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4 Feb 2009

Its a dump

Im sick and tired of re-arranging my craft space to try and get it to look:
  • Respectable
  • Organised
  • Neat
  • Co-ordinated
Ive purged about 10 times since christmas and gave a massive (and I mean massive) stack of goodies to a girl who lives local to me (Hi Marie xx). And my room still looks like a dump. Im torn between sorting into colour order or like order (ie flowers in one box, chipboard in another, ribbon in the next). Stacy Julian claims that colour order is best but what about grey chipboard with a little pattern on it or two tone flowers etc etc - where do you put those? Its getting on my proverbial chestnuts.
So Ive started what will be the longest haul-out of my life in order to get rid of the "ugh" feeling every time I walk through the damn door. Im opting to keep my fave pretties because Im not really anal if its old supplies or not. Some papers do date with regards to pattern and style but papers with spots and stripes will last a lifetime in the desirable stakes. I refuse to throw any left over used paper away because, you know when that nuclear attack strikes, I aint going to be bored of nothing to do. Well, what I meant to say was, I will prob make cards with the leftovers. Cos If I managed to use it on a layout, Im more likely to love it on a card too.
My ribbon jars look pretty but lets face it, they are not practical. Im going to turf the lot out, bag them again and store them in a box as I don't use them every second of the day. In the ribbons place I think Im going to fill with chipboard, jewels, tags, embroidery threads, flowers etc. Eeeeek, just typing all of this is sending me in a right tizz because I know its going to take hours - hours I don't have.
Im teaching this weekend and Im wanting to get straight before I leave. If you are at a loose end on Saturday and live in Leeds, pop over to Craftwork cards where I will be making mini pizza boxes and spinning cards (2 hour workshop). And if you are free on Sunday and live in the Harrogate area and want to play with my new product (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) we will be making layouts and cards with it - you will be the first to play/see/touch it too (5 hour workshop - oh and it s my birthday on Sunday too!...cake, cake, cake! ) The phone numbers are at the top of my blog post - do pop along.
And finally I can't go without making a fuss of the lovely emails and comments today. Sometimes things come to boiling point and although I worry about venting (you know, the recrimination/repercussion/ramifications of doing such a thing) it actually cleared my choking feeling and refreshed the soul. Thank you so so much. I was honestly expecting to wake up to a barrage of unappealing questions and of course was pleasantly surprised.

**Ok added this as its doing the rounds on blogs right now - 25 things you might not know about me.
  1. I am very freckly in the summer and I love them - I think they look cheeky.
  2. I hate watery veg/fruit like melon, cucumber, celery etc....vom. Don't get me started on sprouts (I know they are not watery but still - they are the devils footballs.
  3. I often scrap my layouts without photos, I add them last thing along with the title.
  4. I even scrap 5 at a time (I can fit 5 in a row on my work top) so I don't get bored as Im going along.
  5. I only shoot in Manual even though AV mode can be better at times - I HATE ISO over 100. Even if properly exposed. And I doubly hate using my flash....gruesome.
  6. I can turn my eyelids inside out and make them stick for a few moments.
  7. When I need some serious me time or indeed time out, I go up to bed and hide under the duvet even if I can't breath under there.
  8. I love peanut butter on toast - the crunchier the mix the better.
  9. I am last minute dot com. I thrive on deadlines but one day I will get my head around about being "previous" and deadlines will be a thing of the past.
  10. I go to bed late. On my way to bed I always stop by Belles room, tuck her up like a Burrito, kiss her and often make her talk to me, like "I love you darling", "are you dreaming nice things" etc only to secretly laugh at the random things she comes out with. I love sleepy child talk.
  11. I am picky about toilet cleanliness - you could eat your dinner off ours, even lick it; it's that clean.
  12. I recently (like in the last 2 years) became the queen of pastry making. My secret? Half fat and half butter and never use my hands to rub in the mix. I use a knife to bind the fats with the flour and only when it comes to rolling out do I run my hands under very cold water. Perfect pastry needs very little handling and this is why its my king dish.
  13. My hazel eye colours differ a little. My right eye is more browner than the left eye which is more greener - freak, I know.
  14. I desperately wanted a little girl when I got preggo in 1995 (was one of those unplanned, out of wedlock numbers = shot gun wedding! Romantic I know but when I talk about weddings and babies - you can see people adding up the time difference!) When Ellie was born we knew she would be called Ellie, however if she had been born with red hair we would have actually called her Amber (I have auburn streaks under that fake blonde!). We fought over boys names - I wanted George and Mark wanted Leigh. And even though Mark has had a vasectomation, Id love it if I got preggo again.
  15. I love the skin off a roast chicken. I know its a heart attack waiting to happen but I loves!
  16. I am the oldest out of my siblings. My sister is next and then my Bro. We all joined the RAF and my bro and sis are still serving. I am pro the armed forces and still think this country should bring back National Service.
  17. I grew up in England, Scotland and Wales - Wales being the last place I spent my childhood.
  18. I hadn't been on an aeroplane until I was 18. And then that was when I got posted to RAF Ascension island in the mid Atlantic.
  19. I have conquered Ben Nevis! I cried all the way down as I was in agony.
  20. My dream holiday would be to go to Kenya/Mozambique to watch the sun set behind acacia trees. Tony Hudson pictures take me there for now.
  21. Sometimes I wish I could give up photography and crafting to go back to office work with teams of people. I am very much a people person and working on my own at home drives me mad. However, with the amount of time Belle has in hozzy, no employer would take me on for the amount of time off I would need so I continue to work from home.
  22. I have a tattoo, on my right botty cheek - its a little birdy and I had it done when I got wasted on my 21st birthday. My dad went ape!
  23. I like sparkly pretties and most recently I have grown to adore victoriana supplies such as Melissa Frances products, Jenni Bowlin, Webster Pages and Primas antiquey flowers.
  24. I have a carft robo and still don't know how to use the damn thing properly
  25. I like baths - scalding hot, lots of bubbles and candles and always have half an hour snooze on my bed when I get out.
So there you go, that's 25 yawnable things to mull over. Link me if you do a list so I can have a good old nosey.


