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2 Jan 2009

You wanna see something like nothing else?

Im a big big fan/supporter/lover of the kit club (need I mention it it..... Studio Calico) that I DT for.
Its super fly cool with exclusive stamps that you wont see anywhere else.
Its co-ordinated with such military precision and love - a crazy combo you would never see anywhere else in scrapdom, I believe.
They even wrap their kits in beautiful brown paper bags with custom stickers and even a sprinkling of TLC.
I gush about it because I want to/have the inner need to/I love them.
They don't pay or expect me to do this. They are not the kit club that reel in designers so that they will, in turn, join 40 forums to spread the word - I think the kit kind of does that for themselves, you know?
So when I saw this, just 10 minutes ago by Greg (Aprils delish hubby) I kind of freaked out.

Shouldn't all kit releases by showcased like this? Well, actually this is Gregs pick of the DT submissions for the Jan kit but I would love him to do this every month to share scrapdom just how gorge their product selections are - to the backing of U2 of course; U2 being legends in my mind, heart and soul.
And, you know, if you and a friend in the UK buy the kit together - they will ship it together. How thoughtful are they of shipping charges?

Pooch needs a walk, taking my iPod which is fully loaded with every U2 classic there is.

**edited to add**
A dear sweet girly freind of mine, the one and only Kerry Lynn Yeary has brought, to Etsy, some kits of her very own. This girl rocks Vintagedom - see how she has flourished over here


Jozza said...

ooh you are norty!!!

You already make me hanker after these kits and this makes me hanker even more. Sadly my bank balance says no *sob*


Roz said...

Ruddy hell that show is amazing, love how he put it all together, what a brilliant way to showcase everything.

Angela W said...

That is just awesome! I agree that he should do it every month, I love it! It brought tears to my eyes knowing he took his time and did this, and the way I feel for these kit club and the DT!

sharon said...

I totally agree..their kits are like receiving a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket..!!!!
Bringing a bit of ROCK to it...pure genius.

michele said...

Fab way to launch a kit and showcase the DT work! great music too! Although I haven't commented for a while I have been reading your posts...TY! wishing you all a fab 2009 hugs mx