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6 Feb 2009

Heart attacks, brown paper bag moments

I have no time to blog properly today because I have been salvaging what is left of my PC - I think the little bugger was about to blow! My fave external hard drive lost 5 folders which I am heartbroken about and Im having to rely on my half dead Mac to get me by. The blood drained from my face when I saw system corruption file on a reboot of the machine. The feeling is worse than losing a limb. Ive spent the best part of 3 hours tinkering on my PC whilst surfing on half dead mac for the solutions. Then when I sort of repaired it, I grabbed my spare external hard drive and backed the whole frigging lot up.
My heart has never raced so much in all my life - the thought of losing almost 10,000 photos and files and music nearly finished me off. So now, when I get some more spare cash (hmmmmm, yeah right) Im going to buy another external hard drive (cheap as chips here) so I can have double back ups. I still feel sick, completely sick. All my photos be it of Belle, the dog, Mark and the fam or just a small memory from a day out are very very special to me.
**sighs of huge relief**
Im going to leave you with a sneak of a paper range from my new CD of printables due out in two weeks. You will, at first, see it being sold on my website and then slowly as it filters into shops (perhaps make it a down load but its a hwopping 450MB!) and then (if it passes quality control - QVC!... woooooot!)
This range is called Sunybrooke Orchard and has a vintagey feel to it. With over 160 papers, 5 templates, 80 cut outs and motifs there is no end to the mix and matchability of these card making delights :)Going to sleep like a baby now that I have backed up my precious files....... Hearts still beating like a bloody athlete though!


Deanne said...

oh bless you honey, exactly the same happened to us here with the laptop, thankfully we bought a harddrive a few months before,but then after all the transferring I still lost a couple of valuable files :( your heart does literally sink doesnt it :(
Get that harddrive honey, ours was about £50, and the best fifty quid we've ever spent :)

Your papers are gorgeous, I love the and sooooooo cannot wait to purchase and work with them x

Anonymous said...

Your new paper range is lovely Kirsty. Good luck with the launch.


Jenni Hamilton said...

Love the sneak look at your new range, looking forward to seeing what else is coming. Best of luck with the launch.
Jenni x

amber jane said...

Oh My - I have been there hun there is nothing more heart wrenching in computer terms than the thought of loosing all those pictures.
CJ Backed up all my file last night ( he is my saviour when it comes to these things) Hope you get everything back. xxx

Kate said...

Glad you sorted the pc out, our e-mail is playing up at the moment and I'm in a panic in case our identity has been stolen!! You get this kind of feeling in the pit of your stomach.

The papers look exciting. I've never used printables for cardmaking so I hope you have lots of ideas and samples to tempt me with!

SueK said...

Lost my old pc's hardrive three years ago (no backup) broke my heart so I know exactly how you feel. Good luck with the cd, like the look just my cup of tea, better get my credit card polished up(again).


Terrie B x said...

Oh No!!!!I`v done the very same thing..I did it with me blog the other week!!!!
Your CD`s are gonna be `deilicious`...
Have a lovely Day tommorra `sweet cheeks`:)~X~

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Been there done that on the dead puter front hun! It's a bummer ain't it?

I do back up now as it taught me a lesson.

Ooh, fab new papers btw.

Happy birthday for tomorrow chick!

Anonymous said...

You are tempting me missus. Cant wait till the launch :)

Brodders said...

By the way I am 17.51 (doh !!!!)

Helena said...

Gosh, yes, thanks for the reminder. After my pc went ping a few years ago (ping = billowing smoke and making a loud screechy noise so we shut it all down, left it three days, opened it up again and it couldn't find the hard drive at all) you'd think I'd have learnt my lesson and backed everything up., I still haven't. Consider me reprimanded. I shall see to it as soon as I can.

Gorgeous paper designs there, by the way. I love the vintagey, muted feel. Yum!!


Sharon said...

Fab sneek at the new range. Love it. Can't wait to see the true thing. Best wishes for a lovely weekend! Happy birthday for tomorrow. Have fun sweetie x x

Kim said...

Oh they look lush, I shall deffo be having one of those...

weewiccababe said...

if you'd shown me those 6 months ago I would have wrinkled up my nose and mumbled something about never using that kinda papers.... however, my tastes have changed drastically and I find myself coveting papers I never would have before, in my dark and distant paper-snobby days.
in other words.... I love it

twinkletoe said...

My spare portable hard drive just died recently and it was only 18 months old. Luckily my computer was still good so I bought another portable and have saved everything again. So I agree - a double back up is a good idea.

witchypoo said...

I can really sympathise with you being afraid of losing all !!!
I was watching the news last night, where here in Victoria we have had the worst bushfire tragedy in Australia's history. People had 3 minutes to get out, and when they did get out they were burnt to death in their cars on the road of escape !
When I saw this I thought, how would I get all my photo's out in 3minutes, I wouldn't even have time to catch the cat !
I was thinking the only way I could truly secure my photo's is to upload them to 4Shared or Photobucket, or somewhere out there in cyberscape !
I could buy a new computer in time, but I could never replace all those memories, or all that work, but to have my life, and my photos out in cyberspace I could go on !!

Angela W said...

I love those papers, esp the cherry one! an't wait to get my hands on it!


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