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10 Feb 2009

2 years too close to 40 - long post, may induce sleep

Aye, aye, ayeeeeeeeeeee.
Im two years closer to the big 4-0.
I don't want to be forty, I will try to remain forever in my 30's (with the help of lots of moisturiser, of course and few fibs on my CV).

So - Saturday:
Twas spent at Craftwork cards. The women there make me howl with laughter - I often don't feel like I am working when there is so much fun conversation going on. I used Sue's shimmery collection to make these pretty mini pizza boxes, the sliding widget card (Thanks to Monica's inspirational tutorial HERE) and a surprise wobbly flowers gift box.
You can watch this quick demo of the card in action here but I do not talk because I was shy for about 4 minutes - which is a first...mwahahahahhaha!
This box concealed a little wobbling flower which made everybody giggle - maybe they were thinking rude things like me!
This is the pizza box and card combo:

There is not much scrapping going on at these workshops but I think the girls are open to mini photo projects which might ease them into the big old bad world of the scrapper. I'm there again on the 7th March if you are at a loose end (its in south Leeds, near Stourton).

I woke up to a cup of tea from Dy, which was lovely but I can't drink tea that early (much to her disgust) but the thought was appreciated all the same.
We got to the studio for 9.20 to round up some odds and sods before my class started at 10.
As if my PC issues on Thurs/Fri were not enough, they were actually enough to prevent me from printing out the class papers in full until Dy had gone to get me a new cartridge. My Mac had died from lack of energy (plus I didn't bring my charger) which meant I had to load my printer on to Dy's laptop also feeding the images I had desperately salvaged to go with it which meant I didn't have a second to stop and think about it being my birthday for some time.
As I taught the workshop, each project had to be done in "bit" form and not until the last minute did they all come together. It was such a palaver, to a certain extent and fortch I had very understanding and very good fun students with the patience of angels. We used all my printables which the girls ooh'ed and ahhhh'ed over; I was grateful for that response as you do worry about other peoples expectations. Again we made the spinny card and mini pizza boxes with a layout and some more cards and a suprise box gift (you get 5 hours of goodies at Dy's workshop!) See how the flower shifts from side to side?
I couldn't even sell any CD's as they are 2 weeks away from coming off production however I will be demonstrating them at the Harrogate show on 28/29th March so look out for more on that laters. But I actually might have them on sale next week.
**I cant believe the 3 months its taken to make all those images and brand the packaging with all my love and devotion whilst trying to fit Christmas and CHA in amongst other commitments along the way (which, as you know - I almost lost all tha data last Friday which just about saw me dead).**
The girls were so much fun to be around and then at about 2pm Dy comes out with little cuppy cakeys with candles on them and everyone sang Happy Birthday - yummy...thank you :) Also Dy had bought me a beautiful bunch of roses and lilies which are currently residing on my sideboard and looking very springful :) Im at Dy's again on the 7th March and its a class you won' want to miss. Im doing a textured canvas (held up by a huge, funky peg) which will look elegant in any room as we are using mono chromatics. I think a sneak of that will be ready by Thursday :) Im even creating a beautiful paper which can be printed to compliment it.
I had to leave as soon as the classes dispersed as I had one excited little lady at home wanting to make a fuss of my birthday celebrations plus my bro and sis in law had stopped by to enjoy a yum lasagna that Mark had prepared.
Belle bought me the best present ever; these lovely funky heart earrings with the most subtle wee diamonds set in the erm, septum?! LOL My in laws had bought me a cooks blow torch which I have been hankering after for moons and moons. Perfecto for creme brulees and singeing hairs on arms, hands and faces. Plus I gots some beautiful tulips from them too. I was thoroughly spoiled :)
Marks gift to me was giving me £100 to spend when I went to CHA which was spent in Target and the duty free ;) I even came home with spare dollars which will come in handy as we **might** have to go out to the USA again with Belle. I also got these babies too........ I do love my shoes. Shoes fit no matter if you are porky or slinky........ shoes rule.
Mark bought me a cake but we didn't have the fanfare of candles in this house (bah humbug) but everyone sang Happy Birthday and we tucked in.
I love this pic of belle with lasagna all around her chops!

I ate so much sugar that it was no wonder I was buzzing! Then when I checked my emails I had gazillions of well wishes from facebook buddies and blog readers alike. Honest to blog, it was overwhelming - Thank you xx

All in all it was a super duper weekend even if I did turn a year older. Not counting down the days until the next one - I'll just let that bugger creep up on me!

Monday was spent catching up and coming down. Belle was off sick from school (and believe me, I know when that kid is faking it because there was no way she would miss food tech classes on a monday) Little love vegged on the sofa watching all sorts of kiddy brain mushing crap. I had some digi work to continue with which meant i could sit in the lounge with the dog on my half dead mac. He is such a good companion with very little needs except for a good old walk once a day and lots of love. He spent minutes with me and minutes with Ellie all throughout the day.... he was spoiled for choice on the loves and he couldn't make his mind up on who he wanted attention from the most. I secretly hoped he would pick me for the whole day but also loved that he shared his gaseous backside with Ellie too.

