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1 Feb 2009

Two beaches, one week

Mark, Belle, Eds and I decided that it was about time we blew out the cobwebs yesterday, so we tripped over to Formby point. The beach there can be fantastic when the tide is out and when it is out, its out for miles. The tide was in when we arrived but I told mark that it would quickly ebb away. No sooner had we walked 100 metres, the tide had gone out about 30 metres. Freaky quick if you ask me. The beach was, obv, a stark contrast to this baby only a few days ago in So Cal. Paddling in the Irish sea was not an option today unless I wanted to contract chill blains, pneumonia and frost bite.
Getting to the beach from the car park with a pushchair is a nightmare and belle thinks this is the funniest thing. Mark has to drag her backwards; she really is the Duchess of the manor. You can hear whispered giggles as she is pulled out of the mire and down to the slope of the beach.
Pushing her on wet sand is the only option but in parts we got a little swamped. I hate that she has to use it and in a few weeks its being replaced by a wheelchair :( How are you supposed to push a wheelchair on a beach? Things will only get worse with her in the new few days as she will have to wear her splints for permanent. That is not the prettiest sight as she walks with tears in her eyes and arms flaying all over the place to catch balance. But we have told ourselves its for the best and it ought to correct her gait. Doing it, though, is one of the hardest things Ive had to endure for her. We no likey this part of her journey.
Still, the dog had the run of the place thinking he was top dog only to be beaten down by some savage monster Labs where he dove under the pushchair for respite. Daring he might be, at times and big he may think he is, but when it comes down to size he really is a little dot of a sausage. Belle was in her element all snugged up and enjoying the fresh air and Mark and I were just glad to be spending precious family moments together.

Today I spent alternating between some recipe websites and baking in the kitchen. Belle went through a dry run of making cookies (she is baking tomorrow in school - on her own...yelp!) so I took pics to go into my recipe mini book that I want to make for her so she can pass our favourites on. She asked if I could write notes from her and her thoughts and not to forget that she makes a great washer upper. I mean that kid totally gets why I love to make scrappy things. Whilst baking we had a visitor of whom Belle was so majorly excited to see. Roz.
I haven't seen Roz since October and she is looking so good. We have a friendship that means we can talk for months on end, have a break for whatever reason and pick up from where we left off with no questions asked. It was great to see her again as she passed through on the way back to Scotland. She tried one of my cookies which was, hum...... ok. I think I didn't like the fact we are using vegetable oil in the recipe which I might replace with butter next time. The recipe is from an American website and I actually used US cup measurements as opposed to our pounds and ounces. All I can say is that at least Roz didn't die, thankfully. I mean if the dog ate it, it had to be a bonus. The only time you ought to worry is when a dog turns its nose up at your cooking. Well, that's my excuse anyway.
I finished my culinary skills on meat and potato pie for tea as the outlaws were here. As my pastry is my king recipe I was looking foreward to shoving that down my gullet followed by crumbled ginger cookies, strawberries and ginger cream. It was delish of course and as yet, nobody has died. Hark at me being all domesticated; something fabulous must be happening to me. Either that or its a one off thing and then its back to beans on toast tomorrow. Tra la la la laaaaaaaaaaa.
Ive finished the night off with watching two ace tv programmes - Being Human and Ross Kemp in Afghanistan. Ross Kemps programme was awesome in every sense of the word. Im slightly aggrieved that most people sit at home not giving two hoots for what our soldiers are enduring over there and with Mr Kemp giving us a raw insight to the horrors of daily fighting, I only hope that some people sit up and give thanks to those men and women. Whether you agree with whats happening there or not, soldiers go regardless of politics to do their job. And with the credit crunch affecting everyones pocket, the sudden surge in signs ups to the armed forces has reached an all time high; even if they end up flying to war zones 2 seconds after training. I can't fault the armed forces, I served 9 years and the wages are exceptional. You pretty much have a job for life, hot food 3 times a day and decent accomodation thats costs next to nothing from your wages. Ok, I never served in a war zone because the RAF are not exactly front line (unless you are in the regiment or are a pilot). So if you are considering joining up try the Navy or the RAF if you want to be involved indirectly. If you wish to get right into the heart of the action then the Army, Para's and Marines will get you a ticket right to the talibans front door. And the age old addage of "you can't join if you have flat feet" is old wives tales!

**edited - LOOK -> SNOW!!!We havent snow this thick in YEARS thanks to the Siberian chill we are experiencing! I see snowball fights, sausage dog freezing his crown jewels off and crisp foot prints in the garden tomorrow!

