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14 Feb 2009

lovey love love

We are not so sloppy in this house, well I refer to the royal "we" as in Mark and I.
Mark is manly and proud and does not wear his heart on his sleeve where as I am the polar opposite. Its always been like that and you know - its all cool.
Belle and I, on the other hand, are always professing our love for each other - that includes the dog and I.
But today we are making a concerted effort with meals planned and time together. Im even testing my culinary skills on my gang again (poor sods, I feel for their bravery) by making a chocolate mousse (a la M&S advert without the price tag; we are on a major budget in light of financial constraints - but I tell you what, its all good fun shifting the budget and making it stretch).
I made Mark a beautiful card even if I do say so myself (Tim Holts stylee - my nails are minging this morning). I made one for Belle which she delighted over and I even made a layout.....just because, I mean, I NEVER DO "JUST BECAUSE" these days.
Mark and I are off into town to get some Euro's as Belle and I are off to Zeebrugge tomorrow with my sister and her family on a majorly cheap weekend getaway. We catch the ferry from Hull tomorrow evening, sail to Zeebrugge overnight, land in Zeebrugge Monday and spend all day just mooching (hoping David will zip us over to Flanders field) and then catch the ferry back that evening for an overnight sail to Hull again. The on board facilities for kids are fabulous which helps plus we get a outside cabin which means we get to have a sea view (how funny?) P&O do the best deals this time of year so go and check them out!
Im going to pop back with pictures of cards and layouts because I haven't got the time right now as I have somebody's feet are tapping and is time watching! And I don't want to move as the dog is perched half on my lap top and half on my thigh and is deep slumber.


Roz said...

Have a great day together.

Jen said...

Hope you have a brilliant trip. Careful with the Euros though, I just spent a fortune in France :(

Jozza said...

Have a fab break. It sounds great!

Pol said...

Seeing the valentine Belle made moved me to tears. My sone uses an alphasmart at school - best invention ever - as handwriting is a real trauma for him.

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