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28 Feb 2009

There's a revelation

And its over at Studio Calico.
Here is my contribution this month (I went a little mad and made 2 cards, 6 layouts, 1 tree project and one decorated bag and 3 beautifully decorated tags - even if I do say so myself). I have enough supplies to make tonnes more although that is because I got all 3 add.
Hope you love the music - it's one of my favvo's


Marie said...

WOW Kirsty. That's a lotta stuff you've made. It's all gorgeous.

Love the soundtrack choice too, that's one of those songs that totally transports me to a specific time and place. Gotta love The Verve.


Rach said...

Love that song! Especially the intro - I could cry listening to that (dunno why!).

Gorgeous creations - busy girlie! xxx

Kerry said...

Gorgeous creations missus.

weewiccababe said...

Bittersweet Symphony is just so perfect for that slideshow. the layouts, cards, tree and everything are just stunning as always

Paula's ponderings said...

Gosh that song takes me back

What a lovely lot of goodies you have made!

hello gorgeous said...

fabulous makes Kirsty, there was a HUGE amount to play with, you lucky girl! xxxx

Angela W said...

I totally love the slide and your choice of tunes! Lots of great products to make lots of great items!

Houston said...

Okay God's honest truth I loved that... I love the song, the animation, and every single stinkin'ly beautiful layout! My favorites are the one of Eddy and the one with the duck photos! So glad I finally got see "the full reveal"

Max said...

Had to watch it twice to catch the bits I missed first time round.
Awesome !


Sharon said...

WOW - how bloody good was that! Fab creation all round x x x

Lynz said...

I walked down the aisle to that song. *grins* Still love it 10 years later - shame I can't say the same about my spouse (kidding!!!)

You are very bad, though, I'm now going to see if there are any stragglers left for little old me to purchase.

Deanne said...

god kirsty you are so bloody talented, you brought a huge smile to my face which i needed today. thank you.
fantastic kit, one day i will invest in one :)

hugs x

Brook said...

there you go raising the bar another knotch! You adn your creations are simpy faboo!

beksynormz said...

Beautiful, You are one talented lady. That is one of my all time fave songs, Beki x

Jackie said...

Fab vid and work...........just love the music!!

cannycrafter said...

I just logve it all and I missed all the add ons!!!!!!!! I sooooooooooooo need the typewrite stamp, hope its in the shop next month. I consoled myself with extra paper and a Maya Mist!!! Hugs Caroline x

Anonymous said...

oh,you CLEVER girl x love it,love it ALL!!!!
Lulubelle x


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