Ladies Camera Club

29 Jan 2009


Open door.
Dog goes mental.
We hug and kiss.
We nap.
I fetch Belle from school.
She is super delighted to see me.
We go home.
Dog goes mental.
We hug and kiss.
Mark comes home.
Dog goes mental.
We hug and kiss.


Kate said...

Hey sweet stuff! I've tagged you with an award for your site. Go here to play and collect your goodie

Kerry said...

Hope you have caught up on your zzzz's now.

Mooneybeams said...

There's nothing like 'dog goes mental' every time you get home to warm the cockles of your heart!

Jo Austin said...

glad you got back okay hunnybun. i hope you enjoyed it all.. looking forward to seeing some photies.

Jo xx

weewiccababe said...

bit of theme there with the dog going mental lol.
I bet they're all chuffed to have you home

Vicki said...

Sounds a bit like my homecoming Kirsty! Just home now and considering bed already!! LOL! It was fab to meet you in real life!

nichole said...

so nice to come home to lots of loves. sounds like the dog just has lots of love to give period.

it was great to meet face to face... (you are even better in reality!)


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