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11 Jan 2009

A very splendid two days

One of my favvo things to do is travel and meet new people.
Especially people you meet and who make you feel good.
I never have any great expectations (therefore never disappointed!!!) but when something delightful happens - well, it is a buzz you wish you could bottle up and sell. It would be a best seller amongst elbow grease and stay awake ointment for the eyes.
So I goes to Melton Mowbray on Friday.
This is a place where imagine all its residents live in a pork pie and eat stilton cheese all day long. Imagine my surprise when I didn't even pass one crumb. But still, its a beautiful countryside and Ive never really been to Leicestershire before. On route Id gone from Lancashire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire - all in the space of two hours. I get to Melton Mowbray and do a little business. Namely the hard sell of my new product. Well, hardly hard sell because the support I have had with the whole shebang has been with the company all along because this idea was borne from buyers at QVC. Well, anyway - the client was just overwhelmed in a way that made me just feel good. I always have doubts about most of my work and not because I dont think its not good enough for but bad enough for some to be unpleasant about it. Ive experienced enough of that to believe that it happens but with this, I secretly had an inkling, hell - even felt a little optimistic to a certain extent.
The client kindly allowed our appointment to take place at her home as the time was convenient for us both plus she could send extra time with her little baby girl. Oh you dont know what it felt like, for me, to scoop that little angel up in my arms. She was hypnotic, I couldnt stop adoring her. And of course I got to feed her whilst the client and I chatted at full belt about the crafting industry/families/the price of fish - as you do. I pre-empted a photocall as a gift (some might say collusion but you know, if I had a photographer friends - Id expect photographs!!!). The light was failing if you can call January a time when you can expect light at all but still, a little shot or two came out to my delight.
I left Pork pie land at the break of evensong and travelled cross country (and I mean up one, dirt track lanes and often over boggy marshes) to get to Northamptonshire. Corby, in fact. Never been there and the only association with the word is a trouser press. I hate that men get the good shit in hotel rooms but still. I arrived at my friend Rosie's house in good time via a little M&S food stop/cafe - yum, decaff coffee to unwind from the cross country hike was a flipping god send. I was greeted by the usually zealous Rosie and her over excited dog, Maisie who clearly had the scent of eddy up her nostrils from 5 miles away. Then I got to meet her absolutely beautiful children.
To be honest, I connect better with children than I do adults, I don't know why. Im fascinated with their minds, cheek, humour, eagerness, friendliness and charm. Its like I need to consume their vivacious enthusiasm - its almost like I am a vampire and need to suck up that energy. However, Rosies family as a whole was a connection enough in itself. We went out for a meal to a local pub where Jacob delighted myself (but not my gag factor) with his contortionist abilities. That young boy can hold his hands behind his back and bring them from behind his head, over the top and in front of his body without unlocking his hands. Try it if you dare but be warned, you will be in Accident and Emergency if you do. I mean, this kind of freakish behaviour is a massive tick in my book and its a last resort career for Jacob in a circus if all else fails. The whole pub stood up and applauded; I only wish we had gone round with a hat for donations.
But you know, throughout the whole evening mixed with lots of laughter and chatting, one little lady was close by my side almost all night. Little Freya is an absolute diamond. Her lashes are to die for and her elfin features mimic my Ellie's so much - it felt like Ellie was with me so I didnt feel like I was missing Ellie in a way. Freya, in her childlike charm shared an absolute major secret within 1 hour of our meeting that I have to take to the grave with me. I think to be bestowed such information from a complete stranger is like being entrusted with top secret information in the highest order. Even though the secret is kind of personal, I couldn't help but spew the contents of my cup of tea over Rosies table when she announced this secret in front of her parents. It was endearing if not hilarious. I think that this was her way of letting me know that she was going to enjoy being my 24 hour friend.
Rosie and I chatted until 2am (an early night for me then) but I had come on with a cold and a glass of red wine (note: one glass!) had put paid to any minute longer. Plus, I was still trying to get over the fact that when I went to the loo earlier that night and went to pull my attire back to its original state, I dropped my thumb ring into the lavvy. Scruples, sentimental values and the vomit factor came into play and there was no argument on the matter - it had to be retrieved. Fortunately it was only a liquid visit but still, I had to wade through lavvy roll and erm, liquid to find the blasted thing. Luckily Rosie had bleach on the cloakroom and I scrubbed my hands and arms to within an inch of epidermis hell. Nice.
I woke up really late in the morning. I slept in jacobs boy-boy room... full of boy things and boyishness. It also had black out curtains. I had no idea of any daylight nor the time. I woke up when I heard a little noise. And if I hadn't, Id of been in bed all day. But my cold had taken hold and I was not feeling fizzy foo fa la. I went down to brunch and for 3 hours we sat around the table chatting and playing word games with the kids Granny went to market will always be a fave in our house let alone anyone else's house but ours consisted of some remarkable grasp of the english language. Starting with Freya, then me, then Rosie then Jacob - it went like this:

