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28 Mar 2009

At the end of the day...

the sun goes down.... do you know what I mean?
No, neither do I.

Have you heard the phrase "where there is pleasure, there is pain"?
(Right in the rectum, if you ask me).
Well that little phrase was all about me today. Just me, nobody else.
Today was wondrous in so many ways but then it tailed off to be the most yucksvilles, stress driven heap of steaming cack I have ever experienced. I sweat more doing my admin and crafty projects than I have all week in the gym (totalling 5 hours, I may add, of ass reducing, chin smoothing, tummy toning, ribena berry coloured pewsey cheek burning workouts that hurt. To the point where I can't make myself laugh because every muscle in my body wrecks. WRECKS!).

So tomorrow (today, if we are being pedantic) I will wake up at the crack of a sparrows fart, drive to Harrogate with hundreds of lovely little CD's, teach a few workshops at Craftwork Cards and forget today ever happened at all (minus the nice bits when I ate some well deserved lard served with grease and chip fat and even then I snorted it up my nose because my mouth wasn't eating quick enough to cure the "woe-is-me hunger pangs").

If you can't get to Hazzer (my cool new word for Harrogate) you can bob along to my website and buy the little chimp there. But of course it would be much better if we could meet this weekend and get better acquainted over a few sheets of pretty papers and copious amounts of treble espressos laden with pro plus, crack cocaine and hemp. Need to invent "awake juice" that wont get me arrested. Have mentally catalogued that invention-in-the-making.

Don't forget to put your name in the comments box in the post below to be in with a chance to win the brabd spanking new "Make Jewellery" maggo. Its bloody gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

You dont get any better do you ! Good luck for the weekend, but you so wont need it.
The Cardfairy xxx

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Hagga ( my cool new word for Harrogate)-you deserve to have people clamouring all over your stand, desperate to get their hands on your lush papers!
Have fun!
Lulubelle x

Max said...

Oh dear Kirsty
...Highs and Lows
... Peaks and Troughs
... life is full of them and whilst very confusing at times, it does create balance in our lives.

I'm sure the pride and pleasure you feel at Patti's success will far outweigh the pain of having to deal with all the administrative yukky stuff ... enjoy your day meeting all your lovely fans and don't forget to find some time for you and yours.


Jan Connair said...

I've been making jewelry like a madwoman lately, too. But of course I am totally winging it and have been looking lustfully at instructional books and wondering if I should invest in one. So send that pretty little mag my way, pretty please?

Lynn (Ellesea) said...

Have a fabby, stress-free weekend in Harr-rue-gata - (how it is pronounced in Norwegian, sort of!!) I'll be in touch soon, with a Bridlington question. Lynn x

weewiccababe said...

I actually snorted my tea when I read the bit about you snorting food cos your mouth wasn't going quick enough lol

have a great day at Harrogate, its nae just next door, so I won't make it. It would take me about 8 hours to drive there lol

if you ever get round to inventing the "awake juice" you can sign me up for a vat of the stuff

Anonymous said...

If you need a PA and can pay in stash I volunteer. LOL Bit of a commute from Norfolk though.
Sue L

Crafty Lynn said...

Good luck with the CD's, hope you sell loads. I would love to have a go at making jewellery, yours looked great, but need some instructions so the mag would be very welcome. Please put me in the draw for the mag and on the wait list for the 'awake juice'.
Lynn x

scrappyjacky said...

Have a great time in Harrogate...they'll love you....and save me some juice when you get time to invent it.

Clarky J said...

Can I be first in the cue for your new invention cos since I had to stop having any form of caffine I sometimes desperately need a kick to keep me awake! Fab to see you on Dys stand. Hope Belle likes her tag - I bet you thought I was mad! When blog hopping yesterday I got details of a tag challenge blog which changes every friday. The theme cute and cuddly, in the same blog hopping session I was reading about Belle from your blog hence the too fit together. A better explanation on my blog - click on my name and you will find it x Hope today was a rip roaring success - I will be back tomorrow too for more craft stash bingeing at least it only drains my bank balance and doesnt stick to my belly like chocolate!!!

Anne Jagger said...

Had a fab time in Harrogate today, lovely to see you and I can't wait to play with my new CD - your samples were beautiful Kirsty.
Was most impressed that you remembered me from Crewe retreat (but you won't have a clue who I am now cos you must have spoken to zillions of people today!LOL)
Take care.
Love x

Anonymous said...

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Miss Magic said...

Wish I could get up to see you at the show. Enjoy the success of the CD as you deserve it.
keep the hysterical posts coming they're ace (not a cool word nowadays I know but it's my age!!)
Thanks for all the inspiration.


Sharon (Stone)

Tip Top said...

Hehehe! You have Chinese spam! Wot an honour eh?!

And I did say hello at Haggered (I was by the end and I was not standing still all day) and looking forward to screaming at the photo!!

See how different I looked with no loo roll?!

AliH said...

Lovely to see you yesterday at the show Kirsty. Got my butt into gear and scoured Harrogate town centre for 120gsm and had a play tonight - Mmmmm - Yummy papers!! Wishing all success with your latest baby and not too many sleepless nights!!!

Ali H from Harrogate

loftylass said...

Oh Kirsty - you do make me laugh - you say it as it is... not many do.
I hope you had a fabby weekend at Harri... and I wish you every success with the cd - I'll be ordering mine shortly (after seeing the bank manager!!!)

Helena said...

I couldn't get the link to work, it redirected me to my own hotmail page which is, er, weird to say the least... what the?

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