Ladies Camera Club

31 Jan 2009


Give it up for my roomies Nic, Nic and Steph.You would think it somewhat awkward to be sharing a room with girls you only know online.
You worry about not fitting in, being smelly and snoring loudly.
You worry that the hotel towels will barely cover your nipples let alone your backside and that letting it all hang out for a laugh is but a chance if not obvious option.
You hope they wont laugh at your big knickers and winceyette jammies or notice that underneath 3 miles of makeup, you are an old hag with a voice to match.
Luckily none of the above factored into equation (ok, the towel did but still - the little bugger wouldn't even meet together, it was the size of a face cloth).
Oh we did have moments where our weak bladders performed to its best and chins blended into your neck giving you the classic "chinneck" look (where you don't know where the chin ends or the neck begins). Tears combined with mascara gave us beautiful grey streaks on our faces and puse, rosy cheeks burned from almost busting a blood vessel when we tried to contain the outburst of spontaneous laughter. The girls know sarcasm really well and fortunately I was able to withstand the FBI interviews under spotlights as they forced me to cuss and swear in my english accent and take the proverbial pee. We say the same words but of course my accent makes it funnier. Bloody and B****cks were the choice words of the week but the more I spoke, the more repetitive the sayings got.
Nic Harper has been a firm favourite designer of mine since i joined SC. Her attention to detail is flawless and I knew I wanted to befriend her immedgiately. Notice that I spelled that wrong? Steph thought there was a G in the word judging by how she says it. I had to correct the poor darlings grammar but then I have room to talk with all my typos! Nic H has lots a lot of weight and is looking tres foxy. Couple that with her deep, Ohio accented voice and you have sarcasm on a stick. I loves me some quick witted people and she is the bestest at it. My fave line from her this week was the line of the whole trip. I couldn't repeat it, it would bore you to death but it tickles me something rotten. Me loves Nic H.
Nic Samuels pretends to be quiet and demure and adorable and yes, she is adorable and yes she is demure but secretly that girl has a wicked sense of humour. Can you believe I got lucky with the comedians of the show? You know, we both sport Mom-bob hairstyles which is so 2009 - respectable, neat and convenient. We clearly don't have a problem with our noted fashionable hair, we loves it. She has the most amazing eye colour and her layouts coupled with her photography is awesome. She makes the most amazing layouts of her beautiful children, real cleaver stuff at times. Me loves Nic S.
Stephanie Howell? Possibly the only woman who can talk at a million miles an hour and who I can keep up with at that rate. When I first met her on the Saturday of the show, all I heard was blurpalurpablurb Harper. blurpalurpablurb Sadie. blurpalurpablurb Jimmy. I cried with laughter recalling that and that is how she talks. Who else would she be harping on about - thos epoeple are cleraly her life. Her layouts are very much from the heart both artfully and journally. She is funny, very witty and can pull a billibob inbred face at the drop of a hat - but seriously, those pictures are going to have to be shared privately. She has a terrific, beaming smile and whose Mommy tones made your heart lurch every time she talked about missing her kids. I cry with laughter thinking about all the faces she pulled during that summer romance we all shared together. Me loves Steph H.
The pictures were taken at Newport beach on the Tuesday before we left. We rented a car for $28 and aimed for Scrapbook Oasis. The bloody thing was shut as the owners had gone to CHA (funnily enough). Instead, we paddled in the Pacific, hit the pier and grabbed lunch where I sampled my first crab chowder (erm, vom) in this delish little bistro:It was Nic H's first time in the Pacific and on a pier (so I hear now). Had I of known at the time I would have made it a bit more spesh but in hindsight, we already had a good time.
We also made time for the 10th Birthday social of Two Peas. Now Im not strictly a two peas girl, I get lost on their boards and I find it too hard to navigate. But still I have been a member there for almost 5 years now and shockingly barely knew a soul there. We left not long after scoffing a rather delish cupcake a piece to join the Sc team for a rather fine Mexican meal.
Pounding the floor with those girls was the best and it seemed we all homed in on the same supplies that grabbed our attention. Perhaps I was the most over zealous on the BG stand but then I always am. I got to cuddle up with my fave BG designer - dinky Kelly Goree. She is an absolute diamond and she is my favourite and my best.
Joining us from time to time was Emily. Emily has a beautiful knack of nailing layouts with simple undertones - one that I can't seem to nail myself. She is quietly spoken, very sweet and super duper crafty. At one point she saved me from an almost horrible moment at the corner of Prima and for that I owe her my life. Thank you Emily - me loves you for that :)
April and Scarlet, the busiest of bees and ducking and diving from hither and dither. Plotting and planning future kits with perfection and spreading Kentucky sunshine smiles all the way. We didn't get to spend a great deal of time with them but when we did, it was lovely. Me loves A & S
The same goes for Lorie. Lorie is a helper-outer at SC and is incredibly funny and kind. i warmed to her immediately as we chatted about our girls. I haven't got one picture of her on her own, going to sort that out and borrow one from somewhere but she naughtily caught me scooping up on the all you can eat ice cream spread put on by SEI at their launch party that we attended (burp!). Lorie spent an age lining up to have her picture taken with Jane Seymour and although I didn't hang about much, i got a cheeky shot of her talking about her painting techniques. Me loves Lorie.
Shadowing us and keeping an eye on the rowdy crowd was Greg (Aprils husband) and Stephen (in house graphic designer). Total and utter "boys will be boys" and great to have as mediators and jokers. Me loves them but not like LOVE them. Mwahahahahhaha
I met some British contingencies out there including Emma from Artbase, Jill from A Trip Down Memory Lane, Vicky from Capture the Magic, Sarah and Leanne from Sarahs cards, Kathy from Personal Impressions, The QVC buyers (Jo and Abbie), Dawn Bibby and Becks. Also I got to chat with Bev Fletcher from Banana Frog, Shimelle, Marion from Sugar and Spice plus Sue and Richard from Craftwork Cards.
Not much celebs treading the floor but I was delighted to bump into CD Muckosky who is a real darling and I managed to spurt out "We love you Donna Downey" like a dork as we stopped to say hello - she is looking really skinny right now. I obviously hate her for that. Heidi Swapp was there but not generally scmoozling and I saw the Timeister. I stopped to chat with Anna Griffin whom I met at QVC in November and revelled in the fact that I could tell her that we adored the Darcey line and really, that was that on celebsville. I am pretty bummed that I missed Emily Falconbridge though :(
And finally I got to meet some Studio Calico members - Ally (Scrapally - dinky and adorable), Brenda (Scrappermamma - me loves bit of Brenda hair and ultra brilliant eyes..... Im in immediate love with her), Reyanna (she is so sunny and smiley and funny) and Joanne (Spa girl, i just loved her) as well as Heather Fuentes who has beautiful looks plus lots of other remarkably friendly people from Scrapbook Trends and Craft Critique.
I dont think (except bedtime) there was a moment where one of us was not talking or laughing. Being with like minded people in a huge convention centre does have its plus points but sharing a room with them is even better although i have to say that 5am wake up calls should be banned even if I went to bed at (shock, horror) 10pm...say what?