Granny went o market and she bought
an Apple
a Baboon
a Caterpillar
a Dronkey (you know - half donkey, half dragon from Shrek)
an Enormous Elephant
a Fart (tee hee, I couldnt resist and Freya giggled like crazy - for about an hour, at least)
a Galaxy
a Hairy old man
an Indian
a Jolly Hockey Stick
a Kangaroo
a Lighthouse
a Microscope
a Nincompoop
an Oscar Statue
a Pink Bra (tut tit, Jacob!)
a Queen
copyrights to the word Ridiculous
Santas Sleigh
Train track
Underpants (nice one, Freya)
Very Volatile Vesuvius
Wee Willy Winky
Xanthan Gum (random, Jacob!)
Yappetyyapety Yak
Zany Zebra on Zinc

Oh we did laugh for hours before I decided to get dressed and take photo before daylight ran out.

I managed to grab only a few good shots of the kids before Will and I talked editing and cool stuff about photography. He has an absolute perfect talent for taking photos that i was almost too ashamed to share my images. Then not long after I had to get back to my dudes to share with them my cold and a huge hugsvilles.

So now I must try and get back to sleep, breathe my germs all over Mark and see what Sunday brings. Hope it brings you sumptin lovely but if not - lick your screen now as Ive just sneezed some cold bacteria through my blog for you to enjoy. Im more than happy to share my miserable disease. No, really.


Malonie Blue said...

Kirsty, your photography is absolutely sublime, and those children are just radiant as well as perfect and gorgeous. I love hearing about what you get up to, you are my Sienfeld of blogging i.e you make stupid everyday things absolutely giggle-worthy! Thank you for brightening by bloggy existence.
Malonie x

Anonymous said...

I@ve said it once, and I'll say it again-please will you adopt me?
"fart"? masterful!
Lulubelle x

Rosie (Freycob) said...

I'd forgotten the bog/ring/hand incident hun! Good job it was a wee down there eh? HAHA!

As I said on my blog, the kids adored you. They connected in a way that was so lovely to see. Freya's confidence with you as she shared her secret, I have never seen before and am so glad that I was in the room to experience her trust in you.

The photographs you took are absolutely bloody fabulous and we both thank you so much for your gift.

I think you've given Will the kick up the bum to have confidence in his photographic skills in order to now take it further. So, for that I thank you. The electric guitar is now on the back burner having been overtaken by a speeding Nikon!!! Will let you know how he gets on on that front.

The fart word is still a source of amusement with Freya - cheers for that!

Just one point if I get your skaggy cold germs that you clearly brought to my house ...... I know where you live! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Luvs, xx

Terrie B x said...

Oh what a fab weekend youv`e had .You guys look like you had the best fun...The children are `beautiful`
Great photo`s Kirsty:)
Hope your soon feelin better:(

Lynn said...

You're too funny!! I once dropped my pager down the toilet in work ... had to tell a little fibby and say it fell into the sink coz I was too mortified to tell the truth!

Angela W said...

OMG! Beautiful pics of the kids! They are both cuties!

Anonymous said...

Kirsty those photos are breathtakingly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Kirsty those photos are breathtakingly beautiful.

lavenderjack said...

What gorgeous children so beautifully photographed. I know how you feel about the thumb ring - mine was a mobile phone in the back pocket of my jeans. It was never the same after that and even though I washed it (a lot), I still didn't like putting it near my ear! Oh, I'm a lurker by the way - you know, visit often, love your blog, comment rarely!

Nicole said...

Kirsty, I *heart* your photography and the way you write! and your blog background is stupendous!!!! It's so classy! :)

Hannah said...

The piccies of the kids are amazing, I too have had the pleasure of meeting Freya and find her enchanting and so gorgeous! He mum Rosie...........well.....she is pretty fab too!
Kirsty your posts are brilliant and I love popping back everyday to see what goes on next!
Hannah x

michele said...

Hi kirsty, sounds like an absolutly perfect time! even loosing the ring!! gorgeous photos of darling kids!Hope your feeling better hugs mx