Ladies Camera Club

16 Jan 2009

Never done one before

Well, I have but not actually designed something for one before.
Ive been a member of UKS for 4 years now and I go through fits and starts with participation. I think I struggle as Im not on a team so therefore I have no familiarity with anyone other than through blogging. Its a great source for inspiration and even though I may not always chat on the forums, I sure use it to hunt down my fave shops and locate the best deals on supplies.
But for this Feb I have supplied 4 classes via Bubbly Funk of which I put my heart and soul into. I think only Caroline knows this because I was (as ever) with my entries.
Oh lummy - what am I talking about?
Cybercrop Feb 2009 - thats what Im chundering on and on about.
Grab yourself a kit at a bargacious £8.50 a throw (here) and follow a class with me to make a little something like these snippets in this here blog.


cannycrafter said...

Very tempted by this one Kirsty! I am with Cal in the Interpol team!!!
Have tried to pm you several times, hope you received them! Still trying to get to Dyans classes but maybe will see you at the next Harrogate papercraft extravaganza!!! Caroline x

Anonymous said...

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