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21 Jan 2009

Little pick-me-up's

Feeling much better today, the sun is shining but its bitterly cold.
Ive got a chance to go to CHA but Im not sure whether to take it or not. Will probably decide last thing tonight as flights rae relatively cheap :) Plus the unsteady market will reflect on a very cool atmosphere there. Hmmmmmmm.
Happy things like this keep my upbeat - I love these two songs at the mo......not sure which I love the mostest. In true Lilly Allen style, expect a few expletives :(

And this is my iTunes favourite right now too:

** now booked for CHA to go and work with the Studio Calico girls. Their job is immense as their kit club is so large now, that extra help is going to ease the burden of choosing delightful yummies for their montly kits. Fun, fun and fun.


Vicki said...

Kirsty - I'm off to CHA, leaving tomorrow on a jet plane across the pond! Maybe I'll bump into you!! ;)

Kerry said...

You lucky lady. I am sooooo jealous.

karen said...

wow how lucky Kirsty, you must go, its not every day an oppotunity like this comes around, go and have a little ME time.

hello gorgeous said...

Hi Kirsty, glad you are feeling "better" today, hate it when I'm banging my head against a wall too!

Hover a lot on your blog but don't often leave messages - trying to change that in 2009.

I can't seem to get into your printables link though? I know you were having probs with it so maybe that's the reason?

Hope your day continues to be good :D xxxxxx

hello gorgeous said...

Oh forgot to ask - what is CHA?

Kate said...

Love the Lily Allen video. I'd never heard her before.

I think you should go to CHA. have a good time!

Sasha said...

I soo need to add this to my playlist .. love me some Nelly F.

TFS girl.

Sharon Speakman said...

Sending you a massive hug and hope you're feeling in a better mood today. Thinking of you. With love, Sharon x x x

Lynn said...

Glad you're feeling sunnier today:) I could feel your pain yesterday! Go to CHA girl ... I dream about being able to saunter around masses of scrappy goodness. James Morrison him and I love that song.

weewiccababe said...

glad to hear you're feeling better after yesterday
do they think you're bloody psychic? was it too much for some lackey to call you to let you know they'd cancelled the appointment and rescheduled? There are far too many people emplyed in this country who just can't do a job properly.

Alex said...

Hi Kirsty,

WOW: Lucky you going to CHA - I'm so jealous! Have a fab time there.

Just wanted to message you to say that I've been awarded with a Blog Award today from Jo and that I needed to nominate ten other blogs that inspire me, one of which is yours.

Please click on my name to pop over to my blog to give it a read and to pick up an award I have for you!

Bye for now,

Net said...

You had to think about going to CHA???


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Oh, have a splendid time there! Looking forward to the pics and the anecdotes. :)

Jo said...

Need a hand at CHA???? Sure my family could spare me for a few days if you could fit me in your suitcase ;)

Have a wonderful time


Lyn said...

Have a fabulous time at CHA! so jealous! enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

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