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21 Feb 2009

Ow, eeek, durzzzzzz

God, my head still hurts and Im spinning like crazy here.

It didn't help that I had been tied to the Mac all day doing some logo work so I had to dig out the old spectacles and pretend to look studious as I suffer with burned retinas from the monitor.
I went to the quack this morning and this old fella is a gentle old soul. He doesn't muck about but is quite sincere if not a little eccentric. The long and tall of it is that I have Labyrinthitis. I mean, when I think of Labyrinth - I think of David Bowie in a freak Tina Turner wig and Jennifer Connelly running around in a 1980's adventure film. I asked my Doc what the hell it was (and more to the point will I die, because I really haven't got the time or patience to die right now). He said not to fear and that it ought to clear up in 8 weeks. Oh fabulous I thought, like I really need this on my plate.
The minute I get back I google it, as you do.
It seems its a sort of Vertigo and judging by the way he pushed and shoved me in his clinic, I'm not surprised - I almost fell over from a slight prod. At least it wasn't the brain tumour everyone else kidded me with. Cos that would have been an inconvenience, I seriously have so many lovely things planned for the next 3 months including a top secret community operation that I'm looking into (absolutely nothing to do with crafting whatsoever). Dying would only just get in the way. Plus I haven't sorted my will yet and who exactly would I leave all my BG to?

So I spent most of the day experimenting with Twitter whilst fiddling between Illustrator and Photoshop. Man, that thing is annoyingly addictive. I'm not sure I could keep it up though. Time will tell. (Borack Obama sure has a biiiiiiig following and he doesn't even have the grace to update it neither.).

Anyway, before long it was almost time for Mark to arrive home and this darling pooch sat patiently for him to give him some luuuuuuuuurve and when he did get home, we set about going for a walk although to be fair, it wasn't a good idea as I almost passed out all the way round - Mark literally had to prop me up. This head spinning lark is NOT funny and makes me wanna vom all the time.Hopef the medication will set in over the next few days and I can get back to a non spinny world and hopef stop the feeling of wanting to upchuck every 30 flaming seconds.

Well today was all about prepping a meal for my in-laws. My MIL is a great cook and I don't profess to be one and am unlikely ever going to be Delias major threat. We wanted to impress them but also wanted to enjoy their company without actually poisoning them. Mark and I planned a Garlic and Chilli prawn starter (our very own secret dish of which I will take to the grave with me - soz), we enjoyed this little bugger for main (no pic of the main course but I did take pics of our sweet potato and roast veg ensemble with pretty sprigs of thyme which, I admit, I picked up and thought was rosemary and it sure as hell didn't even look like rosemary but my brain is mashed from medication and it turned out to be a good herbal choice in the end - so hurrah for mashed up brain cells), we ate the it all before I remembered to take a pic of the pork dish but it was blummin scrumpsh and I secretly added extra naughties to the ingredients by form of a tablespoon of brandy....hic) and then this crazy pud which I mentioned last week (and is easy peasy to make and you can't even burn it). It really is the best pud in the world. I even melted some Green and Blacks Maya Gold in a piping bag to make these stylish chocolate stars to decorate. Go me.I was more chuffed with those babies than the entire sweat on over the whole 3 courser. Had to laugh at Marko as he turned the potato rosti, he dropped half on the floor. Normally its me that screws up over dinner. So therefore I am a little triumphant at my non burnery-ness and butter fingers.

The rest of tonight has been spent butchering my Studio Calico kit to within an inch of its (and my) life. Im pretty mojoless right now as my head is spinny dizzy woo but it doesn't stop me cutting the paper up into pretty little thingies to make something delectable with tomorrow.

Going to bed now to feel safe in the horizontalness and hope the nausea subsides.

Ooooh before I forget...............
Patti Picklicious blog has the full unveil of the collections right here

Cards for Heroes: Cards are coming in thick and fast (thank you, lovely kind peoples xx) - if you still want to send me some cards for soldiers to send back home to their loved ones (I believe Get Well cards are much requested as they send their fellow colleagues them often due to injuries etc) - email me here for my address and at the end of April, I will stop collecting them and we can get them out. Remeber, you must leave the inside of the cards blank. The main reason is that these soldiers dont have access to shops to buy pretty/nice/funky cards to send home for birthdays, anniversaries, congrats etc.
Also, a dear sweet friend of mine (Anita Brooks, mwah - kisses) is collecting locally at this address - if you live near by and want to drop them off, the address is: Berkhamsted Arts and Crafts, Lower Kings Road, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 2AB


Patricia said...

You still feel sick! I think you are pregnant *nods*
I'm not a doctor...but I did watch E.R. for many many years :-D

Jan Connair said...

Small world. I was hit with vertigo on Tuesday in the middle of yoga class, and it lasted through Friday. Took half a dose of the meclizine the doc gave me last time, and it totally knocks me out. Fuzzy, sleepy head for hours!

Hope you feel over it by now. Having bed spins without having overdone the wine is just wrong, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

hope youre feeling better by now..that 3 courser looks amazing! looking forward to seeing how you butchered that SC kit :-) hera

Jo said...

Those chocolate stars look yummy - did you save any for me :P

Anonymous said...

Have the same thing, so sympathies to you! Taking Stemetil, but no real difference yet :( Hope you get well soon, it is such an awful feeling :(
Pat x

Jo Austin said...

Great stuff.. the meal looks great! Did you save me a choccy pud pud??

Great news about the cards.. if you wanted to add me as a collector for you too, feel free.. as you know I work with SOS for the get well ones.

Love to all. xx

weewiccababe said...

hope the drugs kick in soon Kirsty - canna be nice wanting to throw up all the time (I spent a total of 23 months doing that while preggers)
have done a couple of cards so far, but won't send them til I have done a decent batch.
get well soon babes

Jenni Hamilton said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling bad - I've had Labyrinthitis so know how you feel, hope you are soon back to normal.
Jenni x

Paula said...

I totally sympathise with the L'tis,I have it too and its not pleasant. Best wishes x

Terrie B x said...

Hi My lovely one...Hmmm food looks very `delish` 10/10 for that...
Hope your feeling a lot better now...
Lots of ups and downs in ours this week..My dad is still in hospital but ok...
I`m eventually getting myself motivated again!!!lol...:)

Jen said...

Eeek labyrinthitis is the PITS! Had it years ago when Claire was about 4 and I'm convinced it was due to stress as it was after my divorce, house move and my dad dying... It went eventually though, so HUGS and love to you xxxx

Brook said...

I was hoping that today you would feel better than I do...Of course, no one around my house is knocking their lights out to clean my house either...I hope everyone at your house is pampering you until you feel better.

Dylan said...

Awww sweetie, just to let you know I am thinking of you xxx

Max said...

Oh dear Kirsty, you poor thing ... your dizzy disease sounds really horrid.
Hope you recover quickly and don't suffer any long term effects.

Am getting together a selection of cards for you and will post them when there's a reasonable amount.
Will make sure they reach in plenty of time. :)



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