Which reminds me, Hospital visit 3 million tomorrow morning for Ellie. She is seeing an Endocrinologist tomorrow (I think, not sure - she has so bloody many) we are telling them that this will be her last visit. She has four more Doctors to see this next few months and we are telling them the same thing. Its obvious there is nothing that can be done for her and we are tired of it. Belle hates missing school, we hate having to take time off work for such unnecessary trips (well necessary but unfruitful, shall we say). It kind of feels like we are making things so final but when we look over the years of heartache, tears, painful experiments, knock backs, shrugged shoulders, ignorance and despair it all makes sense to do this. Unless someone comes to us with something concrete and absolute - we shall let ourselves get on with our lives and enjoy being us and let Ellie be the darling girl who is what she is :) Im a bit frightened that we have made this decision but Ellie is happy and is non the wiser for what she has or what will be and that's a beautiful thing, right?


Deanne said...

you do make me giggle lol :)
all the best for hosp visit tmz x
and ew veg oil ew!!! i tried that and ew!!! lol x

Helena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helena said...

My eldest brother was in the RAF as an engineer out in the 1st Gulf War. They definitely felt like they were front line! They had a couple of scuds hit their camp.

When the ceasefire came, my brother was in a group that had to go forward and help clear the Iraqi trenches of...erm, well, 'remains' (eek). He never really got over the stuff he saw.

Anyway. Less serious stuff!!!! I love the photo of Eddy running and bounces along!!!! I shouldn't worry he didn't eat your biccie, I've had baking turned down by feral pigeons. Now THAT'S bad.

We have snow too!!! And some strange footprints in it....

cannycrafter said...

Great to see Eddie enjoying the beach!! And you too of course!!! My grandma lived in Southport and my Uncles in Formby! I don't recall the tide ever being in a Southport and even the pier did not reach it!! First taste of driving on Southport beach!!! Cx

pigglet said...

fab photos, and congrats for making some hard decisions, you will feel better about it soon we did when we said no more about 2yrs ago!

Sue The Cardfairy said...

Morning Kirsty from a very very snowy Cumbria. My kittens looked out the window this morning the expressions were priceless - dont know who did it but it certainly wasnt us type of thing.
Have told you before I work with kids with needs and splints are the pits for them - one little girl I had wore them, she said it would help her when she wanted to be a ballerina when she grew up ( bless her, she had brittle bone disease among other things). Youve made an excrutiating decision but I think it wont be one you live to regret - enoughs enough huh! Onward and upward, aim for the moon and the least you come away with is a star.
The Cardfairy xx

Kerry said...

Good luck today at the hospital. Hope the roads aren't too bad for you getting there. They are pretty bad over here in Yorkshire.

I remember all too well the joys of a pushchair on the beach so double the nightmare with a full grown teenager too. I had one of those big wheeled all terrain 3 wheeled things for my youngest and even that wouldn't go through the sand.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Hugs to you all hun. You've made a decision that wasn't easy to come to or done lightly, I'm sure. It's not nice to see your baby go through anxiety or upset. Hugs xxx

Kate said...

She is beautiful and love the black beret!

Eleanor said...

Oh sweetie, sometimes we have to do what's in our hearts, tis true, and as long as you and Mark are united in this, then you will be strong together for, and with, Ellie. You've done all that you could, so don't reproach yourselves, now you can simply be a family. Acceptance is the hardest thing, so the only way is up (now that's got you singing, :)) from now on, right?

stephanie howell said...

oh kirsty, your sweet family makes my heart ache.
i am so proud to call myself your friend. you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone i know. xo

Kate said...

Great pictures at the beach!!! You have snow too!!

I love Ellie's cute beach going face. She's a sweetie pie!

weewiccababe said...

good luck at the hossie
you made me laugh with "The only time you ought to worry is when a dog turns its nose up at your cooking." - I can still remember when my mum went into hospital to have my little brother when I was 3 (yes I can remember that far back) my dad decided to have a go at making scrambled eggs, well he wouldn't eat it, I wouldn't eat it and even our poodle refused to eat it lol

Terrie B x said...

Your photo`s are fabulous...
`Good Luck` at the hospital...
and I`m sooooooo jelous we havent even got one incy wincy drop of snow!!!!!
Theres time yet....

Angela W said...

Love all you pics! I know it has to break your heart for Belle to go through all she has to. I hope you all find the strength to perservere. Love!!

Roz said...

hey not sure if my last message got to you, as I got a silly error message, just wanted to say, Missing you millions and zillions already, thanks for the cuppa and biscuit, no ill effects so far, ha ha. Give Ellie Wellie and Eddy a big hug from me and a pinch punch for mark from smelly sock, Can't wait to see you soon, love you gillions.

Brook said...

Praying that all goes well with the splints. I let my own little guy have a break for a bit. I do have to call and set up an appointment though. I've put it off long enough.


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