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12 Jan 2009

Oh Yeah - NHS really is getting on my nerves

Giving blood for Genetics in the UK is like trying to get blood out of a stone.
Yah, really.
Both Mark and I got up at the crack of a sparrows fart to go and give blood this morning. We had bloods for Nevada and bloods for Alderhey to be taken.
We take our forms and explain to the nurses what was needed and you could see the tremblings of a panic attack rise from within.
How dare we present them with such non-routine, out of place problems on a Monday morning
Because my love, that's what Monday mornings are all about.
We gives her the US medical forms and samples tubes - that was easy and straight foreward. She takes the blood without batting an eyelid. Remember these are going all the way to America this afternoon; 24 hour priorty mail. Easy!
But trying to give blood for a hospital less than 20 miles away - well, no way was that happening.
Basically Alderhey won't take our blood because we are not children. Alderhey is a children's hospital but come on - its the best paediatric hospital in the north with very sick children and this means adults have to be involved in the research they do there. And the genetics team at the afore mentioned children's hospital want our blood. Then if that wasn't a pain in the neck enough because we live in Wigan its just not easy to give blood for a Merseyside hospital (we are neighbouring counties - big effing deal). This is four times we have encountered problems trying to give blood since November 2007... not 2008. And its not easy even if you offer to drive the blood there yourself. Oh no. The thing with the NHS is that its just too departmentalised. Nobody talks to each other and nobody wants to either. Its as if you are your own problem and you have to work everything out in your life. It was me that decided Ellie had a heart problem when she was 7 but oh no, not according to the UK doctors. But then I got to the USA some 6 years later and oh yes, she does have one. You see what I mean?

So anyway we give blood for the American research facility and post it off today.
As for the UK bloods (or lack of it)?
They can shove it up their ****.

I feel much much better now. Camomile tea in hand, feet up then work as usual.
Carry on..........

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Anonymous said...

Keep fighting on for your chicklet-dont let the bar stewards and their beaurocracy grind you down
Lulubelle x

Deanne said...

what the hell is it with our system!!! pains me to believe what you are going through, and that as a parent one day I could go through this crap system of ours!!!!
hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

You are so right to be riled, Kirsty but you forgot to add that the NHS are also a bunch of knobheads.
Keels x

Anonymous said...

LOL at Keels!!

Oh you do go through the mill at times. Like lulubelle says, keep fighting and don't stare down that spiral where most of us end up.

Love to Doodle! said...

Mmmm....nightmare! I also think it's like all aspects of life, there are some people who are helpful, friendly will do more than they need to, and others who are 'just there'....Grrrrr

Like you said before, I know you don't have any expectations anymore....hopefully one day they'll suss/sort/fix everthing for you and more...xx

weewiccababe said...

its bloody ridiculous
don't suppose a letter to your local MP would help?
can your GP's surgery not take the bloods?
sorry if you've already done all this - am just trying to brainstorm.
Or you might even want to go to the press and kick up a shit storm - I've been known to do that myself on occassion
anyway, good luck Kirsty and don't let the barstewards get you down.

michele said...

Keep fighting kirsty you'll get em!! take the stone with you next time they may have better luck with that!!! hugs mx

cannycrafter said...

Keep batting on Kirsty!

P.S. Just signed up to snapfish! Thanks!

God's Rock Angel said...

I know!

I went to my Doctors to have a blood test so that I could go on the Bone Marrow Register and the Nurse didn't get why I was doing it!

I had asked Mum if i could sit in the bath and take the blood test myself (the sitting in the bath was so i didn't make a mess!) I think her comment was something to do with just because I watched too many medical dramas doesnt make me a doctor (althought I did diagnose my friends broken toe without an x-ray sat in the middle of her kitchen floor and then confirmed it while in a+e because the doctor missed the gigantic break in her toe!)

Kerry said...

Don't you just love the NHS! Not!

What's the betting you get your US results back faster than just down the road.

Kate said...

I have a solution. Just move here and you can live in my town and be my new bestest friend and Ellie Bear will have all kinds of new friends and you won't have 1/2 the hassle here that you so there. I'll start looking for suitable housing.

Sorry that you ran into a bunch on pinched knickered freaks. Hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Keep on smiling Kirsty - dont let them grind you down. You are bigger than they are - sod them.
The Cardfairy

Anonymous said...

That is outrageous. I'd be foaming at the mouth not drinking camomile tea. Somebody needs to expose this political clap trap.

Max said...

Having encountered similar situations with NHS beaurocracy and misdiagnosis for many years, I can only sympathise with your frustrations and admire your tenacity and refusal to go away.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world we live in! We have people who can save our lives if we need emergencyc are without having to find the funds to visit them or worry that the medication we swallow each day costs about fifty or more times what we pay for it. We can have an appointment within hours for our cold even though medication won't work the dr never complains and never condones the people who won't listen on that one. We have amazing paramedics ready and waiting to help us if we need it. They put their lives in danger and often have time wasting people who wanted a lift home and are too drunk to notice the ambulance is for emergnecies not idiots. We have underpaid staff who get a pittance of a salery in comparison to most other jobs for shift work and so on.

So when we are unhappy with our lot we can whin and cry or we can say the glass if you have one is half empty. But many people who are happy to be alive and happy to have fantastic care say the glass is only half full and we are thankfully going to survive another day to see what fills up the other half.

Hope you get what you need soon. A limited resource demands rules or everybody would run riot over the overworked staff. A "thank you" goes much further than a complaint!

Anonymous said...

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