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13 Feb 2009

Inky, grungey, messy - YEEKS!

Dyan has been trying to convert me for years into this boho, earth lovin', ink embracing crafty momma.
"Yes, but you make it look so effortless, dear" I say, whilst breathing hot breath on to my CLEAN nails and polishing them on my bosom.
For I am a paper girl at heart, through and through. I rip it, tear it, cut it, scrunch it and occasionally dab a little ink on the edge. Emphasis on little.
I even replicated a great whopping grungy gunky project when taking one of her classes a while back and Im still finding bits of black ink under my nails.
And as much as I love her, I set back into my old boring paper loving ways before the ink had dried on my artwork. That's the thing between Dy and I - she does her thang and I do mine.

Then comes along TH.When you look at his signature, don't you think he is called Jim?
He looks like a Jim.
Not a gym......god, whats one of those? I forgot!

Jaws dropped when he got dirty this afternoon - like, really diiiiiiiiiirty.
I now understand why people are awe inspired.
He commands this "shut your gob, Im demoing in my most brilliant fashion" presence.
And nobody talks over him because they are taking in this genius.
And in turn, I went grunge board crazy.
And ink bonkers.
And distress mode mad.

I mean, fair credit to Dy whom had planted the "get yer fingers mingingly filthy" seed some 3 years ago but never did I revel in the mystery until today. Plus, she has taught me some ACE techniques over the years (after all, she is Senior Educator for Ranger, Europe) but I see Dy as more my friend than mentor. She does her thang, I do my thang....yadder yadder yadder.

Whats weird is that Ive seen Tim in action a ton of times before at CHA, Stitches, NEC and on TV. But today, at Art from the Heart, he demo-ed 3 intimate sessions with 25 gob dropped crafters who left on a creating high. And I just wanted to get all diiiiiiiiiiirty too. So I went and did some damage on my mothers credit card (thanks Momma!) for my birthday present and I'm sat here at home, surrounded by Rangertastic goodies to hopefully make something spectacular when the hands feel they can quantify a good beating.

The day was surrounded by cuppy cakeys, ink, teas, coffees, pizzas, ink, lovely people, ink, grungeboard, dabbers, distress stuff and more ink. I met new freinds (Sue for starters - hello Sue!) and old friends (Sue, another Sue but an old friend Sue - the Pasta Sue!), good friends, sworn enemies and would be lovers....did I really just type that? Heeeeeeee! But serioulsy, I met some great people whose crafting spirit had evolved into a new love. I spent the entire afternoon (between sessions) talking to people and getting involved, setting the world to rights, talking about the dog and belle and life. I just wish I lived nearer to Dy's shop coz she has the best chatty customers ever. Jane and I couldn't help but go around the shop and paw over all the 7 gypo's stuff as well as the entire TH range as we mingled and got mangled amongst really happy customers - why did today have to be over so soon?

I got back home to a very excited pooch, a little lady who needed a love and gratefully received a foot massage from "his nibs" even though Id been standing on my size fours all day and were sniffing a bit wiffy.

Here are the pics from the day and to add rather hastily, TH news CHA 2009 release stamps will be in at Dy's shop next week. She is the first to get them (before any US shops I hasten to add) but they are in limted quantity. The samples below depict some of the new range and even I am a little bit excited!

How bloody brilliant is all this?
This is actually machine stitched grunge paper, embossed through a cuttlebug and dabbed and a quilt. FABULOUS!
Another look at that brilliant layout!
Oh yeah, in my mouth and on my thighs!
Paul is such a sweetheart...secretly I love him more than Tim!
Jane is my non lesbonic love of my life :)

And finally Ben.... you need to master digi photography my love. But I loves these all the same :)

Don't forget, I'm still putting out a call to collect greetings cards for Squaddies out in Afghanistan. I am thoroughly overwhelmed by the emails pouring in but will not stop until I have received sack loads! Those poor sods out there deserve some love! (see post from two days ago for more details)

**new samples are up on my new blog :)**


Jo Austin said...

Great .. love all the pics. It loks like you had a fantabulous day!

Great for the cards for the troops too... I did it last year. Actually, they love to get the Get Well cards too. These are given to the injured lads and lassies out there.

I do a bit of stuff for the support our soldiers charity. Have you heard of that? Why not get involved. Email me for more details if you'd like.

Love Jo x

Kerry said...

I've heard people talk about him before but not being an ink and paint sort of girl I didn't know who he was. Veeerrrryyy talented is my first impression. Those piccies are fab.

Paul B said...

WooHoo Great to see you again Kirsty! - Glad that you came away from the day feeling inspired. Will we be seeing inky grungy cards on this blog soon?

BTW Love the header you did for Dys blog :)

Take Care

Paul xx

Vicki said...

I {HEART} grungeboard!! Swoooooon!

Ed said...

Wow - can't think of anything better, a good day crafting and watching Tim Holtz to boot..I watched him at the NEC a few years ago - amazing how he makes everything look so easy....

Angela W said...

I love the quilted grunge paper! I tried to become a follower on your Patti blog, but it didn't offer that option. I will keep trying it though!

cannycrafter said...

Had a fab day, enjoyed it all and could have done more damage on the credit card!!!!!! Tim is just fab! Great to see you, love Caroline x

Jo E said...

Currently watching Ross Kemp and I can't help but think there must be more we can do. Don't get me wrong Kirsty. I am very, very, very happy to make some cards but is there more we can do? If so count me in hon!

Terrie B x said...

OMG!!!!This is serious crafting this is..Is that cardboard I see there Kirsty!!!
I loves it all...glad you all had a fabulous Day:)~X~
You all look Fantabulously fandbidozie there!!!

MARION said...

What a fantastic day Kirsty!!! I wish I lived closer, all that ink AND cupcakes, does it get any better???
Hugs xx

Alison5 said...

It was nice to see you again Kirsty. Meeting up some time for a scrapping session would be great. Look forward to it.

As for the one to one photography now that's tempting.

See you soon.


Sue Abbott said...

Yeah, wasn't it fantastic Kirsty. Dyan never fails to inbspire me and with the added bonus ot Tim with all the new goodies, what more can a girl want? Would have liked more time to catch up with you, but hope to meet up at Art Fom The Heart again sometime soon now I have more time.........

'Pasta Sue'

Jozza said...

Hells bells that grunge paper looks faberoonie! Looks like you had a fab time and you also got to see his Timness too! Jealous moi? Oh yes! lol

Anne E said...

I am green with envy, not only did you get to see Tim in action - while I had to work, you've seen him more than once and all I have is a DVD :-(

Never mind one day....

Love Anne E x

Mooneybeams said...

I love the inky stuff and I also love my long clean nails. My secret is those thin medical rubber gloves. You can get a whole box full in Superdrug for a couple of quid and you're sorted!


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