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2 Feb 2009

Secret Life of Bees

Is quite possibly the only movie where tears, snot and sobs could be heard from my little old self between Cali/Georgia. I didn't care that Little Miss Moody "I need the lavvy 50 times" Knickers next to me had to endure my pathetic wailing. Perhaps her incessant lavvy trips were to escape me!
Internal US Delta flights means you have to pay for on board movies (Rip off) and as I didn't want to die of boredom I paid 6 bucks to watch it over Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.
Jeeez, I wasn't expecting that.
Sniff, sniff
I know loads of people have raved about the book but reading isn't something I have patience for at the mo so I cheated and watched the movie.
I was heart brock.
And I thoroughly recommend it.
But then on my flight from Georgia to Manchester, Delta showed the movie for free - the little buggers. I ought to have asked for a refund. But I loved that I watched it twice.
Watch the trailer here and rent it when you can :)


MARION said...

Ok I'm hooked (just watched the trailer) but I must say I cried on the plane watching Ghost Town and that was supposed to be a COMEDY so I've got no hope here !!!

Sam said...

BUGGER OFF Wiseman, I took your advice on "The Notebook" and cried so much I looked like a frog!! HEEEE HEEEE HEEEEE

Brook said...

Do have to say that the book is even better. We are big fans of audio books. In Texas we have to drive a lot! I get to listen to teen books mostly. Skulduggery Pleasant Playing with Fire is in the car CD player now.

Scrap girl said...

I have just bought this book after reading how good it is. Now I want to see the film too.

Rae said...

SO glad to have finally found someone else who saw and loved this. I read the book (which was amazing and REALLY close to the film) and was so excited when they were bringing out the film. So excited that I trudged into Manchester on my own in the pouring rain to watch it just before it stopped showing. I arrived and was the only person in the screening until just as it started another 4 people arrived (who also sobbed their hearts out from the halfway point onwards) I was so gutted that it seemed to not do that great. nobody seemed to know about it. A real shame. It was FAB and I thought Dakota Fanning was a fantastic Lily.

D@nielle said...

oooh queen latifah and alicia keys, definately going to watch that !

Rhonda.m said...

Oh Kirsty,
I took your advice and rented the video. It was SOOOOOO good. And you are right, it does make you cry! Thanks for the suggestion.


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