Gotta go and settle in for the night after discovering I owe the Tax man jack sheet. Now thats the kind of tax return we all deserve (thanks Lyn xx).


Brenda Hurd said...

you are long winded my friend! I thought i was! Ha! Your so cute too! and by the way i'm mammascrapper - close though!!

Nicole said...

i love you to bits my friend...and can't wait to see you again. and i still don't think i have an accent, lol. xoxo =)

stephanie howell said...

a. you KNOW you love waking up at 5 a.m. you LOVE it.
b. you LOVED my towel dance and i think you shall replay it in your head every day until i die.
c. i love you so much. and i'm heartbroken at you living so far away, my summer romance friend.

weewiccababe said...

see in the first pic - the lovely lady standing next to you looks like Molly Ringwald (from the Breakfast Club)

sounds like you had so much fun and the pics are brilliant - particularly the beach ones.

and glad you got the tax thingy sorted - nothing like cutting it fine Kirsty lol, I can't speak, I only did mine yesterday afternoon

Chris said...

I can go one better. The taxman owes me money!!
Sounds like you had a brilliant time!! I am soooo jealous!

Erin said...

sounds like you had a blast at CHA. Loving all your pics and stories. So wishing I could have been there!

Michelle Charlotte said...

I'm loving your pictures! Looks like a fun time.

Heather Prins said...

Oh what a fabulous post, i felt like I was right there with you guys!! I was laughing all the way through relating to every minute!

Terrie B x said...

Your photo`s are `gorgeously `gorgeous` load of beauties you!!!!
Looks like you had loads of fun there!!! lovieliest `friend`....lots of lubbs and kisses and things to you....TFS:)~X~

Nicole Samuels said...

I just love this post. And your pics. And YOU! I just want to give you a big trans-atlantic hug right now! :) smoooooooch!

mari said...

Looks like you had the time of your life!!
I stood right behind you in the icecream-line at the SEI party, and thought you looked familiar:)
You were so sweet to later on take a picture of me with Scarlet and April:) Thank you!
So nice to meet peolpe from the best kit club ever!

And I was so impressed, Scarlet recognized, just by reading my name and Country on my badge:)


Brook said...

I love all of your pictures...You certainly have some wonderful picts to scrap! I'm glad you had a good time!

Emily Pitts said...

man you got some fabulous pictures! and saving damsels in distress is something i'll gladly add to my list of good deeds :) it was delightful to have the chance to visit at cha. i'm only sorry it wasn't more time.

metrochic said...

next time, i want more than a few minutes with you because you are BEYOND fab. love. SO glad to have finally met you in person, lovely girl.

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