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30 Jan 2009

So, CHA...............

CHA was not almost all about the stash.
I mean it was but it wasn't.
Hanging out with Nic, Nic, Steph and Emily for most of the time was the funniest thing.
I know how annoying it can read sometimes when someone says they had a good laugh and giggle at a certain event, I mean its kind of expected that we had a few laughs - we were away from the boys for starters!
And honestly I am going to be annoying (whats new?).
All I did for 5 days solid was laugh my head off.
Im hoarse from talking and laughing and fooling around.
And then we got some time out with April and Scarlet of SC bossage who were closely shadowed by Lorie, Greg and Stephen. Everyone was so busy in that department but then running a huge kit company is a busy job.
Greg was constantly on video patrol, I had to watch my manners.
And language.
To see some of the videos go over here - but I warn you, they are gruesome close ups of us all!

Saturday we pitch up and go through the doors at 9am. Having spent the night with my roomies of Nic, Nic and Steph I got to know what middle america does for their morning perk.
Eggs, biscuits, bacony creamy saucy thingy.
Great wodging cups of half shot, extra frothy non-fat skinny latte macchiato, sunny side up, hold the cream, double caramel sauce and chocky sprinkles to go.
Caffeine is the wake up call of America and Starbucks is cashing in on stimulating the nation. I wish I was a Starbuck franchise and then I could pump copious amounts of espresso though my veins for 24 hour alertness (and of course be very very rich).

Our first port of call was the new Paris Hilton lines.
Only because it was en-route to the bad boy stands.
Move along, nothing to see here I said to myself.
The papers are dire in the sense of digitalised bling and chiuauau doggies.
Even one has a printed title, entitled "my first drink".
I mean if she wants to cash in on an industry worth 4 billion dollars, she has got to get it right. They are just not what you (the reader and scrapper extraordinaire) are looking for and as much as I should have, I couldnt point my D200 at them to take a snap.
Hmmmmmmm, me thinks its not ever going to be stocked in the UK.
We did try and line up to see her but there were far too many journalists there and a suspicious amount of men hoofing around her stand. And we kept geting told to stay back which meant practically having to lean at a 45 degree angle if we wanted to get a peep.
Luckily Greg "James cameron" Foster got in there with his trusty steed, Stepehen for a personal autograph from Paree as she breezed into the buiding almost 4 years later than expected.

After viewing her collection, I knew the rest of the show was going to be superb. And it was to a certain extent. So here are the pics and some little thoughts along the way. Brace yourself, there are lots of pics :) Some are really poor quality but the light in there is cack as it is.

Oh, before I do, Basic Grey came up trumps this year. After suffering abyssmally with Boxer (yuks) and Cupcake (double yuks) last year their 5 new babies will be mine - all mine :)

Melissa Francis Vintage loveliness

These locks and keys are my abso favvo

Crate paper is all yum, but that is expected of them these days :)

Chatterbox gets better each year - I love them so much **sigh**

Cork is going to be big this year - me loves the cork jobbies
Jenni Bowlin - vintage at its monochromatic best.

The onlything from Doodlebig that touched me this year was the stand - everything else was same old, same old

Pink Paislee is slurpoliscious this year, i loved all their lines

Kezia of Tinkering Ink fame has moved on up to Autumn leaves with these pretty papers (I have some poppy papers in my new line too, we have great minds!)

Prima, just flowerlishus and the absolute kind of floralness

Graphic 45 has the best stand ever - its like 7 gypsies but more profound. Loved it :)

Fancy Schmancy Pants gets groovacious

Anna Griffin has a fabulous array of new lines out... we were amazed!

Us Sc girls loved this Darcey line:

Maya Road rocks the chippyboard

Basic Grey - my fave paper form the Bittersweet line

My fave paper from the Wisteria line
My fave from the Porcelein line
Blingy tattoos (rib ons, actch)from BG - slurp

Mini packs of stamps by BG - afforable delights :)
Major Blintastic from BG

Heidi Swapp has these papers coated in a gummy thingy that you paint over and it stays gummy. I cant explain it but it will be needable!

My Minds Eye is superb this year, I was really impressed. I hope that a distributor in this country can do us justice and buy it all.

