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21 Mar 2009


I's popped along to a Claire Aristides bead workshop today on behalf of Crafts Beautiful to be a Press representative at their Manchester workshop.
It was bloody fantastic.
I can't regale much of the day as its for an article and I cant even share pictures of the earrings, bracelet and necklace neither (which I would have never have had the knack of doing before now).
I did come home and raid my own beads and finding from purchases in Nevada last year (ie bargainous priced beadlets) and made some jewellery using my new found techniques whilst sitting with Hubby watching "I am Legend" (made me have heart attack every 5 minutes. The film, not the beads). Besides damaging a tendon from being over zealous with crimping this afternoon, I managed a pair of earrings, a knobbly necklace and a bracelet during the entire film.Am pretty chuffed that I could whizz them out so quick. I loves them.
Dyan tagged me this morning and the trick to the tag is that you must take a picture of yourself there and then - at the opening of the email. Well since I only got to read it at 5pm tonight and looking knacker-ooed from beading all day, this is how I looked. Im not sure who to tag because somebody might get upset that I didn't think of them (ever the diplomatic soul am I). So if you wanna play along - take a pic of yourself as you read this blog post and share!

Oooooh before I forget -
The tag ensemble kit goes to number 16 on the list and that person is:
ANDIE - congrats my sweets xx
Please mail me your name and address to this email HERE and Ill bob it in the post. All you will have to do is ink it and arrange it beautifully for your own book of pretty taggo's xxI'll bag another set of leftovers for another interested party tomorrow. I want to spread the tag love, you know?

Finally I have received the most massivest pile of beautiful and I mean amazing hand made cards for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you wish to send me some so that I can foreward them to servicemen who have no access to pretty stationary and greetings cards, please do before the end of April. Email me here if you wish to donate some get well cards, happy birthday cards, just a note etc cards for them to write in. Thank you to everyone who has donated to far, I swear they are too gorge to give away!


Hysteri-CAL said...

Oh oh oh ... I want the green and black neck er lace please ... wow, its sooooooooo lush !

Are we going to get some jew hell ery lessons now ??? Huh ??

PML @ your photo ! At least your photo was PM mine was AM ... I'll get her back !

Pleased to read you had a great day - chat soon xxxxxxxxx

Houston said...

Cute jewelry! Especially like the green and black bit! How is Eddy?

Patricia said...

Kirsty you are so talented! I love your jewellery!

Anonymous said...

me wanna tag,me wanna tag - number 4 is a charm,after all x
how come you have such gorgeousness as those beads just "lying around" at home? loving the bracelets-i feels a copycat moment acomin on....
Hope youve had a great day in the sun x
Lulubelle x

Brook said...

I love the beads. My oldest son makes necklaces for all his friends. His don't look as dainty as these. Ah! I love girly stuff!

SueC said...

Well done Kirsty for joining in a bit of fun.
hugs Sue from Spain
PS love the jewellery especially the necklace

Emma - A crazy crafter said...

your jewellery is coool and I love it.

Emma xx

Helena said...

I have the cards here in front of me to send to you but I've not been well enough to get out and send them!!! But PHEW I have to the end of April? Ahh good. I was a wee bit worried. AND guilty! LOL!

I am getting interested in making jewellery and I'm looking forward to seeing that new Making Jewellery mag..... I do hope it isn't too fiddly though! (Arthritis!) I guess it's a fiddly as your taste in jewellery.... which mine isn't, not really... oh shut up Helena you're waffling now....

Sue Abbott said...

Hey Kirsty, you have me in fits of laughter!!!!!!!!!!! The good thing is that in real life, lookin normal, your a love. We need to sort that Dyan out when we next see her. Hopefully I can get to Harrogate on Sunday if Paul's off. I'll sort her out then! If not you can do it for me lol.
Sue x

Kerry said...

The green and black is stunning. Looks like it was a fun class.

Annette said...

Will it be designer jewelry by Kirsty Wiseman??? - fab stuff. Look forward to seeing more.


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