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11 Feb 2009

So along came Patti

And she took 3 months.And she had a makeover and costume change, literally a billion times.
Each page and pattern on the CD took an age to create and was put together by my own fair hands. I lost sleep, Christmas was a daze and I almost lost her for good wen my PC cwashed last week. But now she is in production I can reveal her and show you our new blog and revamped website. To be honest I did the website on the Mac which is a pain as the website is best viewed in internet explorer - so lord know if it looks screwy. My PC is all but dead so I'm having to rely on some of you to help pick it apart so I can perfect it!

Priced at £13.99 (plus p&p) she will be available direct from myself for now. Trade enquiries are of course welcome and her major debut will be at the Harrogate show on the weekend of 28th-29th March. On the CD you will find almost 190 print outs with collection packs of papers streamlined in beautiful cardy colours with printable templates, tags, motifs (like stamped images, to colour in) and greetings. You simply open the CD on your PC, open a folder, pick a file and print ....there is no difficult software to master. Once printed, you cut them up and you pop them on a card. And whats more the papers have been designed to never date so the CD becomes an investment for all your cardmaking needs.

I couldn't make it a download as the files amount to almost 6oomb - that's a complicated download, even in 4 batches. But I think with the packaging on the CD itself, it will be worth the wait in the mail.

You can sign up to our mailing list to be in with a chance of winning a CD or if you follow the blog here, you could be in with a chance there too.

Im delighted, exhausted, happy, relieved and doubly giddy about this CD, I hope you are too :)

**Erm ok - regards card making for Soldiers (yest post). I have answered over 80 emails today about it - its all so exciting, so thank you. Please continue to donate a blank card for us to send on to some soldiers/airmen/marines/para's etc out in Afghanistan so he/she can send something pretty to his/her loved one. If you read my comment from yesterdays post, you will note that someone had a brother who used anything he could to write on during the first gulf war; sometimes reverse of ration packs, old catalogues - anything they could lay their hands on. I asked My hubby if he endured the same thing and sadly yes, he had to make things as pretty as possible out of the little they had - just to take away the monotony of blank paper! Im going to burst into tears in minute. Please do take a look at yesterdays post and help out in anyway you can! Thank you xx**


Rosie (Freycob) said...

It's had a makeover on the blog too! Looking great chick! xxxx

Terrie B x said...

Wonderful Kirsty.....Yaah!!!:)~X~

Jo Austin said...

well... I would follow - of course, but I can't because I can't find the following button.. lol..

Jo xx

Deanne said...

yay i cant wait to get my hands on one :) gonna pop by the blog now xxx

Max said...

How exciting ... am off to explore the website right now.
Oh and put me down for one of those CD's 'cos I think even I could master insert CD, open file and print.
Wishing you every success in your new adventure with Patti ... and the other characters which will inevitably join her.


metrochic said...

oh! i'm off to check out yesterday's post! and AWESOME on the new stuff/makeover!

Marie said...

Yey to the new website being up and running. After seeing the PP Printables IRL I'm sure they will be a big hit because they're lubbly :)


Kate said...

Sooo excited for you can't wait to see what you and your DT team make with it.

Angela W said...

I love the images for the cd! I do believe I will have to have that Kirsty!!

Anne E said...

Good luck with the CD. I loved playing with it last Saturday - shame I had to dash off without having a good old nosy at the end.

Sorry I kept wandering off to shop, but I don't get chance very often and I did spend £9543.52 or something like that, until Dy realised she had got the amount wrong - I know I spend a lots but not quite that much!