Ladies Camera Club

15 Jan 2009

Coupla places left

Want to make 5 layouts in 5 hours this Sunday? Each will have its own design principle, technique and scrummo sets of papers. Come on over to Art from the Heart at Harrogate and have 5 hours of real good fun - I mean that! Dyan will naturally by assisting me if not peering over her glasses at any naughty students!

Also Im at Craftwork Cards on saturday in Leeds. There are two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We are making a gift complete with gift bag and two cards. Sue's products are the most alluring, timeless and droolable card products in the whole world and absolutely any style of papercrafter will love the classes I have in store.

Phone number sare at the top of this blog page :)


Tontodollydog said...

Oh that sounds like heaven - wish I could come but I'm a bit far away in Glasgow - oh it's so so tempting!!!

Anonymous said...

oh-why do you have to live so far away? and why do I have to work this weekend? Damn my job in a craft

Kerry said...

I'm very tempted since it is about as local as can be to me for the saturday one but unfortunately my little man turns 5 tomorrow and I cannot justify spending time there rather than with him. Maybe next time.

Ratheesh said...

nice photos


Max said...

Bit far for me to travel too ... if you were coming North of the Border ... to Fife maybe ... well then I'd be there like a shot!
Enjoy your weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

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