Cosmo Cricket is also very tempting:

SEI has 4 new lines of which I love very very much. My first love with SEI was with Grandmas Kitchen line but they have come along way and should be celebrated.

Creative Imaginations - when you strip back the cartoony themed papers they relish on, you can slurp on Karen Russell for pure vintage eye candy

Spotty Felt - hooray!

Making Memories had a mediocre release of papers buut their embellies are to die for , so Ill let them off.

I love these wooden letter - a LOT
Look! Pins with flags on loves

And that my dears, is that.
Which ones are you getting?


Patricia said...

Thank you for such a fantastic report Kirsty! It's the best and most complete CHA review I've read.
Now only one problem...I want to buy everything! lol
Have a great weekend!

Deanne said...

omg wow they just all look wow! drool ;) x

Brook said...

OMG! You have picts of all of my favorites. I can't wait to play!

I just could not believe the P. H. we were all gagging over it!

brokeshopaholic said...


That was an awesome preview of the CHA goodies. Thank you thank you thank you! hugs!

Zoe said...

Anyone got a spare lottery ticket (a winner obviously!!) - I want it all :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that Kirsty. Now, off to see the bank manager for a big loan to be ready to buy it all cos it it all looks luscious!!


manicstamper said...

Ooooooh OK.......step away from the Graphic 45 stuff.....I want it!!!
Doesn't that stand look amazing.
Thanks for taking all those pics and sharing them Kirsty.

Terrie B x said...

OMG!!!!!`Gorgeous` or what!!!!
I wouldnt mind any of it`s all gorgeous...but a bit of Jenni Bowlin and Karen Russels...looks very very sumptious there!!!!!TFS:)~X~

hello gorgeous said...

Hey Kirsty, fab photos, I'm salavating just looking at them! Like the Anna Griffin, My Mind's Eye and Basic Grey to start with, oh and I love the pins...

Does the show ever come to britain? :D xxxxx

Lynn said...

oooohhhh Kisty, great photos of so many gorgeous things. I'm sure there must have been heart palpitations galore :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the show details and pics! I love your blog!

Libby (in Australia) x

Sam said...


EH? What?? Opps that was me fainting, lord knows what I would be like if I went there for real!!

THANKS for alllll the scrummy pics, everything looks gorgeous, one of everything I think!

Kate said...

Bless you for doing this, it really is fab. I now know what to be nagging my fave suppliers for!

Lyn said...

Thank you thank you for the snapshots of goodness! Can't wait to see it IRL and of course how the SC design team uses it all!

Joanne Brown said...

Aw, thanks for all those pics!! I'm still drooling (not a pretty sight, lol). There's certainly a lot of lush stuff coming out. Thanks for sharing!! And *gag* about the PH line!

Jozza said...

OMG! I mean O M G!!!!!

I really wanted to lick my laptop screen when looking at all that loveliness. It has to be said I am going to have to save up for the new BG as I love all the new collections but heck there is a hell of a lot of yummy scrummy stuff from most of the companies. Wowsers!!! Thankx for the pics.


PS. Did you manage to grab some freebies?

Heather Prins said...

I heart you big!!! Thanks for sharing all the photos!!

Nickynoo said...

Wow, thanks for a fab round-up of all those slurpable goodies :D :D :D Impressed with the new Anna Griffin stuff, bit of a departure for her and rather tempting, methinks!

vtpuggirl said...

holy cow what a post! Loved it all! Loved some of the Making Memories stuff you pointed out, pure awesomeness.

Juliet said...

Wonderful insight Kirsty - I feel like I've been shopping! Thank you and if you need an escort next year I'm available!

Sarah xx said...

Wow! What a fantastic post - well done you! Loving that new Basic Grey and everything else really. Thanks so much for sharing. xx

the dreamer said...

Oh wow!!! Thanks so much for all the gorgeous eye candy. My mind is spinning and I can hear my wallet, sorry, my HUBBY's wallet, making a long wailing sound in the distance. LOL.


Julie M said...

Well, I think you've covered everything!!! Thanks for taking the time to post SO MANY pictures!!! Especially the BG stuff!

GlitteryKatie said...

Ooooh I'm drooling over the CHA piccies!!! *slurps*


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