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17 Jan 2009

More bloods

Finally, the bloods we should have shed (!!!) for genetics at Alderhey in 2007 was eventually and gratefully taken today.
After the furore of giving blood on Monday for the USA, I rang Belle's geneticist up and explained (again) how hard it was for us to give blood due to some inter-county red tape crap and that it wasn't fair holding up their research because of it. Having thought for a second that she might actually read my blog (she kind of knew what I was ringing up for and its not hard for anyone to jump in on my blog as my jacket advertises my business and I wear it to hospital when we go), she never fussed at my angst and decided that she would take our blood herself. I have to say that as much as we despise the NHS system, we do not disrespect the majority of the Doctors we come across. Sure, some of them have zero bedside manner and some are down right rude/obnoxious/not interested but I have to admit that Belles UK geneticist is a doll. I realise its not her fault entirely - its the system and the lack of resources we face in this god forsaken health service. We also have a huge respect for Belles Endocrinologist and her Neurologist too - so you know, its not all doom and gloom.
Any old how, mark and I gave yet MORE blood today and after having just one puny glass of red wine with dinner tonight - Im a bit squiffy as a result. Well, thats my excuse anyway.
On Monday I have a preview of my new product which I must remind most of the scrapbook readers here that its actually a card makers product. Im really excited about it and after spending almost 80 hours on it (if not more) Id say my body is grateful its ready too (and my sleep pattern, and my wrists and my anxiety!).
Gotta go, Im up at the crack of stupid o'clock as I meander down to Leeds and Harrogate (ahem, the land of my birth... ultra cool and super trendy). Hope your weekend is equally gorgeous.


Kate said...

So, maybe things will progress now. Hope it does.

Jozza said...

Yay for your geneticist! Y'see nice people work in the nhs too! (like me)

Hope it brings some answers for you all xxx

weewiccababe said...

common sense prevailed in the end - am so glad.

have a nice weekend, hope everyone enjoys your classes - I've no doubt it'll be a ball

Terrie B x said...

Hope you get the answers you need Kirsty...
Hope your weekend was fabbie tooo:)~X~

Jen said...

Good luck with the tests! Hey, I just found this and thought you'd be interested:

Sharon Speakman said...

Hey any more news on patti picklicious? Looking forward to your reveal. Good luck x x x

michele said...

hope you get your answers now! good luck with the tests and the new product, hugs mx


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