*reyanna klein* said...

I LOVED this list, Kirsty! I always enjoy your blogs SO much. :D

And I LOVE skin on baked chicken too. My family knows this, so they let me eat all their skin too! :)

Patricia said...

Oooh home made pastry! I am gonna have to go visit you one of these days!

Brenda Hurd said...

My friend (i can call you that right?)- how do you post these amazing posts every day! I loved reading your list and getting to know you a bit better!!

Anonymous said...

I do home made pastry - from a packet! Hahaha!! Save harder - you will love Kenya. Even I took decent photos of the sunrise and sunsets over the Masii Mara!
Oh! And I can turn my eyelids inside out too - my family think it's gross and my brother threatens his children if they are being bad, with my eyelids!!! ROFLMAO at the thought of that...
HeyJude!. x

Kerry said...

Very interesting list!

I would have loved to come on saturday but unfortunately it isn't gonna happen this week despite the very close proximity. Maybe next time.

We had to decide the shotgun thing too but decided not to. Our daughter was actually our bridesmaid when we got married LOL.

Good luck with the sort out.

Sam said...

I have just done a MASS tidy of my room to get rid of the UGH feeling. The best advice I can give is keep all the same things together, and have little baskets which are open rather than deep storage you have to rummage in. Hope that helps pics on me bloggy xx

Deanne said...

oooh what a list :) mines on my facebook honey :) xxx

Jozza said...

Fab list! I also love my baths scalding hot. Not happy if my skin isn't hot pink when I get out :o) In fact I have a hot bath every night to get warm!

Not going to do a list on my blog as I don't think there are 25 interesting things to say about me. hahaha

Would love to come this weekend but alas I can't drive :o(


Deanne said...

ps i am awesome at decluttering lol always doing it, so if you need a hand just shout ;) xx lol

Lisa Hemmings said...

Lovely... we know so much more now! AND.....
It's my birthday too on Sunday 8th!! Have a great day xx

Marie said...

Mmmmm chicken skin. So wrong and yet so, so yummy ;)

Your craft room is immaculate compared to mine lady, and mine's just been redecorated so I have no excuses *rolls eyes at the untidiness of self*

Taybarns......after the 21st Missus. Mail me for when you're free :)


debbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
debbie said...

just to let you know i removed my commentas my grammar was all mixed up and it didn't make sense and i couldn't work out how to edit it LOL

what i was trying to say was good luck with the craft room reorganization, i did mine recently and although all i was doing was moving some shelves my stash grew while my back was turned and it wouldn't go back in to the places it had just come out of LOL

Anonymous said...

mmmmm-chicken skin!
I once read that Liz Taylor would order her chef to roast 8 chickens, just so she could eat the skin,as a meal!
and after that, i have trouble passing the rotisserie section of our supermarket!
Lulubelle x

weewiccababe said...

I totally agree about National Service - if they don't have a job/college/university to go to then chuck em in the forces. I loved my short time in the RAF and was like a lost soul when I was MD'ed. In fact if I was fit for it now I would be back like a shot.

Anne E said...

Hi Kirsty,

Your list made me smile and after the week I've had that's got to be good. I'm really looking forward to Saturday - can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I'm up home in Yorkshire just for a party and have persuaded my lovely hubby that he wants to spend a day in Harrogate while I play. I have my tena ladies at the ready - LOL!

Made with Love x said...

God you type alot!!!lol
do you talk the same!!
No i love it-please dont be offended by that comment.
i love to vist your blog and visit your daily ramblings.its so interesting when i get home ,put kettle on and make a lovely cupa and sit and read your blog.
deb xx
your pics from america were fab i'd love to go.(im going soon but for a hol with the kids)but i would love to go to CHA-(IM AT IT NOW!!!)HEE HEE

Sharon Speakman said...

Oh wow - you little scoundrel - I can't believe you have a tatoo on your bot! Although I don't want proof! Sharon x x x

Carole said...

I like to visit your blog and read your posts. I really like your humour.
I'm happy when you share some news about your sweet daughter and I feel sad when I read that she's n pain. So many battles for her and you. You're a great mom.
Love the dog, makes me want to adopt one!

I wish you happiness.

(not a british scrapper)

D@nielle said...

I'm so glad you've never done the eyelid thing when I was around .....

LizzieG said...

Kirsty, you are the best! I really love to read your blog! If you do get tired of crafting and photography, you should turn it all into a novel - I'm sure it would be a best-seller and earn you squillions!
Love the list... will try the pastry trick myself. I know butter makes much nicer pastry, but I have always got my paws into the mix up til now (tho they're always freezing anway!).
Not sure about the chicken skin and must confess I love cucumber, but I absolutely agree about sprouts - food of the devil!
Keep smiling (and blogging!)

Rae said...

Fairy cabbages kirsty! sprouts are fairy cabbages! And big YES to the chicken skin! yum!

crazyloko said...

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Anonymous said...

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