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16 Jan 2009

Hello Hummus

I wrote hello in my leftover hummus.For who?
For me, for my journal, for my dog?
No bloody idea, I thought it would be a fun thing to do.
I love wholemeal pittas with hummus as a breaky-com-lunch (commonly knows as brunch - yeah, I know...ingenious). I took photos to share with you my snacky treat.V. Healthy = V. Virtuous
Gotta say, these sooty little eyes were willing me to offer him some of my tasty treat so I parted with a nice wodge of it for him for him to only turn his nose up after licking it for a couple of seconds. No matter but as always, true to form, I picked it up and plonked it in my mouth. That's how much I love my dog, whats mine is his and vicky verky.

We took delivery of the "other" sofa this morgen. The previous delivery of the 3 seater sofa was not successful - not even through the frigging window. So we had to trade it for a smaller size. And so we have re-arranged the furniture for it to fit which meant putting the armchair in front of the window. I was excited about this notion because I knew it would act as a look-out post for the boy. The poor love doesn't get to see so much live action throughout the day as our doors are solid and the back yard is enclosed by fences that he can't see much over. Dachshunds are renowned for being nosey little sods, in all sense of the word.
And sure as eggs is eggs (that never types right, does it... surely its "eggs are eggs"....ho hum) he was up there like billy-o and staged his sausagey self as a Meerkat on watch. I swear down that this will be his "spot" from now and for ever more. Me thinks that the pile of cushions to help prop him up will need bolstering and covering to stop his shedding hairs from ruining my neatness. He is not exactly blessed with height but he sure makes up for that with the incessant barking that has culminated from said look-out post. **sigh** - that dog has my heart, well and truly and I'll be deaf before the day is out or hoarse from screaming at him to shut the fudge up.
Do consider poppoing over to Leeds or Harrogate this weekend if you are at a loose end (see 2 posts below this one) and if you can't - have a good one anyway.


Jo said...

Eddie looks so cute on the sofa - a real guard dog!

Ummm hummus - you've got us totally hooked on hummus with wholemeal pittas since we stayed with you. V. healthy and delicious!

We finally should be moving soon (thought it'd never happen). The area isn't great but the inside is great, and its got a really cute little garden (puppy proof the kids noticed!).

Just finished a weeks work experience and am exhausted, but it went well. Just trying to get my head round a Human Rights essay and waiting for my SC kit to arrive with a porrly Alex asleep beside me on the sofa.

Take care xxx

Vicki said...

OMG, my dogs sit EXACTLY like that on the sofa and they're big hairy labs! It must be a dog thing!! LOL!

Jo Power said...

What a cute dog and a perfect watchman. Love your blog by the way.

Kate said...

LOVE the dog but I can't stand hummus. I know I'm missing out on something nutricious but I just can't eat it.

happy Friday!!! any news on those blood tests yet?

Terrie B x said...

Love little `Eddy`...
Not sure about the Homous tho!!!!:)

Jozza said...

I swear to God that your Eddy wants to come and live with his Auntie Joz! He is such a cutie and I love your bloggy posts about him.

Thanks for the much needed giggle. Wish I could come to Leeds or Harrogate but I can't ruddy well drive. MUST learn! xxx

Darcy said...

I'm with Eds, hummus is bleugh!

I used to share dairylea dunkers with my dog..

Look out posts for short legs should be made compulsory.

Bekka said...

Misread the title to this - thought it said hello humans :-/ I wondered who you normally talked to if you were just saying hello to humans ... Sometimes I is such a numpty!

Love the picture of Eddie on the Sofa - bet he looks cute from outside too!

Marie said...

Bless Eddy in his little look out perch. Glad your sofa arrived after the 3 seater debarcle. I never did say that your new living room is lush - like sitting in a chocolate lime (which is pretty much my idea of heaven - be thankful I didn't lick the walls ;)).

Hope all goes well with the product preview on Monday.


Ali said...

I love the piccy of Eddie!! Levi loves to watch the world go by as well (although quietly I hasten to add) so we have a grow tall step in our windo, not that he needs it, it just controls where he looks out!!But I think Eddie might need a bigger one!!

Take care

Love to you all

Ali and Levi xxx

Anonymous said...

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