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20 Feb 2009

Coupla things.....

before I try and sleep this dizziness off (well after watching Greys anyway and even then after Ive downed a dihydrocodeine and two paracetamols with a pint of ribena):
  • Patti Picklicious blog has been updated :)
  • Can't believe Mark has forced me to watch almost 15 hours of cricket and even then, we bloody drew in the end. I actch got quite excited at one point but then one of the bowlers is a bit fit (not Flintoff, ugh...gone off him). Mmmm, those white trousers..........he he heeeee
  • Tomorrow is Friday. Fridays are officially fabulous.
  • Gots me a twitter feed (look left). As I work on this damn machine all day long, I thought Id twitter (like erm, Boris Johnson) and try it out for a week. Im also on Facebook where my twittering will help update that as well! Look me up if you want to nosey at my old school pics - Kirsty Kinroy Wiseman is my name :)
  • Got my Studio Calico kit but have lost my Mojo due to feeling ick.
  • Go and send some love to Dy here, she has had some very sad news :(
ciao xx


Patricia said...

Dihydrocodeine and two paracetamols with a pint of goodness girl you are always eating yummy stuff!


Get well soon!

Patricia8 said...

ok - so if you always cry during Greys - "An Honest Mistake" which was on US TV tonight - 18th Feb - will have you going through a box of tissues! - I wont spoil it but a man crying is always somehow really gut wrenching! Love a good cry myself!

Jan Connair said...

I don't even know what dihydrocodeine, paracetamol, and ribena are, but it sure sounds dire!

I've had vertigo for going on 3 days now. Doc gives me some such that are like horse tranquilizers and I then am not only lurching about dizzily, but also falling asleep at the drop of a hat. Ugh!

Rae said...

well hello Mrs. Wiseman! Hope you are feeling better today. I just noticed the lovely little note you left me (shows how neglected my blog has been!) anyhoo, if you are ever at a loose end for a cinema buddy count me in. Dave only like yukky boy films anyway! Blech! and whilst i'm on the subject of fims, roll on March...
MARLEY AND ME! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
feel better!xx

Rae said...

OH! and I almost forgot! many, many belated happy returns and all that.

and Radley rocks! :o)

Danielle said...

I just happened to stumble upon your blog and all I can say is thank you!!! I really enjoy all you have to say, in fact I think my children are feeling a little neglected...your digi scrap designs are beautiful!

Brook said...

I am so sorry you are feeling puney! My ear drum ruptured Thursday night and I too am feeling extreemly yucky! I am a big fan of Vicodine.

Anonymous said...

dihydrocodeine rocks-you lucky thang! X

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