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24 Feb 2009

Pancake Flipping Queen

Goodness me, we ate shed loads of these little monsters tonight.

Pancake day (shrove tuesday) should be every day and not before some "giving it all up for lent" malarky. The only thing I could give up is sprouts and cauliflower which is easy cos I don't like/eat them anyway.

I made up my own mixture (which is pips as I am a Yorkshire girl and I make the BEST yorky puds and we all know pancake mix makes yorky puds) plus we bought some shake-a-bottle American pancake mix and all the gubbins that went with it. I was instantly crowned the flipping queen as mark was RUBBISH at it and Ellie laughed to see such fun that the dish ran away with eddy into the back garden somewhere.Ellie opted for just sugar where as Mark and I jiffed the lemon dry with sugar. I didn't crack open the golden syrup this year, too sweet if you ask me and it would only end up on my thighs at 2lb a leg. Not good.
The dog had just sugary ones and ate one and a half. Its not a bad thing to give dogs eggs and milk and yes, there is flour in the mixture but Im willing to suffer a bad toilet day tomorrow on our daily walk. Hmmmm, praying his tummy holds out.
Had a lovely pretty parcel today from Jo. Jo mentioned on her blog the other week that she loved working with this set of papers. And I felt a sense of pride rush through my little old bod because Id not seen them being used, let alone seen them in real life up until that point. Well, those pretty papers were made by somebody I know pretty well, for a card making company last year and they were released in January (I think). So until now as Id only ever seen them on a computer screen. I was really chuffed with myself when I got to hold them and sniff them (yes, I sniff paper....mmmmmmm) and only hope that card makers across the UK had fun playing with them. They are now classed as end of line so do look out for them in craft shops if you fancy buying the last of them. I even think they have stamps to match :)
In return I asked Jo to fluff up some Patti Papers and you can see what she did over here and at the same time, grab your self a little collecsh of pretty papers and a motif (wooooo) for FREE for your cards. All have the hallmark of my Patti style and will brighten your dull winter days. Download only available for 3 days plus I have a bonus blog background if you want to nick it (make sure you use Minima White or completely make your back ground white before you add the code!).


twinkletoe said...

I never knew you could make yorkie puds with pancake mix!!They say you learn something new every day.

Cassi said...

i can't seem to figure out how to download your freebies. are they on your site or patti's? i'm so totally confused, i hope you can help :)

Patricia said...

Now I want to have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow! I have to send you some real Canadian Maple Syrup though! Can I send food to the UK? Or the customs people are gonna confiscate it and eat it?

Jo Austin said...

pancakes look lovely.. yummy!!! I made them last night too.. mine tossed pretty well too! Must be that Yorkie vibe!

Glad you liked the papers - one great designer and so modest too! You're a very talented young lady you know!

Love Jo xx

Brook said...

My boys too had pancakes....only I didn't make them. On our rounds to the doctors yesterday, we stopped in at a fast food chain. Silly no picts. How can anyone forget to take picts. on international pancake day?

Tip Top said...

Ah, it passed us by! Fab download by the way - very generous of you!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW there was a reason I'd bought a Jif lemon...cant believe I forgot!
Love love love the papers x
Lulubelle x

Kim said...

Those lilac papers are gorgeous I did an article for practical publishing it's out now in WHSmiths in The complete stamping handbook, and I had to use forever friends and chalk, and it worked well gorgeous designs hope your friends makes more....

Loving those pink and yellow papers very luch indeedy...

Cazzy said...

That dog is looking a bit "ahem" porky.

Patricia, you can buy real Canadian maple syrup in the U.K. and I think it would get confiscated as it is liquid!

Cazzy x

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