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23 Feb 2009

Doggy Loves

Ugh, my dog loves my brothers dog.
Like - REAAAAALLY loves him.
They are both boys and have been in a fit of snoggy doggy all day.
Im not sure I can cope with this oddness but one thing is for sure - gay boys are great to go shopping with and so Eddy and I shall shop in style from now on.
Lots of people wouldn't tolerate this behaviour but so what, they are only pooches. Plus it wont stop us from studding Eddy out as he has such a great temperament, providing of course he can do the biz when it comes to it... he he heeeeeeeeeee. Little minx.

When my bro came over this morning they brought my sweet belle back who I have not had in my arms for 5 whole days. Boo hoo. My little angel was swept up in my arms for smooches and hugs before she devoured a bacon butty and a grand old cup of home brewed coffee. Then when the boys had gone off to football to watch Liverpool v Ma n City - Kerry, Belle, myself and the dogs went for a good old sunday walk. It was a gorgeously mild day and we hoped it would settle those two doggy lovers out or perhaps cool them down. They were so good being fussed by my dog walking friends - Eddy is quite the star when we go for walks. And Ozzy became a star too. But Ozzy lost his gold certificate the moment he found a pile of horse manure and decided to
a: Roll in it
b: Eat itWhat is wrong with our dogs?
Then Kerry went and picked him up to tell him off and she was covered in horsey plop too. Ozzy must have passed 4 or 5 horsey droppings and every time he did, he rolled in it and ate it. And they came to the park in MY car. UGH! It was vom worthy and not pleasant but slightly funny. Needless to say they both got a hosing down when we got home and not long after, they were at it again. Those doggies need some female companions and quick! He he heeeeeeeeee.

Belle and I, pardners in crime..... best buds. Missed her so much :(
Kerry takes a leap with the sex mad dogs. Eddy looking at me for reassurance and thinking "Momma, this scarey flying woman might make me turn heterosexual - save me!"
Belles hands got cold so I kissed them warm. I had no idea Kerry had zoomed in on that moment (and my roots that clearly need retouching!)I know you cant see faces but I love this picture of us three.The views on our walk, we spent 2 hours mooching and chatting and laughing.
We rounded off the day with home made pate, pizza and left over chocolate torte from last night. I had to say farewell to my bro as he is off to some far flung posting near Qatar for a few months, so I was a little sad.

Just finishing off saving all my data from one nearly corrupt hard drive to new hard drive and for a few hours, I thought id lost all my photos from 2004 to the present day. Thats a huge 94,000 pictures I will have you know. Luck was on my side and I promised to the great heavens that if they could save these pictures, Id never moan again.

Yeeeeks...will try my best.


Dawny P said...

Not sure if this will make it any less vom worthy chick, but dogs love horse poo cos it's so sweet!! Now before you think 'oh please god, she doesn't eat it as well' and then want to up-chuck even more, I must stress that I have never ever ever done that. I cannot stress that bit enough!!!!, Although I will admit that when I worked at a yard, we all used to stand in the big pile of horsey doo-doos when it was cold cos it warms yer feet up a treat (natch with boots on!!)

No, the reason it is sweet is cos horses eat sugar beet and what goes in will also come out in some way shape or form (puke bluh!!). So that's how I know it's sweet. And a friend of mine who is a horse vet confirmed it to me once.
I am a hive of information - most of it useless!!!

Enjoy your brekkie chick xxxx

Vicki said...

Now Kirsty - horse poo is fine! Mine likes fox and badger poo and let me tell you - I will take the horse any day of the week!! LOL! The things our furry friends do!!

Helena said...

I was told male dogs do this to impress the girls!! Seriously! It's meant to show their prowess if they bonk each other! Can you imagine if that applied to humans???

Eating horse poo- yugh!!!!

Lovely snap of you warming her hands ahhhh....

Jo Austin said...

LOL at Dawny P.. you both make me chuckle till me belly wobbles (which incidentally doesn't take much - although more than it used to a few months ago! mmm... )

Anyway, had a chuckle this morning at your poop post.. horsey poo.. doggy poo.. eating..

I told ya the other day it usually means they're missing a bit of something in their diet.. follow ze instruckshons ant zer woofers wilt be sortid!

Loves me!

Jo Austin said...

...... and bonkin... well, it can be a sign of dominance.. trying to show the other who's de gaffer!

Also, hormones are raging when they haven't been de-balled.. nothing to worry about.. just thought I'd mention it.

Love Jo ... doggy advisor to the stars.. (aka Miss KW!)

Rach said...

Just wait, all he needs is 1 chance to get his wicked way with a lady and that'll be it, he'll walk around on 5 legs - ha ha ha!

Ewwww and 1 of my dogs eats dog poop (OMG I want to throw up), you have to race out there to beat him to it - clean it up before it gets scoffed (heave puke bleah). Oh and you definitely DON'T let him lick you - or burp near you - you can't tell if it's a burp or a fart :P

Hmmmm - hope you aren't eating right now!


Anonymous said...

So glad I don't have a dog!


Kay said...

"Never moan again" seems a bit extreme - do we get to hold you to that? but I'm glad you got your pictures back. Your sad story inspired (scared) me in to adding a EHD to my shopping list though, so some good came out of it!

Lynda said...

Think we all have a dog and poo moment to share. Our dog once ate the entire contents of my little bro's potty before we had time to empty it. He stood up and the dog went in - no messing gone in one gulp. Wot is it with them pooches lol. Hope ya dizziness has subsided Kirsty xxxxx

Lisa Hemmings said...

Loved the pictures from your walk!
So natural and so beautiful.
Dogs are strange - my dog eats horse manure too!! I have to grab it back out of his mouth before he swallows it - Yuk! not one of my better jobs...
Luv Lisa x


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