Today I went into domestic overdrive. I feel really guilty about slacking in the house recently because of the tight schedule of making up the CD. Ive neglected the cooking and some cleaning which Mark remarked upon the other day. So yes, it was totally a guilty conscience that set the domesticity on. So I went shopping for ingredients to make a roast chicken dinner tonight (check out Ellies cabbage face made with a savoy leaf and carrot peelings). She did this to cheer me up as I try to manage 4 gas rings, an oven and a steamer without spontaneously combusting!and a Chocolate velvet torte (TO DIE FOR!). The recipe is here and you will be pleased to know I didn't burn it (like I did the Yorkshire puddings) because there is no baking involved. You have to try this recipe and when you do, buy Tesco or Sainsburys own BASIC dark chocolate at 25p a bar because you would never know that you didn't use proper cooking chocolate. I, ahem, may have slipped with the brandy too ;) Plus the chill time for mine was only two hours and it was perfect.
If you are tee total, switch the brandy for 2 tbs of liquid coffee. Im feeling so wifey that I did the 50's thing and tonight I shall go to bed guilt free because there is enough pud left for 2 more nights; that is, of course if Mark doesn't troff the lot tomorrow for his lunch pack up.

Whilst eating our dinner we watched Doctors and Nurses at War. Why did I do that? It was all blood and gore and it made me feel sick. Not because of the blood and gore but because of what the poor bloody soldiers are going through in Afghanistan. Its still driving me mad that it all goes on without anyone giving a hoot and instead, complaining about the credit crunch. We are all going through money worries (including marks work again and who all have had to take a pay decrease :() but when you see the state of what those men and women are going through, it beggars belief. I commented last week that if you are game and if you are that way inclined, perhaps some of you may know someone who may consider joining up to serve shoulder to shoulder with those guys; as now is a good time to join up. It got misinterpreted on the way by one person claiming that I was basically condoning people to join up and become cannon fodder. It riled me because that goes to show that these people have no respect for the guys already out there doing their job - and doing it well.

My friend Steph has her husband out there in one of the worst parts of Afghanistan and I admire her patience and fear whilst he is away. Whilst I complain about being publicly slated for anything I say or do - its nothing compared to what she gets on the US version of "that blog". Women on there treat her pretty bad and even wish her husband dead. All i can say is that I am grateful that communication isn't like that over here, yet. Can you imagine that, though? It makes me want to vomit.

In light of that and in light of what she has arranged for her husbands company I would like to extend to some of you readers an invitation to make blank greetings cards to send to our own soldiers so that they can send them on to their loved ones. The soldiers out there have no access to shops to buy such things and if you get a moment or two - would you be able to send me some blank birthday and "love you" cards plus any suitable greetings so that they can be dispersed amongst those lonely hearted soldiers to forward on to there loved ones? My sister and brother have great connections to get your cards posted out in bulk (as they are both serving right now) so your donation will get to some deserving squaddy who would love to send something pretty to his miss/mrs/even mr!!!! When my husband served in the first gulf war, he would have LOVED this kind of thing - so lets make it happen. I know lots of other groups who collect cards for certain Batallions/Squadrons so with that in mind Ill check with my sister to see if there are any corps that are lacking from donations. Email me for my address and before you post it to me, you might want to take a picture (and mail me that too) which I promise to share on my blog to help with the effort **ETA - thanks to Max for reminding me about a cut off time - perhaps End of April to get them to me, please?** Everyone who donates a card will go into a prize draw to win something scrappy/carfty lishus :)

**Tomorrow I have more sneakers of my new CD and the link to my new PP blog :) ...... I can't believe it's all finally happening :)**


Max said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfully, madcap and busy birthday weekend.
By the way ... hitting 40 doesn't hurt LOL!


Helena said...

Don't worry about 40.
I didn't think I would dread it at all, but as soon as I turned 39 I felt like a big pendulum was swinging above my head all year.

But REALLY,TRULY, once you turn 40 it's fine- it's the getting there, the seeing it coming, that's the bit that can get you. SO don't worry, cos you'll be worrying about nothing if you do.

I turned 41 last November- and it's fine! I feel better now it's out the way, to be honest!!

Good idea with the cards for the Gulf. I have a card or two already that I could pass on to you, and I'm sure I could make a few more. I'll email you some pic's.

When my brother was out in the first Gulf war he wrote lots and lots. He drew lots of pictures of camels on the paper too. LOL! I kept his letters. But yes, come to think of it, most of them are written on scraps of paper, the back of wrapping paper or paper pads that have advertising on- so even writing paper was hard to get!! So cards must be very rare!!

Loved those shoes. Love the chocolate torte more!!

Hope Eddy is ok- just read about his hernia in CB mag!

Brenda Hurd said...

sounds like a fabulous Birthday - i wish i had the ability to tell stories like you - such detail - i hang on to every word! Cute earings and projects - can't wait to see more of your CD!!

brokeshopaholic said...

Happy Birthday! I have been reading your blog only for a short time, but I love your wit, your artistic flair, your sharing of your story with Bella and family. I always leave with a smile on my face. Cheers!

Malonie Blue said...

