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27 Feb 2009

Dear Mark

You know how much I never really ask for anything and often go without. I usually scrape together my own money to buy my own things often selling old stuff to pay for new stuff. Well this plea is to make up for those times when I suffered the hardships of passing a bargain.
Below you will find three items of clothing I found at an America apparel shop and I simply have to have these babies to fit in my wardrobe. They wont ever date and should you feel generous and kind, let it be known that these clothes are timeless meaning they wont date which also means I wont harass you for a long while; for new clothes.

This grey cardi has a ruffled skirt thingy attached to it - so its like two for the price of one.
This will be great for casual or dress-up-to-take-me-out-somewhere lish
And this cos I just loves it
If you do want to buy me them, do it in code over dinner tonight (ie when you serve me dinner with a little love message saying "yes darling, go ahead and buy" whilst I put my feet up with laptop by my side to make the speedy purchase - he he heeeeeee).
I'll give you my last chocolate Rolo of you do.
Kirsty x
PS: The postage is quite steep but Im sure that you will remember in our marriage vows we betrothed "cost knows no bounds where love is concerned".


Lisa Hemmings said...

Love it!
That should do the trick. Why wouldn't he say yes?
I mean.... you are soooooo worth it xx

Kate said...

Just buy them!!! I love the cape!!!

Terebene said...

I wish our vows had contained "costs knows no bounds"! Why didn't I think of that??

cannycrafter said...

They look great, now which site would that be???????? Caroline x

weewiccababe said...

good luck Kirsty

Angela W said...

You are so silly, Kirsty! Great choices though! I also love the cape! Where is it?

angie's blogspot said...

right you tell that Mark to but them for you right now, cos you deserves em and if he don't then he'll have me to deal with lol. good luck chick, by the way there is an american apparel dhop opened in manchester on market st.

Vicki said...

ROFL!! How can he resist?

Anonymous said...

Hope it works Kirsty!!
And wouldn't mind those myself - gorgeous.
Good Luck!!


Kathy said...

I love them all Kirsty...especially the grey one on the last picture. Can you spill and tell us where they are from??

Houston said...

I seem to remember those vows being spoken at our wedding too! Hope you get a little love note because that last one is quite nice!

Beckie Dreyer said...

You are just to funny! Maybe I should try this approch!

manicstamper said... them all.
Just need to teach my hubby to use a computer!!!

Savannah Brentnall said...

How about some links, please? :) Those three are so cute, I may have to buy them myself. Where did you find them?

Patricia8 said...

Seriously - you need to tell us where you saw these, its not fair to tease - after you've ordered yours of course! - and because of your video I have ordered the Studio Calico kit for the first time, yeah!

Kim said...

Teee hee, did it work.....

Melissa said...

Please tell me where you found them. They are adorable!

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