Ladies Camera Club

25 Jan 2009


Its my favourite time of of the month.
Studio Calico's kits go live on the 28th with a beautiful collection of their OWN papers as well as our scrapbooky favourites - papers that blend perfectly design wise. They are the simply divine. I wasn't sure if their papers would ever have that type of designer appeal but Steve, the Studio Calico on board designer is more into scrappy cool than you or I. I feel so fortunate that I can cut them up and make pages for my album with them - I hope they decide to manufacture them in excess of the kit club demand.

Have been to a sneak preview of SEI's new collection tonight. Really love them but not as much as the new Making Memorys line. Pictures coming as soon as I can catch up on some zzzzzzzzzz's.


Jennifer.T said...

Thanks for the sneaks Kirsty! Was waiting for them :o)
Sorry to hear about your horrible flight but CHA will more than make up for it I'm sure!

Amy Coose said...

Oh my word, these are amazing. Sorry you had a bad flight...ugh!

Kathy said...

love, love your sneaks!!!

Angela W said...

I hope your time at CHA and with the girls will make up for your stinky flight! I love your sneaks! I agree with you about the SC exclusive papers! Can't wait to hear and see more!

Cardmaking Galore said...

love them

Deanne said...

gorgeous peeks honey, cannot wait to see the full reveal of them :) x

Brook said...

Loving the layering of course! Don't you just adore the hat pins! I could use them on everything.

Lyn said...

I always look forward to your sneaks... loving those pins! Can't wait til reveal night!

Jo Power said...

What great sneaks can't wait to see the whole LO. Have fun at CHA.

Terrie B x said...

Oh These `sneeks` look delish!!!
Hope your having a fab time over there!!!
Di you get to have tea with ...Paris!!!!
cant wait to see your photo`s mmmmmmmm:)~X~

Deanne said...

cant wait to see the full view of those beautys :) i've tagged you honey on my blog :) x

Kimberly said...

These are such AWESOME sneaks!! I can't wait to see the whole thing!
What a bummer about your flight! (((hugs)))

Queen of Paper said...

These sneaks are DELIGHTFUL ;)
love them... love you!


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