Hi Kirsty
I have been a bit busy but wanted to touch base again, and say happy birthday, and that 40 is great! I am 42 and feel like my life is just beginning!!
By the way in reference to a previous post (probably heaps of posts ago now) I want you to know that that daughter of yours is more than perfect, just the way she is, as are you guys as parents. Love her and cherish every moment you have with are a wonderful family, that is obvious and exudes through cyberspace to me and everyone else who may read your blog..

weewiccababe said...

sounds like a plan - just let me know where to send the cards and I'll get some done asap.

glad you had a good birthday

and I was in the RAF when the first Gulf War kicked off, we were going to be shipped out to Cyprus as admin and stretcher bearers but in the end it didn't happen. And if I was fit for it now I would join up in the blink of an eye. Those guys and girls out there deserve so much more respect than they get

Anonymous said...

Kirsty - I 'm just a smidgen older than you (my bday was Dec) so thanks for making me realise how near to 40 I am! But I'm not that bothered - would hate to be 21 again - my figure isn't up to going out dressed in your underwear and the boys are so ugly (all that long greasy hair and baggy pants - ugh!)!!!!
Sorry I didn't come on to wish you happy birthday - was busy crafting!!!!!!
My nephew joins up next week (REME) so you're campaign is perfect timing - I feel so helpless and though I don't agree with war (but that's a whole other issue) I am filled with pride for his decision to join up but fear for what lies ahead for him - he's still a 'boy' at the moment but is about to become much more of a man than most of the one's I've ever met!
I will definately be sending you a whole bunch of cards (well, if they are going to such a good cause, then the stash shopping for these don't count - right?).
Please remind us all again nearer the time - and be ready to be inundated!
Take Care x
Karen Rel
Blog Stalker

Alison5 said...

Kirsty, So glad I was able to spend your birthday with you on Sunday It was a great class and such a good laugh. Thanks.

Alison (the one with the five kids)

Kerry said...

I'm a few months behind you LOL but I know exactly what you mean.

My mouth is watering at all those yummy food piccies.

It is looking like a no for the 7th March but I may see you at the show weekend.

anita said...

happy birthday!!
don't be so afraid of getting closer to 40, every year is a gift :)


Terrie B x said...

Lovely Post Kirsty...looks like you had a fab B`day chick...
Yaah `exited` for ya!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your Day:)~X~

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy belated birthday!

I will be turning 42 tomorrow (12th) and this decade is going to be soooooooo cool! :D

Vicki said...

Kirsty - loved reading your post today and seeing chocolate!!

I would love to send some cards for the boys in the Gulf - send me your address and consider it done! Hubby was in the navy for 11 years and I can confirm that I got some interesting "handmade cards" when he was deployed! I will make some 'specially this weekend! Vicki x

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday greetings - looks like you had a great day. Am well past 40, and believe me it really isn't all that bad!
Would love to make some cards(both hubby and little bro were forces), but can't email you to get an address.. My 'puter just tries to take me to a non existent account that I obviously don't own!!! Help!? Is there anywhere I can find your email addy written out in full?

Emma said...

Wow Kirsty sounds like you have one fantastic birthday and weekend.
Gorgeous pressies too.
Oh age is just a number says me who is sulking as I have reached 33 today...
Will email you re sending you some cards and also add a link on my blog to spread the word.
Will hopefully see you at Harrogate.
Emma x

amber jane said...

Looks like you had a fab time hunny - Happy birthday you mad lady xxxx

Taniwha said...

Awesome stuff Kirsty. OH & I were watching Ross Kemp the other night & I remarked to him that it was a PITA that there wasn't any way to send stuff to our troops like there is to the US troops. So I think this is fab, I'll send you a bunch of cards for sure!

Angela W said...

All the pics look great! Aww the chocolate cake looks totally scrumptious!!

strent said...

I just now found your blog, so I missed your birthday. Hope it was as fabulous as it sounds!!! I am loving the inspiration I feel pouring into me!!!

As to being 2 yrs too close to 40: I have been there (at 38) for 7 years now and it's not a bad age to hang out. It gets more expensive to bribe my daughter every year, but....

Made by Mandy said...

Have sent you an email Kirsty. Would love to make some cards for this appeal.

Paula's ponderings said...

Just spent the last hour giggling and laughing at your blog when in fact I should be Love your humour! I would be honoured to make a card or two and will contact you when they are done for posting info. My brother was in the Gulf in 91 and I know how much they all appreciated anything from home so they knew they were still here in our hearts. hey and listen 40 is the new 20! I know cos I am 50 soon and that is the new 30!!

Bella is lovely, I so loved her cabbage and carrot face and the valentines card. What a treasure she is!

Paula's ponderings said...

Just spent the last hour giggling and laughing at your blog when in fact I should be Love your humour! I would be honoured to make a card or two and will contact you when they are done for posting info. My brother was in the Gulf in 91 and I know how much they all appreciated anything from home so they knew they were still here in our hearts. hey and listen 40 is the new 20! I know cos I am 50 soon and that is the new 30!!

Bella is lovely, I so loved her cabbage and carrot face and the valentines card. What a treasure she is!

Anonymous said...

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