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9 Mar 2009

Attic Treasures

Had a bit of a downer day on Sunday and needed a little pick me up. Did not go to church as planned. Am simply not ready although the dog needs to go and confess after his recent spate of chewage and not owning up to it. And I only know he did it as evidence is strewn in the garden and we know that "Mr I Didnt do it" never ventures outside.

So, as Mark had to go into the attic for a couple of things, I asked him to pull out my treasure box. Id been thinking about that box for ages and hadn't delved into it for some 6 or 7 years. In that cardboard box is all my notes and treasures from when I left home at 16. In amongst the personal gorgeous memories of mine are school ties, majorette medals, little notes, photos, my confirmation bible (from my parents in 1982 - precious!), old tickets, RAF sign up paperwork, school books and cards (countless birthday cards which I cant bear to throw away). I must have secretly known Id end up scrapbooking and Im so excited I didn't cast them aside.

Also in the box are letters, literally hundreds of letters from when I joined the RAF and the days where receiving a handwritten letter was a real treat. Im so glad I did not throw most of them away. I did chuck one batch away which I always regret because it was a massive pile from one person, of which hundreds of memories died with them but you can only go with what you felt was right at the time. And it was right at the time but you know, hindsight and all that.

When I married Mark I asked if he would mind if I kept the old letters from old loves. I wanted to respect his decision either way and because Mark is not your everyday sentimental old fool, he said he was cool with it. I suppose there is a cause for a massive debate over this but to be honest, I don't drool over them. They just hold so many memories for me. I re-read almost every letter laughing out loud and feeling sad in the same breath as I recounted my youth and wild hood ways. I proceeded to batch the letters in piles of whom they were from with the biggest pile coming from Mark who wrote to me whilst he served in Cyprus and Canada during our early marriage. I have all the letters from my Mum and Dad from when I started basic training right up until I served at RAF Ascension island in 1989, letters from my then 13 year old brother and 16 year old sister - I cant wait to drag them out when I see them next! I have scores of letters from old friends who Id love to find again (thinking FACEBOOK!). And, ahem, I do have lots of letters from boyfriends and boy friends etc etc. All of whom are distant memories but provided me with instances that I had forgot.

Im going to band each pile with ribbon and save them for whatever reason that I can't validate right now. Ellie might appreciate them but then she might not - who knows? But until I leave this earth, there is no way I am flinging those good times away. Each letter serves as a lesson learned, a mistake never to be made again or happy time that I should always want to treasure - who would have thought it, hey? Will take pictures of the piles in daylight tomorrow. Heeeee, happy days.

So - the photos. OMG, I was an 80's monster, totally! My hair went through various lengths and colour for starters! I very much had this look that could carry short hair off but displayed my ears with a great magnification. And I was, believe it or not, painfully shy and sensitive back then. I never felt comfortable smiling as I hated my teeth but you know, as time came on, I grew to love that they are part of me (OBV!). I kept all my photo booth pictures of which some were ripped off and were used for travel cards etc but here they are in order of when they were taken. You can laugh as can I but remember they range from ages 15 to 21 years old.

This is from 1985 making me 14/15 years old. me and my best friend at school (Tracy Smith). I distinctly recall wearing my mums white cardigan for this shot.

Me and Tracy again - circa 1986The day before I joined the RAF wearing my stylish purple shiney blouse, 8th June 1987. So Jayne Torville. Blu-tac comes as standard from days of yore.Home on leave during trade training, Sept 1987Look how much we have grown, Tracy and I early 1988Playing with blonde highlights and mucking mid 1988Late 1988Tracy and I again, 1989Good lord, scarey hair and ghosty complexion. Think this is about 19911993 - and sporting a Star Trek Romulan hairdo, classy. My mum used to rave about my loving this hairstyle (think pudding bowl and bacon scissors)This is my last in late 1993
Bloody hell, Ive had such a belly laugh over the last 24 hours over them. Im so glad I kept all these even if its sole purpose was just to cheer me up over the past weekend! On one sad note though, the dog chewed a photo that fell out of the box tonight and I went berserk! Luckily it was a replicated photo but still, time to get them on a page and in a book (thus preventing more said chewage) I think!

Have some more tags to share tomorrow. This girl has gone flaming tag mad.


Anonymous said...

Glad you kept your memories, I stupidly threw all mine out when my marriage ended - you live and learn I guess !. (Well some folk do - Im still waiting lol )
The Cardfairy

Anonymous said...

