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13 Jan 2009

Two not one - Two, dammit

Oh you do not know what a quandry I have got myself into choosing 1 person out of over 180 entrants to help make stuff my me new product. I started emailing everyone yesterday but I ha vent got the time to do anymore and that's just as bad a feeling. Please forgive me. Instead Ill be lame and just make a lil announcement here. I will eventually reply to each and everyone of the entrants of course but you know, January is a scarily busy time for me.

I ended up choosing two. Mainly because my heart told me to and my mother always said follow your heart. I feel I owe it to Momma. Momma knows best and all that.

For those who were not chosen by my choosing finger can I just say that its a rotten job to pick someone and not have everyone. But I think I will have some of the others do some guest work and then that seems fair - doesn't it or not?

Ive been on the receiving end of not being picked. Like Tracy Jones who never picked me to be on her netball team or being the last to be chosen for a game of hockey lest we forget that I was never chosen for the Prima DT last year - unforgivable. Ok, Im sure these girls (and gents) dont feel like that but you do start to question yourself and wonder just how you were not the chosen one. Well if it makes it any easier I had, out of 184 entrants, a lot of overseas entrants which I can't actually have. Thinking about it I should have stated that from the start. I need product turnaround really fast. So Im dead soz to those living o'the water. Out of the rest there were card makers stuff that was just peachy. Peachy is good but Kirsty wanted Peachy Melba's with lashings of whipped cream. I didnt really buut I could just bloody eat some of that right now. To be honest, it was a pleasure looking through galleries and blogs (and some without galleries and blogs which made it hard) and I made of list of ideas I want to steal and claim of my own from those galleries. Heee heeeeeeeeee! But time was chasing me so therefore I had to get my choosing finger to choose from the choices of many, many great card makers.

And so I chose my bestest choosing finger (my right hand index finger with little finger all crooked).

I chose Jo Kill and I chose Jozza :)

And for the rest of you, please blame my choosing finger if you were not picked :(


Kath said...

Congrats to Jo and Joz...well done girls.

sharon said...

Well done girlies..I will wait patiently....(not), to see your bootiful

Kerry said...

I have no idea what the competition was LOL but well done anyway to the two who were chosen.

Tip Top said...

OOOhhhh Jozza!!!!! Well done!! I will be stalking you now hehehehe!!!

Jozza said...

Wow wow wow!!!


I really really want to do a happy dance but am crippled with hideous period pain (and I feel like my ute might drop out if I over exert myself).

Thanks soooo much Kirsty I am soooo excited :o)


Rachel said...

OMG GO DCM girls GO!!!!!!! That is so fab and you won't be disappointed with their work Kirsty. And Jozza that is up there as one of the best acceptance speeches ever.....

Take the co-codomal and be done girl!! Lol


Gayle said...

Many cogratulations to both ladies, very well deserved!
A great choice by the poiny finger!
Gayle x

Kate said...

I'd have picked you for my netball team. (what the hoot is netball?)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Congrats to Jo and Jozza. What an impossibly difficult decision to have had to make.

Bekka said...

I am so glad you found your girlies - Congratualtions Jo and Joz

Looking forward to seeing the projects

Terrie B x said...

Wahhhhoooh `Congrats` to
Jo and Jozza!!!

Hope you having a fab Day and the little pooch is feeling better `sweet cheeks`:)~X~

Christi Snow said...

Congratulations, girls!!! I cannot wait to see what all you are doing... smiles!

Sam said...

wahhhhh I shall throw my self onto my sword....

just kidding, I ain't got one anyway- well done to Jo and Joz

Like the Murphys I'm not bitter

Tip Top said...

To J's eh?!! And you are a K..... Ladies in black.... or should that be red??!!

Juliet said...

Great choice Kirsty. Can't wait to see the products and projects.

Jo said...

WOW! I am so thrilled! Thank you for picking me :) It is just fantastic!

jo xxx

Anonymous said...

Sam, I have a sword...just in case you'd like to borrow

Lulubelle x


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