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12 Jan 2009

Da boy is icky

Eds had a hernia op today.
Picked him up from the Vets at 4.30 and he did not bat an eyelid when he saw us.
Normally that boy does cartwheels and pee's all over the place out of excitement.
Eds will do this after either 8 hours or 8 minutes of not seeing you.
This cut Belle and I up to the core.
We brought him home, lay him on the pouffe with blankets and hand fed him meaty morsels.
Belle burst into tears, she couldn't cope with how limp and sad he was.
Then of course I start to bawl my eyes out too.
When Mark came home from work, instead of Eds bounding to the door - the boy just lay all forlorn and pathetic.
Sniff sniff.
We fed him best steak for tea as a pick-me-up treat which he devoured from my hands and then he promptly fell back asleep.
As the anaesthetic wore off he whimpered and whined so quietly and heartbreakingly sadly that it caught my breath.
I know its all so silly to some of you, espesh if you are not attached to a pet or even a child but let me tell you this - its gut wrenching to see them go through this. They depend on your care and attention and loves and hugs and kisses and snuggles like nobodies business.
And Im cwazy enough to sleep downstairs with him to make sure he is comfy as he gets through this uncomfortable 24 hours.
Me no likey it.
Me no likey this at all.


Deanne said...

bless you all, honey i carried my cat around in a pet carrier for a whole weekend, because I thought it was the last time I would see him, thankfully 9 years later he still sleeps at the end of my bed :) xxxxx

hugs hugs and more hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Kirsty my heart goes out to youxxxxxx they arent animals they are fur babies in my book! I think the best thing is how quickly they recover though, he will soon be back to himself, you will see.
Take care xxxx
The Cardfairy

Max said...

Awww bless him.
Better watch out or he may milk the situation just as a punishment for making him suffer the surgery, if he isn't already LOL!
It's not easy having pets is it?


Angela W said...

I totally understand. Pets are just like your kids, esp if you have had them awhile, they are family. I hope he gets back to himself soon.

Scrapping4fun said...

Poor thing, hope he feels better soon, they become part of your family so quickly don't they.

Kerry said...

Aww bless him. Has he got one of those lampshade thingymabobbies on?

My dog was far from impressed when we had his 'bits' off so although it isn't the same op I can imagine how much he is going through. He will probably milk it though.

sharon said...

Ahhhhhhh, poor Edmundo, give him a stroke from me and Niamh and I'm sure with best steak in him..he will be on this little tootsies in no time.
Tis draining though...worrying about the little fur balls..Niamh was ill for months in the summer..found out it was a Comfrey plant in the garden that was slowly poisoning her..omg..the guilt!!, thankfully she made a full recovery.xx

weewiccababe said...

is he any better this morning Kirsty? he's your baby, and that's what matters.
am keeping my fingers crossed he's picked up loads today

Jo Austin said...

Kirsty.. I know exactly how you feel.. I am the same with my furballs too...

give him a kissy from me and big hugs too. I'm sure after a good nights sleep, he'll be fine!

Jo xx

Vicki said...

Oh I'm just the same, cept my dogs sleep on the bed if they're poorly! It's the only time hubby will allow it!! LOL!

Looby said...

Aww poor Eds! Hope he feels better soon! And you're not silly at all Kirsty - I know when my little boy had an anaesthetic it was heartbreaking seeing him so off character. (Oh, and he sleeps on our bed all the time, not just when ill! When it's really cold he gets under the duvet!!)

Wishing Eddy a speedy recovery - give him a big kiss from me
Lou xx

Sarah xx said...

Ahhhh poor Eddy. I hope he is feeling better this morning. I'm sure he knows how much you love him and that you have not hurt him on purpose.
He will milk it though - my little dog is disabled and lives with his granny now co's I have to work, but boy does he rule the roost. He is much loved though and he knows it!

Katy said...

Bless! Poor little waif! Lola and Martha send big slobbery kisses to help him feel better!

cannycrafter said...

Oh poor Eddy!! And poor you! It is heartbreaking when you feel bad for taking him to the vet in the first place!!!xx

manicstamper said...

Oh Kirsty....this is soooo not silly. It nearly made me cry just reading about it cos I remember when our Smudge went and had his doodahs removed. He was just the same lying there all fetic (love that word)and it just about broke my heart.
Give Eddy a big sloppy kiss from me and I hope he's back to normal soon.

greyparrot said...

Ohhhh bless his lil heart! As you know I am one person who will totally relate to this! I slept on the sofa with Simba one night...I say slept, he slept on my shoulder/chest, whilst I did not sleep. It was after the last earthquake and the poor mite was terrified :(

Once the anaesthetic starts to wear off a bit, he will be just peachy, I was out of sorts for weeks after mine, but they recover after like a day or two :) Give him an ear scritch from me and mine x

Anonymous said...

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