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23 Feb 2009


After a near death experience last night when I thought Id lost all my photos - AGAIN - I sifted through some old shots and binned a load of pictures such as snaps of the odd leaf, a sweety wrapper and some sugar on a table kind of shots. I found these pictures which made me happy (and Im sure Ive blogged them before) but look at how much we have grown. So, in no particular order:

This was taken in 2006 at Dyans studio. I never get to see Ellie looking so studious. I love the concentration in her face, her little shoulder on display through wearing an over sized painting tee and her little rosebud lips....oooh, Im going to kiss those on the way to bed tonight.
Look at that hair that I so evilly butchered last November. This picture was taken in early 2006. Another of my favourites.Summer 2006. I don't know why there are not many pics of the two of us. I suppose Mark never thinks to pick up the camera and snap as much as I do. In this picture you will see my freaky eye colours - the right being green, the other more brown. You might have to click on the pic to make it bigger.This pic was taken in 2007 and its of a Balloon that Belle fell in love with and we came to realise how funny it is now because its a dachshund, way before we ever thought of owning one!This was taken in 2007 - Belle and my momma.
Another 2006 picture. I love Belles hair in this one.Oh I hated the day when I got all my long hair cut off in Oct 2006. Its taken me two years to get it into a shoulder length bob. NEVER AGAIN. I was poorly when this pic was taken.WHOA! 2004, marks B'day in December. We had not long been in this house. Mark has hair!! Love it!
European championships in 2004 - Belle is so serious but cute in this picture. One of a number of faves. She was watching and waving the flag for England!
I think this is 2005, hang on.....yes, it was. Yeeks.
I made this for Jane Dean, one of my fave little altered projects ever. I think this was 2005?2005 at Marks parents caravan. Just look at that little dolly face!
My brush with fame at the "This Morning" search Craft contest. I met Alison who was the most humble, down to earth Celeb I have ever met - but do you see in the background, the man with bleach blonde hair? Mark Speight, remeber him? He committed suicide, sadly two years ago. I met him that day and he was very supportive of scrapbooking, let me tell you that! And god, I was thin there (well, thinner!)
Sing with me..........
Memories, at the corner of my, erm hard drive?

Dog was absolutely wasted today. After yesterdays hot doggy rudies which lasted all day (ugh, I know!) he was literally shamoolah-ed. With that it meant I could get on with important stuff like brain sorting, tidying and finishing off projects with little touches here and there. Ive also got the opportunity of a life changing career (absolutely nowt to do with the craft industry) on Wednesday which I am pursuing whole heartedly but will still commit to DT's and Magazine work as usual. I'll also be able to fit photography and my CD work in between too (on my days off!) but I wont be doing as much graphic work; more is the pity. Im so excited about it but also not holding out great hopes because, as you know - ever the pessimist! Heeeeeeeeeee.

Going to go and finish reformatting an old laptop and reinstate it for my Father in law to tinker with and then Im going to get a little crafty for my own pleasure. Its weird not having the dog asleep by my feet as I work as he is flat out on his back on the sofa with mark as I type; legs up in the air, all his crown jewels resplendent to all who greet him. And I spy some drool and a tongue gaping to one side too. Picture perfect!He makes me laugh my head off, that daft old thing.

And so does the dog! LOL.


Kerry said...

I love looking through my old pics. Gives the feel good factor when I'm feeling down.

I actually quite like your hair short but it looks good as it is at the moment too. You must have good bone structure.

Jo Austin said...

Great pics.. great memories eh?!

Brook said...

I just love seeing little Belle again. She is such a peach! She and Sam have matching soccer jerseys! (Not that big a deal where you live but here....we never see anyone with one like his! LOL!)

Lisa Hemmings said...

Love the comment about Mark and the dog, I was thinking it as I read!
Such beautiful pictures of Belle.
Good luck for Wednesday xx

Jo Power said...

I just have to say what a laugh your blog is. If I feel down I come and read your blog and you have me in stitches keep up the good work and a big thank you. xx

Anonymous said...

wow, look at you and Alison (wasn't she in Big Brother, the same one as Jade?). I remember when she broke the table.
You are right, you look thinner in that picture but you look pretty any old how.
Suzette xx

Terrie B x said...

Oh These are `delish`..
Belle is absolute adorable....:)
Baby where do ya get those eyes...
Alison look adorable...Wow
Fond memories for sure!!!:)~X~

cannycrafter said...

Love the pics Kirsty!! x
Can't wait to hear about your possible new career!!

Anonymous said...

love the pics of wee Bellechick-wish Id been reading your blog longer now!
your short hair looked fab-but mostly jealous of the 2-coloured- eye-thang...I always wanted to be different!

Brenda Hurd said...

look at all your fabulous pictures - so fun to look back.....

Lisa the Lovely said...

your pictures are so wonderful. Esp of the dog and Ellie. and you. and Mark.

Donna said...

I have an AWARD for you on my blog.
hugs Donna


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