Oh and meant to say 'Attic Treasures'? My 20 year old, Jordan, inhabits ( word chosen v. carefully ) my two attics - think he counts as treasure!
The Cardfairy

Heather Prins said...

omgosh you are so cute!!!

Houston said...

Totally tearing up as I read this, I have so many boxes of letters and sadly threw away a lovely box of letters from an old love that I wish I still had, if only to read them and cheer me when I am down. I had to laugh at the photos, I notice that you start in a white cardigan and end in one. I had my favorite chocolate wool cardigan from JCrew throughout my teen years and into my twenties, still have it but it needs to go to the cleaner, just found it the other day. Sorry the mangy mutt chewed on a photo, try to only look at his rump it will help you stay annoyed longer;)

yyam said...

Thanks for sharing! I have boxes of letters and cards from a lot of people I'm no longer in contact with. I read them once every few years to laugh at how far I've come. I especially love the pile of secret pal letters that I have..exchanges with a secret pal in class. Hilarious! I think I may have lost a little of my sense of humour over the years..haha..There's also this folder of love poems/prose/verses from a guy who had the biggest crush on me at school. He finally gave the folder to me when "he got over me" because it contained some of his "best work". Cheesy stuff! Nothing ever happened between us but I love to reminisce about how I used to make guys swoon sans makeup..aka natural beauty..hehee.
Love your 80s photos!

Jo Austin said...

and you look fab in every one of them... don't you look young in your 87 pics... lol... but then.. I probably did too!

thanks for sharing. xx

Jozza said...

I wish I'd kept all mine. Photos are fab. I particularly like the pudding bowl haircut/red top one which is a photo that could have come straight out of Kays catalogue. Classic! :o) lol


PS. Naughty Eddy! Bad Eddy!

Jackie said...

I love looking through old stuff. The photos are classic and Ellie is so like you were then :)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

OMG!!!! Those photos!!! mwahahahaha! xx

Alison5 said...

Thanks for sharing, I was having a bad day but those photo's have just put a smile on my face.


Terrie B x said...

Get you!!!
Fab photo`s Kirsty..
Have a great Day:)♥

Lisa Hemmings said...

Great Photo's!
I love looking back at old stuff... such a great feeling
Lisa x
You not a natural blonde then?
Hee, hee xx

Lynz said...

I agree with Jackie, Ellie is your absolute double in one or two of those!

Aimee said...

this is HILARIOUS. Thanks for posting these! I have many of the same! Lots of spandex and turtlenecks. (Mostly not together though).

Anonymous said...

aint life cheesy?
I wouldnt have the nerve to show some of my classic 80's "do's" to anyone-although, I too have a box of memories that I will never get rid of,no matter who Im shacked up with...they make you who you are.
Thanks for sharing x
Lulubelle x

the dreamer said...

Wow, so cool photo booth pics! Always wonderful to visit the past and become awash with nostalgia.

Gorgeous tags! =)


Sharon said...

Love the photos. Think we all have some hidden somewhere. x x x

Debbie said...

Loved looking at the photos - you an Ellie are so alike. I have been sorting thru boxes that I have had in my bedroom for 3 years since we moved home - so many memories :)

BTW I;m loving the tags you've been making and found some lovely ones for you to drool over whilst blog hopping

Max said...

What a hoot!
Wish I could get up in my attic to have a good ol' rummage but not able at the moment. Something to look forward to ... or maybe not LOL!
Just wanted to say there are somme cards for your appeal winging their way to you. Hope they land safely.


Dawny P said...

Kirsty you sooo suit short hair!!!!

Anonymous said...

KIRSTY you have to put some of them pics on the SEXY PEOPLE website - next to the guy sitting with the turkey.

Had a little wee when i was looking through these lol

Kezzo Kinroy

Helena said...

Ahhh! 1980s hairstyles! I remember them well.... but you won't catch me owning up to them on my blog!!!! LOL! (Think 'Brian May'. I say no more. Ahem.)

EWhyley said...

ahh ha ha ha these are priceless ... you so need to scan and scrap some of them ... I am only just getting the courage to scrap the really dorky photos of me with my 1990 'Ghost' inspired short hair cut ... I obviously thought i WAS Demi Moore, LOL!
Em x

Jet said...

OMG those are so fun and cute!
Love the last two from 1993, you look fabulous in them!


Anonymous said...

Wow, i remember... 1988... now that was a good one!!!
Love PBB xx

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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