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13 Jan 2009

Dogs still fetic

Its amazing how many emails, facebook comments and blog comments you get when you write about your icky pets.
Which proves that we are, indeed, a nation of pet lovers.
Never thought I'd even be a dog/cat owner and I can't believe how much our Ed's has transformed our lives.
He is still laying down, all fetic (Belle's baby word for pathetic) but the sneaky little sod went for a trot around the street this morgen before Belle went to school and he even managed to chase the little girl, from the corner of our street, so that she ran back home (sorry, Lucy).
Me thinks he is faking it a little so that he gets extra loves.
Typical man, if you ask me.

**PS: Note that I am not involved in any 365 photos this year, hence lack of photos....Im devoid of even showing the slightest interest in my cameras right now. It feel a bit good**


Sarah xx said...

Cheeky monkey! Told you he'd be fine. What a love.
Thanks for your reply. xx

Taniwha said...

Owwww bless him! Hope the op worked. My cat needed 3 ops on a hernia last year, thank god for insurance is all I can say!

weewiccababe said...

ah so he has man-dog flu lol
glad to hear he's a bitty better Kirsty.

Kerry said...

Typical male LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Eds, get well soon x
Auntie Gill

Dawny P said...

awwww poor Eddie, and poor you and Belle and Mark having to watch the little mite cos it is upsetting, God do I know. It's when they give you those puppy eyes that gets me, all sad and watery (sniff sniff). He could be shamming a bit, cos he is male and that's what they do isn't it. Hope he is soon running riot and ruling the roost soon (what awesome alliteration that is lol xx)and all will be well again at chez Wiseman xxxx

Kate said...

All Men can be fetic. Then they chase the little girl home and pretend to be fetic again. Tell pup to put on his "man pants" and go tell that little girl he's sorry. woof woof. :)

Happy Tuesday!!!

Terrie B x said...

The little minx...Aw just like any man!!!!Bless him....:)~X~

Angela W said...

Awww, milking it huh?! Glad he is doing better then!

Darcy said...

Awww por Eds, hope he is feeling better soonly.x

Eleanor said...

I'd love a typical man (or dog even), swap ya for my dysfunctional lot - sure Eddie'd love four cats to ogle.
Just wanted to say don't let the b*tches grind you down. You are very dignified in response, rise above it, as my mum always says. I'm sure they secretly know you are worth ten/twenty/a hundred of them,it must eat away at them like nothing else. Have some hugs from 'nother Ellie.

Zoe said...

Glad he's getting better!
You're not the only to sleep downstairs with a pet, I did when Mum's dog came to stay while she was away. It was better than listening to him whine all night!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Eddie-you showed your hand too soon, man....that was worth at least a week of malingering!
Glad he's better x

Jozza said...

I'm with the rest of them Kirsty - he's a typical man milking it for all it's worth.


Bless him though - there is nothing worse than seeing babies (human or furry) in pain :o(

Anonymous said...

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