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7 Feb 2009

A celebratory chicken

Nothing was going to stop me having a beautiful day today after lasts night "I lost almost all my life" PC meltdown.
So the reward to myself for not spontaneously combusting from stress?
Well both Dyan and I bought a whole cooked chicken EACH - and set about scoffing the lot...EACH!.
Happiness is:
One whole extra tasty chicken
One bowl
One fork
One heartburn
One heart attack
One happy personage.
As I have been publicly denounced that I am obese this week, I was somewhat relieved because I seriously thought I was anorexic up until that point....thanks!
PS: In the end, I ate a balanced amount of chicken as I only scoffed the skin and half a breast (half fat/half healthy).
PPS: Its my 38th birthday in exactly one hour and 4 minutes............ Happy YipSkip Ick Vee.


Anonymous said...

Its official your birthday ; So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! JOANNE

weewiccababe said...

12 minutes in....
happy birthday to you
squashed tomatoes and stew
you look like a monkey
and you live in the zoo
j/k have a great day Kirsty

Dylan said...

woop, woop its your birthday!!! Only three quarters of the chicken left to go. Love ya sweet cheeks xxx

Jozza said...

Happy birthday!

Terrie B x said...

`Happy B`day` oh Loverly one:)~X~

Deanne said...

have a wonderful birthday honey, you deserve too :)
hugs and chocolate :) xxx

Patricia said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty!
Have a beautiful day! Eat chicken. Eat cake. Worry about it tomorrow! ;-)

twinkletoe said...

Happy Birthday Pretty Lady!! You look FAB!

Zoe said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! Eat lots of cake and have fun x

Rach said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty. You really do look fab. x

Vicki said...

Happy birthday Kirsty! Was the chicken your birthday cake? ROFL!
Hope you have a FAB day!

jo said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty xx

karen said...

Happy birthday Kirsty, have a good one!
karen x

Jenni Hamilton said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Jenni x

Taniwha said...

Happy birthday my little chicken! Hope you have a great day and scoff a whole packet of Jaffa cakes to yourself ;)

Jo said...

Happy Birthday :)

Hope you're having a great day.

Amelie said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kirsty!

A most brilliant time of year to have a birthday me thinks....mmmmmm wonder why????? Oh Um SNAP tommorrow!!!!

Have a great day
Love Kat

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,chick...I hate it that youre younger than me.. :)
Lulubelle x

Jaime120899 said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you're having a fab day!!

Love from the Partridge Family

(Hugs to Belle too)

Hullabaloo said...

Happpy Birthday to you!!
(Funny how you have to sing that as you type isn't it??)
Hope you have an utterly splendiferous day!

Sue said...

Have a wonderful birthday honey :D :D
Lots of Love xxx

Jo E said...

Oooooo. Happy birthday to you! Have a spontabulous day.

cannycrafter said...

Happy birthday to you! Glad to see you had a great time!!! XX

No cottage Jet! said...

Happy birthday Kirsty and enjoy your special day!!


Henriëtte KB

Kerry said...

That is a fab photo. Me thinks you probably have a scarf covered in chicken fat LOL.

Hope you had a good day.

Speak to you soon. Got that meeting today I mentioned last week.

Kiki said...

AWWWW, Happy Birthday !!!
Love ya x

Angela W said...

I hope you had a great birthday! If I had been on here yesterday, I wouldn't be late with the birthday wishes!

Jackie said...

Belated Happy Birthday Kirsty :) Glad you enjoyed your chicken LOL

mel_h said...

happy happy belated birthday kirsty! lemme tell you, i am not keen on the big 40 as well.. just sounds waaaay too old. and the chicken, brilliant idea! usually, my best friend and i do the 'do you want chocolate with your wine?' thing when life gets too much. i think we shall amend to 'do you want roast chicken and chocolate with your wine?' LOL!
hope you had a FAAAAB day!
much love,
mel xxxxxxx


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