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6 Jan 2009

The Great British Twiglet

Like the Marmite debate, with Twiglets you either love them or hate them.
I bloody adore them.
And when they are half price for a whole drum of the little bleeders, it would be rude not to buy them.
They were bought at 8pm from Sainsbury's last night and then oh! How convenient, I had the go-go munchies at 11.30pm.
Go-go munchies are things you need to shove in your gob real quick for an instant hunger pang fix. They needn't be healthy (and lets face it, how many grabbable munchies are - except, of course, fruit - but sod that). They just have to fill a hole.
A great, gargantuan, nuclear sized hole in my case.
One led to another and before you knew it I had bad breath, smelly fingers and sore mouth (They do play havoc with roof of your mouth though - so knobbly and sharp sometimes).
I have to convince myself that the overload of vitamin B12 from the yeast extract itself was going to do great things for my nervous system - for starters, at least. Mmmmmm, like if I load up on these before going on TV again, they should calm me down?
They are baked therefore not fried and have 79% wholegrain in them which means I won't have any trouble "going", if you catch my drift. So from a health perspective they really did me the world of good.
And the bonus is that the dog really doesn't like them.
However, with three quarters of the drum now filtrating through my digestive system (and Im guessing about now its about to make an appearance in my lower intestine, which is the department before the bowel) I have to now think how best to make the drum see through to Friday.
Naturally my instinct tells me to go pulling little branches off the trees and coat them laboriously in Marmite but at £1.24 a drum I might as well go and buy a couple more, just to see me through to D day - which is next Monday.

If you can't get hold of these little monkies in your country, they are bound to sell them in your import aisle alongside other great British exports like Cadbury's Chocolate, Tetley's tea and a calendar of Jordan getting her wabs out.

**edited to add: Have you seen this bargain of the day? The Wii aerobic work out game with free delivery. Little old chubs here has too - perhaps?
**I also found these (ok link not working when you do click on the link - search for morphy richards then hair care.....(cordless straighteners and tong reduced from £90 to £15)- which, I swear to whoever is in charge of miracles, is such a magnificent offer
**Last but not least if you have any spare dosh and fancy a bargain just because its a bargain - check out this (Nikon Lens - its awesome!)


Marie said...

Lovin' the new look blog!

and twiglets *shudder* how could you? I can't bring myself to eat anything that inflicts assault on my mouth like they do. It's the same reason I never eat Toberlone. I just don't get the need for pointy chocolate. I feel slightly nauseous just thinking about that yeasty twiglet taste. Ugh!


Kerry said...

Heehee did the same with Cheeselets last night. Would have been rude not to buy them at £1 in Asda. The favourite in this house of those drum ones are the cheesy balls. Always bound to cause a few smutty remarks from the teens before they scoff the lot.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

LOL Marie - I spat my tea all over my montor when I read about the pointy choclate! So so funny!

LOL Kerry .... Mmmmmmm, cheesy balls. I can relate.

Hugs x

Jozza said...

Twiglets are the devils spiky turds in my humble opinion! Gag, retch, spew! You can have em all my lovely!

PMSL at the Jordan's wabs comment! Not heard them called that before. Baps, jugs, breasticles, knockers, titoolies - yes - but wabs is new. I like.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

JOZZ! I cant take all this humour, seriously...... my hiatus hernia is giving me jip as it is (probably the spiky turd twiglets stabbing at the bulbous sac of acid!)
You girls are so funny...believe me, I need this humour right now!

Kate said...

I had to click on the link to find out what they are and now I'll have to find them and try them. so, who on earth is Jordan and what would she be doing with her wabs out?

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Twiglets - HATE them! Do not bring them down to my house, or you're sleeping with the dog!

Nice thought about the intestines, I've just had home-made pate and crackers for lunch - wrong colour in my mind now! HAHA.

And as for Jordan's wabs - keep them covered love, if I wanted to see that much silicone I'd look at the sealer round my bath!!!

Lurve the new look to the blog btw xx

Terebene said...

I'm with Kate - who's Jordan?

I have learned what Twiglets are from the link. Then I linked to Marmite and it was all downhill from there. I fear we Americans have plenty of our own weird junk food (fried pork skins?? - not that I eat those) without Twiglets. Just think how all those multigrains will drop your cholesterol so it's all good. You crack me up.

Anonymous said...

I love the way all your blogs are now about food!!
What happened to all that effort you put in to lose weight, young lady? Think of your
Lulubelle x

Malonie Blue said...

Every year we wait patiently for one member of our English rellies to send the much anticipated packet of twiglets, which we divide up between the three of us and savour slowly. This year we got the TUBE!!!! I learnt that you can't stop eating them until they are all gone, the ends of your fingers are brown and sticky and your tummy makes funny noises. Then you feel like a twiglet piglet!

BondGirl said...

YUK twiglets are the spawn of the devil.

Also dont want to burst your bubble, but dont want you to be disappointed but the wii link isnt the game - just a branded battery, yoga mat and sweat band

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oh cacka
I thought it was a work out game.
That will learn me.
Good job its not been dispatched cos that bugger is getting canccled - thanks bond girl :)

Jackie said...

The Great Twiglet Debate!
I'm a twiglet lover too and have a little tip.........if you suck them lightly first they start to get a bit soggy and don't hurt the roof of your mouth :)

Tip Top said...

I don't know about discreet wees in Smiths, but I've just nearly wet meself at work reading the last few entries. Thank the Lord no-one else is in!

Mine is salt n vinegar pringles with cheese triangles or the red Doritos (they have them on offer all the time for 3 share (not likely) bags for about £3 or less. Bargain!

Kath said...

My goodness Mrs...what has happened to you since you bought that red handbag....just loving the wicked posts of the last few days.....what about getting some slutty red shoes to go with the bag or as my best mate calls them
f**k me shoes.

Terrie B x said...

Hi My little `chickadee`...
Love twiglets!!!!Bit like pringles I say!!!once you start you cant stop!!!...
ok then nowt like em...but I still love em ....

hey have you got your red stilletoes and red lippie to match your bag!!!

Way to go...Upwards and Omwards!!!Yaahhhh:)~X~

maz said...

Dearest kirstle, are you doing it deliberately? Talking about food I mean? Please STOP! LOL- a twiglet or ten thousand would hit the spot right now I can tell you....

hello gorgeous said...

hi kirsty, have been stalking your blog for a few days now, have only just plucked the courage to say boo! Love your musings - they sound like one of two things a) a hip-chick must have book, b) a sarah-jessica parker voice-over on life (not that I have seen SATC - prob the only female on earth not to!) I like the image of the latter - can just see you hovering above us! :) Have linked you on my blog under gotta blogstalk - hope you don't mind? Pop over when you have some time - I have been very quiet lately but am picking myself up slowly - your musings help big time :D xxxxxxxxxx

hello gorgeous said...

oh forgot to say - LOVE the change :D xxxxx


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