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26 Feb 2009

Ovaries all a twistin - picture heavy, oh yeah!

Yelp, this bubba is the most beautiful creature I have ever clapped eyes on. Caitlin is a dainty little thing, all pink and scrunchy and crumply.
Luckily Im friends with the Momma, Rach, so it meant I could cuddle her all I wanted and kiss her and squidge her and borrow some of that hope right out of. I even got to have her all to myself for half an hour whilst Rach went to pick up her little boy from playgroup. I even sang the operatic version of "Ride a cock horse" (to her to soothe her) when she fretted. That was my song to belle when she was nursing. **Sob, the memories!**

I can't help but I ADORE babies.
So fragile and downy-ful.
I love downy hair and new, peely skin and I love the smell and I love their neediness.

I cried when I edited these pictures tonight because I attached my heart to that little bundle and I want to go right back to love her again. I almost stole her! Rach, you hold on to that little lady - she is ultra precious. **sigh**

Without further ado - here they are, Mother and Daughter. I have to say Rachel is stunning - her facial features are beautiful. It was a pure delight to do this shoot with them :)

Cameron wanted to get in on the action - he was so tender with this is for Cameron (He is a lovely little boy)

Kisses from Momma, hugs from Momma, adoring stares from Momma:

Behind that fallen hair, there was a grin as wide as the M62. I love that she looks at me - see, Rach, when I come to steal her she will love me as much as she did in this picture. I'll take good care of her!

I have some more sneaks and guess what - more sneaks tomorrow for the reveal of this kit (click picture to take you to Studio Calico)Available at Midnight EST and 5am Saturday morning. This is the first time I have bought all 3 add ons because, well.......just well! Its a beautiful kit and I made 6 layouts, a bag o tags, a 3d tree and some cards PLUS more left over for dozens of other projects. SERIOUSLY.

More sneakage:

And finally.....
Do you like the look of these cards below? They are handmade by moi and are part of the growing love of the Patti Picklicious CD. I went to Stockport today to see the man dealing with the CD and I got so so excited seeing my CD in progress. Not long to wait now. To see the cards in full - go over here

Phewey Louis....Im off to my pit. Night all xx


Rach said...


You've got me all teary now! Gorgeous, gorgeous - well the bubs anyway :D


Anne aka Anniescraps said...

she is a sweet little thing, dear me, just makes me want another one too :-) I love ALL the sneaks SC and your cards. Delightful!

Emily Pitts said...

sigh. kirsty goodness.

Marie said...

Great photos of Miss Caitlin (and the lovley Rachel). I know Rach from my birth club at the Baby Whisperer website. I can't wait to get over to see her and squish that little bundle myself. Mmmmmmm new baby smell.......


Debs said...

What wonderful picture, cheered my morning up. The cards are great to, really pleased to have met you at Di's. Bee

{s}crap happens! said...

awww, the pics are just stunning rach/kirsty.
fancy a trip to germany to take some for me?! lol

looking forward to the SC kit as usual.
what gorgeous cards:)


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Awwwww!! The pictures are fabulous!! What a gorgeous, gorgeous little babe!! ♥
**Note to self...
NO, NO, NO!! They grow up!!
There...that's better! ^.^

Love your cards...and your papers look scrummy too! :0)

Trina said...

awww wow what beautiful photo's!

Beautiful subjects too :o)


Anonymous said...

wow this post just got better and better..from the gorgeous bundle to the SC sneaks to the pickiliciousness! cant wait til tomoro morn! - hera

Kate said...

I know I have one of these little scrummies but those pics even made me want another!! The pic of mum and bub staring into each others eyes is to die for.

Lou said...

Kirsty - I love the pics you've done of my buddy Rach and her clan; but these new ones are just so gorgeous! And you're right about Rach, she's so blooming photogenic! ;)

Louise said...

Gorgeous pics of Rach and the babe.

weewiccababe said...

those pictures are simply stunning - I just don't have the right words to say just how fab they are. Wee baby is so lovely, and so alert for such a tiny wee toot. No wonder you wanted to pinch her.

Sharon said...

Oh Kirsty - you naughty girl. You got me crying at those piccies. My bump is now 17 wks old and expecting a due date of 6th August. I love the pic with baby and mummy exchanging loving looks. That one got me choked up! Can't wait for the patti cd. Have a lovely weekend! x x x

Sarah said...

Lovely, fun! What else can I say? Wonderful as always!


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