles hair was looking especially frizzy yesterday and she looked at the pictures with me last night and for the first time ever said "Im such a lucky girl having pretty hair". 13 years that's taken, you know! When she was born those curls were there, stuck to the back of her head in the tightest circles. Had I of known then what I know now, I would have photographed them but you know, there are thousands of occasions in my past I have not got on "film", but there you go.

These two really are a tight knit team. She has learned to be the alpha female by being assertive with him as he can be a bit rambunctious at times so you can see her holding him firmly to stop him jumping up.
Its like she is willing him to be good here!
Cuddle up, my pretties
This is my fave of the day, i think :)
They get more playful as the fun sets in
Loving those crazy socks, belle :)
This montage below looks far better when you click on it and see it biggerYou know, its funny because he can be laying one second and then drops off for a nap the next until we disturb him and he looks about to check if any stranger may have dropped by (for him to growl at, naturally)Then we go and start the tea for when Mark gets back from the footy. We made meat and potato pie (erm, Yummers!) and she helped stir and mix and stuffAnd then when I was making pastry, she waddled into the lounge with her bro and when I came to bring her a drink 15 minutes later - they were fasto on the armchair. God, I love these two so much.
Him in focus
her in focus
A perfect Mothers day.
Hope yours was too (if you are a girl of course and are indeed a mother or have a mother......pah, you know what I mean).


Jo Power said...

Beautiful photo's as always the bond between them comes across in the photo's and the group of him licking her are wonderfull

Houston said...

Okay, please hop on over here and take some photos of my kiddos, these are truly AWESOME! So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day, the elephant is darn cute, she did a fine job picking that out. Please tell your beautiful girl that I truly wish I had hair like hers, mine is stick straight and oh so boring.

Patricia said...

Those two are so cute together!

Stephanie said...

Just AMAZING!!!!! I am so glad you posted the photos:)

Hysteri-CAL said...

Awwwwwwww what a pair of cutey's !!!

Oh, and I've had the growl done to me !

Lil' Ol' Me said...

Your photos are so lovely. What lens were you using? Also how did you do the is truly gorgeous.

Brook said...

I'm glad you had a delightful UK mother's day. US is in May and usually I attend a soccer tournament. ARGH! The pictures are just yummy!
It was sad about Jade. I don't wish anyone's family that kind of suffering. I do admire that she did what she needed to to provide for her babies after her passing.

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Oh i just love that first picture of Ellie, made me smile

cannycrafter said...

Glad you had a lovely day!

Jan Connair said...

Now let me guess, did you name your elephant Ellie? It's quite adorable, as are your daughter and your fur baby.


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♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Awww bless them ♥ ♥

Millie said...

Precious pictures of a beautiful young lady! My girls, 20 and 22 now, will only tolerate my camera for so long then they start fussing at me!

Helena said...

Beautiful, beautiful photo's. I really must get my pencils out and try to sketch Eddy. I might try to do Ellie too, but can't promise that!

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